Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

The Daily Post challenge is about this- 


It could be a shot taken during your morning walk, the morning vista out your kitchen window, your cat doing a pre-breakfast stretch, or a textured close-up of your oatmeal bubbling away at the stove.

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The following photos are my different ways of how I go my morning specially if I am in a vacation. I mostly not a breakfast eater! A cup of cappuccino, cereal, or a glass of fruits smoothie is good to go for me, and that last from 9am to 2pm.

I Love IHOP food in States! So every time I go visit to States, I make sure at least I could visit IHOP restaurant too. My problem with IHOP to me,  is there serving as it is huge for me, specially that I am a small eater at a time.

IHOP Pancake CA Branch!

IHOP Pancake CA Branch!

IHOP Omelettes CA Branch!

IHOP Omelette CA Branch!

IHOP Coffee CA Branch!  Opppsss ahhh ohhh the lipstick mark...

IHOP Coffee CA Branch!
Opppsss ahhh ohhh the lipstick mark…

Brrrppp! This half went to Guy. I'm surely does can't dig it all.:)

Burrrpppp! The rest went to Guy, I can’t dig it all.:)

If your in London and familliar with this picture I'm sure you'll be able to name it.  I forgot the name of this pretty cute cute one coffee shop! All I know is that I  Love their Porridge so much yummmyumm.:)

If you’re from London and familiar with this picture, I’m sure you’ll be able to name it.
I forgot the name of this pretty cute one coffee shop! All I know is that, I Love their Porridge so much yummmyumm.:)

If your happen to be in Prague. Please don't step off the city without visiting  http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&sqi=2&ved=0CCoQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.bohemiabagel.cz%2Fhome.php&ei=gfZSUviwFOei4gT3i4H4CQ&usg=AFQjCNGnqTuZSbSvB-cGVN4ZrCGRqZiPPw&sig2=Vz4WWz8a7T_ljPlk7Tryug

For those Americans whose longing for American coffee and could be able to get a chance to visit Prague! Please don’t step out of the city without visiting the restaurant “Bohemia Bagel” walking distance to Charles Bridge. For the address here’s the website  http://www.bohemiabagel.cz/home.php

The coffee is unbelievable -My husband said! “Bottomless” Yes, and it’s your Traditional American coffee. I’m not a coffee drinker but my husband does! After living almost 4 years now here in Czech republic, my husband finely settled in about his coffee here in Europe!

Bohemia Bagel reall American Coffee in Prague.:)

@ Bohemia Bagel in Prague. The real American Coffee.:)

Special Thanks to our Parish Priest. Father William, who introduced and invited us to have a morning breakfast with him one fine sunny late winter before the arrival of Spring. And the rest became my Husband favorite spots every weekend morning at Bohemia Bagel.:)

I soo Loved the taste of this

I soo Loved the taste of this Caramel Macchiato! My weekend morning is very crucial, helping the homeless on Saturday, and now I just started as a Teachers Assistance for the Religious  class for about 6-8years old kids every Sunday in the church. So before I get to my weekend commitments I surely be in Starbucks for my Caramel Macchiato, to boost up my energy. Specially now because Halloween is just nearby, I got my other favorite too- the “Pumpkin Spice latte” They are soo awesome tasteful to me, and I just make sure no CREAM on top of them.:)

My husband hates Starbucks coffee aside for- it is expensive for a cup of coffee and the worse thing for him is that the coffee Americano in Starbucks is not the real traditional coffee he remembered in States. But he goes to Starbucks, because of me! Yes, as he always says– I only go to Starbucks because of you cuz “I Love You” ahhhh soo sweet BooBoo, Thank You my Love.:)

Have a sweet-hot-good morning you all,

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 4.57.28 PM


Chef Gordon Ramsay @ his Restuarant London~~~:)


Chef Gordon Ramsay

Chef Gordon Ramsay

I’m back from my short holiday in London. It was an awesome experienced from food, things to do, and to things to see! On our first night in London we went to the most popular Chef today the Restaurant of Gordon Ramsay at Claridge’s Hotel London. We made our reservation a week early to make sure that will get a table. We did not stay at Claridge’s Hotel because the price per night is pretty much out of our budget as I think it start from “600£Pound” so we end-up staying at Crown Plaza hotel at St.James street which is affordable for our budget. From our Hotel to Claridge’s Hotel is about 6£ Taxi so that’s not bad at all, plus Crown Plaza is pretty much walking distance to Buckingham Palace, to the Big Ben, to the ferry cruise’s, and to the London Eye where the center of attractions are located. 

Before then I been following Chef Ramsay’s journey through his TV-shows so at least I could learn  his techniques and passions about the business. Because I have a plan of building my own business restaurant/Coffee shop in the future hopefully. So I put myself into searching about the business like the Managing process, the Food Menu, the Decor, the Building, What/Who your Target, Location, and more relevant issues in building business.

Chef Gordon Ransay's TV Show's:)

Chef Gordon Ramsay’s TV Show’s:)

So guys the following photos are my yummy experienced at Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurant in London.

The Bread is a complement.

The Bread is a complements. I Love the round bread but not much the other one because it’s kind of hard. When my husband asked me about the bread! I answered him that I’m hesitant to continue eating all the bread except the rounded one, because it’s kinda hard and it might break my 1 crown teeth hahahah!:) My Husband and I both have same dinner Menu except for deserts. The SCALLOPS? ohhh my it’s really YUMMY and I wish to eat 10pcs more of that YUMMYLICIOUS SCALLOPS.:)

The Beef Wellington? Ohh

The Beef Wellington? Ohh Boy it is mouth-watering yummy, the meat is very tender, the sauce is darn good, the baby beans cooked good. But the one I don’t like is the little Onion or is that Shallot? correct me if I’m wrong! I don’t like the taste and the green leafy vegetable is I don’t like the taste aswell. Now I don’t know if the Shallot and the Green Leafy grass should be eaten or just for a show on the plate! I don’t know! But so far the Beef Wellington is excellent and yummy delicious, and I can eat more too.:)

I Love the atmospher, the decors, and of course the friendly helpful Butlers.:)

I Love the atmosphere, the decor’s, and the friendly helpful Butlers are awesome.:)


Ready for deserts? 🙂

Soufflé for my Husband and Cold Valrhona chocolate fondant with poached cherry flambé

Soufflé for my Husband, and Cold Valrhona chocolate fondant with poached cherry flambé for me.:) I’m not much to my desert because it’s very sweet on my taste but surely it is yummy though, I just hope that the sweetness is not that much overwhelming according to my taste. And yeah I tasted my husband Soufflé and I almost wanted to order one more.:)

I Love yummy Complements:)

I Love it yummy Complements:)

It's all worthy and yeah if you'd ask me if I'd go back again? YES I will go back again.:)

It’s all worthy, and yeah if you’d ask me if I’d go back again? YES I will go back again.:)

Claridge's Hotel at London.:)

Claridge’s Hotel at London.:)

The experienced was overwhelming good from food which is exquisite, to service which is excellent, and I like the fact that they let you know the cooking time process like how much time you have to wait in-order to deliver your meal! You think you’ll get bored on waiting your order? NOPE! because complements is there to the rescue like bread, the Chef soup, and more bread.The best thing I like having my dinner at a fancy dinning is that it made me calm,  just to enjoy having fun talking with my man, slowly sipping my wine glass, and nothing else to think about but to talk plan for tomorrow, and to enjoy the meal that night.:) 

Again guys if you’d ever planning to visit London! I myself highly recommend you to visit Chef Gordon Ramsay restaurant at Claridge’s Hotel.:)

Have a good weekend and a Happy Romantic dinning you all,


~~~A Day Trip to the Karlštejn Castle~~~

Karlštejn Castle Czech Republic. Founded 1348:)

Karlštejn Castle Czech Republic. Founded 1348:)

What is Karlštejn Castle?

Is a famous Gothic structure Castle founded in 1348 in Czech Republic. Built by Czech King and Roman Emperor Charles IV. A place to secure the Royal treasures, especially Charles’s collection of holy relics and the coronation jewels of the Roman Empire. OLD? Yeah it’s decades and decades years old, and that’s how tourist get interested to visit the town of Karlštejn Castle.

Gothic design founded in 1348.

Gothic design founded in 1348.

How to get there from Prague?

Karlštejn Castle is in Czech Republic. 20km west of Prague, or about 40minutes train ride from the Center of Prague. From Prague you can ride the commuter train by going to the “RED LINE.” Prague is divided into 3 lines metro station. “Green Line, Yellow Line, and the Red Line” so going to Karlštejn all you have to do is ride the Red line and stop at “Hlavní nádraží” At the same station, you can purchase your ticket going to Karlštejn castle just follow the sign! Private vehicles going to the castle is not allowed, so don’t shocked when you get to Karlštejn and you heard some Taxi driver giving you a ride to the castle. If you’re not willing to walk so get a taxi, but I recommend you to just walk and have fun the view! To exit the Karlštejn station, go to right, turn to the first block then turn left, and you’ll see the bridge, straight and cross, and you’ll see the Castle. About 5minutes walk!

Follow the direction please!

Follow the direction please!

A Reflection view from the Bridge.:)

A Reflection view from the left side of the Bridge.:)

Then you'll see this view:)

Then you’ll see this view:)

Whats in Karlštejn?

Well, if you’d like Gothic and oldest castle in Europe I think this might be your meal. Aside for the castle the little town of the area is quite interesting, a good scape to get a fresh air, tons of shops, like CRYSTAL Bohemian Glasses with different design handcrafts, tons of Antiques, and Peaceful Scenery. I think the prices of the crystal glasses in Karlštejn is a good bargain than in Prague, and if you know how to BARGAIN? Thats a big plus.:)

Best season to go?

Summer is the best way to go! Everything are open from Hotels, Restaurants, shops, and more activities from weekdays to weekends. Best time is morning so you can enjoy the day and still have enough time to hop on the train back to Prague that afternoon. During Winter the best days to visit is weekends as winter is the low season of the year. The Castle is closed, Taxi driver won’t tell you that, as you know they need business! So I recon to walk, really. Most shops are CLOSED too during weekdays of winter.

Only 4 shops are open when we get there during the weekdays.

We only saw 5 shops open during our visit there. 2shops are owned by only 1 owner, were the Sales lady watching back to back to her shops, she sells Souvenirs and Bohemian Crystals. The 1 shop sells Garnet Jewelry, the other one also is Crystals shop, and the last 5shops is Antiques stuffs. Plus one restaurant that only offers beverage.

It's kind of DEAD during weekdays!

It’s kind of DEAD during weekdays!


This Museum is CLOSED too.:)

Why I say this stuff?

Because my husband and I visited the town just recently last month to buy some neat Crystal Bohemian Glasses. It was Friday morning, Taxi driver bugging us for a ride said it’s quite far! He din’t mentioned that the Castle is closed and most of the shops are closed too! Good thing my husband and I preferred to walk as the fresh air feels good that morning. And we’re surprised walking is not a big deal, opposite to what the Taxi driver said. But I’m kind of disappointed because my real reason to be in Karlštejn is to purchase the crystal but only 5 shops are open, the rest are closed. I purchased few bohemian crystal like the Vases, and a pitcher at a very good bargain VERSUS Prague price.:)


All Restaurants are closed except one that only offered beverage. I have no problem with it but the ambiance of the restaurant is not acceptable for me. It smells bad, the cigarets smell is overwhelming, the hot temperature inside is pushing me better to stay outside. We pushed to get in the restaurant to used the bathroom, so we have to order at least a drink. Good thing the bathroom is clean thats the only complement I can give to those restaurant. This is NOT the Photo restaurant I’m talking that has a poor ambiance OK! This is just showing you that this restaurant is closed too.

My Husband and I ordered 2 mug of Capucieno

My Husband and I ordered 2 mugs of this Cappuccino Coffee. I dont like the taste at all, so I didn’t bother to drink them after the 1 sip! Sorry about that.:)  My husband drinks all his Cappuccino, so I thought he like it. But when I asked him his response is just to respect the waiter. I said WOW your kind of nice! I didn’t drink mine so he will realize my reason of not drinking it because the taste is horrible……


Small Police Station Closed!

What else we did?

Not much, but just keep walking romantically, stopping each window glass of the closed shop peeking what they have inside, snapping photos and just have fun.:)





Bye Castle, we're heading back to Prague now. I hope to visit you inside next time hopefully.:)

Bye Castle, we’re heading back to Prague now. I hope to visit you inside next time hopefully.:)

I wish it was loaded with snow to complete my day that time, and I'll surely take-off my coat and have picture with me lying on the white snow lol.:)

I wish it was loaded with snow to complete my day that time, and I’ll surely take-off my winter coat to have picture with me lying on the white snow lol.:)

Time to go hop on the train back to Prague:)

We didn’t stay that long in Karlštejn so we opted to hop on the train by 1pm. As we’re content and accomplished our goal in the town.

Karlštejn station.:)

Karlštejn station.:)

Karlštejn Station. This 2 folks are Americans.:)

Karlštejn Station.:)



Have a wonderful visit everyone Thanks,


Merry Christmas darling:)


Hello guys,

Hopefully everyone having a fabulous Christmas celebration the Jesus birthday with your families, friends, and love-ones.:)

Today is Christmas day, my husband and I went to church, and we did a little help to the homeless. So we went to McDonalds and ordered some burgers to give to those homeless who’s digging the trashcan for this Christmas day. But we’re surprised as it’s not that much around of them in the street. Anyway every saturday in our Church with the help of our Priest, the homeless can have their hot soup, freshly cook by our Priest and some goodies like bread, meats, fruits that the volunteers brought like us. So thats a big help for them, specially during winter which is really cold. The church also provide them few cloths, coats, shoes, and more necessary stuffs. The church was in St.Thomas at Prague Czech Republic.

Christmas dinner. Simple one just the two of us my Husband and I.:)

Christmas dinner. Simple one just the two of us my Husband and I.:) The photos above is a Traditional Filipino fruit salad dessert. Mostly in the Philippines we used a mixed fruits in a can. But this one I opted to used a fresh cuts fruits! The taste is not that sweet as I tried to cut down sweets by just adding a little condense milk, and just a 1 small can of a creamy cream.:)


My Husband baked the GingerBread, but it’s overcook Ohhh well still tasted OK kinda hehehe! Mass at Christmas day too.:)

Weekly Sunday Post

Weekly Sunday Post

Anyway since it’s Christmas, I made this Christmas video for my husband and posted it in YouTube.com. Every occasions I always Baffled on what to give to my wonderful Husband since his not into material stuffs, so I opted to make a video greetings for him. And this morning when he hand me his Christmas gift to me, I also asked him to find my gift to him through YouTube and yes, it surprised him and again I made him cry not for pain but because his loving and liking it big. And for me thats what it counts.:)

Please visit the video, and lets talk some goodies.:)

Merry Merry Christmas bloggers and readers,


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