Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

The Daily Post challenge is about this- 


It could be a shot taken during your morning walk, the morning vista out your kitchen window, your cat doing a pre-breakfast stretch, or a textured close-up of your oatmeal bubbling away at the stove.

For more info’s please visit this link Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

The following photos are my different ways of how I go my morning specially if I am in a vacation. I mostly not a breakfast eater! A cup of cappuccino, cereal, or a glass of fruits smoothie is good to go for me, and that last from 9am to 2pm.

I Love IHOP food in States! So every time I go visit to States, I make sure at least I could visit IHOP restaurant too. My problem with IHOP to me,  is there serving as it is huge for me, specially that I am a small eater at a time.

IHOP Pancake CA Branch!

IHOP Pancake CA Branch!

IHOP Omelettes CA Branch!

IHOP Omelette CA Branch!

IHOP Coffee CA Branch!  Opppsss ahhh ohhh the lipstick mark...

IHOP Coffee CA Branch!
Opppsss ahhh ohhh the lipstick mark…

Brrrppp! This half went to Guy. I'm surely does can't dig it all.:)

Burrrpppp! The rest went to Guy, I can’t dig it all.:)

If your in London and familliar with this picture I'm sure you'll be able to name it.  I forgot the name of this pretty cute cute one coffee shop! All I know is that I  Love their Porridge so much yummmyumm.:)

If you’re from London and familiar with this picture, I’m sure you’ll be able to name it.
I forgot the name of this pretty cute one coffee shop! All I know is that, I Love their Porridge so much yummmyumm.:)

If your happen to be in Prague. Please don't step off the city without visiting  http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&sqi=2&ved=0CCoQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.bohemiabagel.cz%2Fhome.php&ei=gfZSUviwFOei4gT3i4H4CQ&usg=AFQjCNGnqTuZSbSvB-cGVN4ZrCGRqZiPPw&sig2=Vz4WWz8a7T_ljPlk7Tryug

For those Americans whose longing for American coffee and could be able to get a chance to visit Prague! Please don’t step out of the city without visiting the restaurant “Bohemia Bagel” walking distance to Charles Bridge. For the address here’s the website  http://www.bohemiabagel.cz/home.php

The coffee is unbelievable -My husband said! “Bottomless” Yes, and it’s your Traditional American coffee. I’m not a coffee drinker but my husband does! After living almost 4 years now here in Czech republic, my husband finely settled in about his coffee here in Europe!

Bohemia Bagel reall American Coffee in Prague.:)

@ Bohemia Bagel in Prague. The real American Coffee.:)

Special Thanks to our Parish Priest. Father William, who introduced and invited us to have a morning breakfast with him one fine sunny late winter before the arrival of Spring. And the rest became my Husband favorite spots every weekend morning at Bohemia Bagel.:)

I soo Loved the taste of this

I soo Loved the taste of this Caramel Macchiato! My weekend morning is very crucial, helping the homeless on Saturday, and now I just started as a Teachers Assistance for the Religious  class for about 6-8years old kids every Sunday in the church. So before I get to my weekend commitments I surely be in Starbucks for my Caramel Macchiato, to boost up my energy. Specially now because Halloween is just nearby, I got my other favorite too- the “Pumpkin Spice latte” They are soo awesome tasteful to me, and I just make sure no CREAM on top of them.:)

My husband hates Starbucks coffee aside for- it is expensive for a cup of coffee and the worse thing for him is that the coffee Americano in Starbucks is not the real traditional coffee he remembered in States. But he goes to Starbucks, because of me! Yes, as he always says– I only go to Starbucks because of you cuz “I Love You” ahhhh soo sweet BooBoo, Thank You my Love.:)

Have a sweet-hot-good morning you all,

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 4.57.28 PM


♥SUNDAY POST: Arrangement♥:)

Sunday Post challenge today is about Arrangement from food, to gardening, or to any subjects that involve this matter. For further understanding about this challenge please visit this link of Jake’s  SUNDAY POST : Arrangement

water-snake-2013This following photos are my interpretations for this Sunday Post Challenge Arrangement


The Floral Arrangement @ the Flower Shop.:)

The Floral Arrangement @ the Flower Shop.:)

My home made Healthy Scallops Arrangement for lunch.:)

My home-made Healthy Scallops Arrangement for lunch.:)

Halloween Arrangement:)

Halloween Arrangement:)

Have a romantic lovely weekend arrangement y’all,♥♥♥:)


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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Red and White.:)


The project for today’s Cee’s Photography is about The Colors of Red, White or Red and White together

 For more understanding about this challenge please visit this link  Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: The Colors of Red, White or Red and White together.

The consecutive photos are my views for this challenge.:)

This photo is not mine.

This photo is not mine.


White Vs. Red

White Vs. Red

Pretty much Red hot baby.:)

Pretty much Red hot baby.:)

Have a lovely day y’all,


SUNDAY POST: Favorite Spot

Hello bloggers and readers,

I hope everyone of yah out there are having a fabulous weekend.:)

About mine? Yes I do had fun, shopping, boxing my present going to my family back in the Philippines, walking around Prague, and opps yes I did went to gym too, and most of all sunday routine church.:)

To find more about this SUNDAY POST about FAVORITE SPOT, please check this website of Jake his site is really great and fun, enjoyable, and interesting too.:) http://jakesprinters.wordpress.com/2012/09/29/sunday-post-favorite-spot/

Have a fun y’all,


One of my favorite spot is the Flea Market area where I can see variety of stuffs from antique to fresh foods.:)

At SPA places is my favorite spot that helps me feel relax:) NOTE: This photo is not mine.

Sometimes I do my writing, blogging, and surfing, is at my favorite spot at Starbucks coffee shop.:)

When I’m not at Gym, I do my exercise at my favorite spot at the park of “Vysehrad Prague”.:) I love this park of Prague overlooking, peaceful and clean.;) opppsss thats my shadow by the way hehhe:)

During wine harvest my favorite spot is in this vineyard near Prague zoo, where everybody are active, jolly, and the taste of the varieties of grapes are overwhelming good.:)

my favorite spot restaurant where I’m eating my meal at the same time enjoying the view of the river, the bridge, the mountain, and the people rooming around.:)

This is my favorite spot when I do hiking during summer here in Prague, a huge area of park near Prague Airport where you have to climb the rock mountain to reach this area of this photo.:) The result fabulous view plus 100% calories fat burned after all the hiking.:)

My favorite spot here in Czech Republic the “Prague Castle”:)