I’m back after over a year without WordPress in my journal.:) How are you guys?

Hello guys,
I think a year pass by that I haven’t hand you some update about my status and what’s going on me for the past year. Pardon for my absence though it’s not an excuse but I lost my interest here in WordPress around that time!

Anyway I’m doing well and my husband as well, we are just both busy, both involved to this overwhelming paperwork’s that seems like aged us for over a year. But aside for that we’re strongly doing abundant thanks god. We we’re in States last May and had countless moments with my Sister in-law.

For now here are the photos that I’d like to share with you guys and soon my good news well revealed.

The Boat Hotel Matylda Restaurant. A weekend fine relaxing lunch with my boys.:)

The Boat Hotel Matylda Restaurant. A weekend fine relaxing lunch with my boys.:)

Botel-Matylda is another boat Restaurant here in +Prague and a +Hotel as well.
Many times that I passed by this hotel of +Vltava River but never got the chance to grasp inside.

Botel Boat Hotel

Botel Boat Hotel

The outdoors of the design is very intriguing, eyeful and convincing. Last weekend my husband and I went to the +Flea-Market shopping. Walking all the way to the sidewalk. Almost lunch so we opted to head right after shopping to our favorite boat restaurant the +Grosseto-Marina.
While walking that way I saw this Boat Hotel and saw people chewing down inside.

My husband thought “Exclusive for the guest service only” but instead of being skeptical I stroll inside and asked!
And yepp we ended up our 1st experienced of this +Boat-Hotel-Matylda restaurant that serves +Italian +Cuisine

Sweet lunch.:)

Sweet lunch.:)

The ambiance feels relaxed, breathing the cool breeze of the wind, the birds singing, swimming, the low motion of the boats are passing us through, the mountain view and the wonderful scene moments is just quite a harmony of mind while sitting in the +Anchored boat.

Scenic View:)

Scenic View:)

We are just right there next to the water with this stunning scenery.

We are just right there next to the water with this stunning scenery.

Heading out now.:)

Heading out now.:)


SUNDAY POST: Favorite Spot

Hello bloggers and readers,

I hope everyone of yah out there are having a fabulous weekend.:)

About mine? Yes I do had fun, shopping, boxing my present going to my family back in the Philippines, walking around Prague, and opps yes I did went to gym too, and most of all sunday routine church.:)

To find more about this SUNDAY POST about FAVORITE SPOT, please check this website of Jake his site is really great and fun, enjoyable, and interesting too.:) http://jakesprinters.wordpress.com/2012/09/29/sunday-post-favorite-spot/

Have a fun y’all,


One of my favorite spot is the Flea Market area where I can see variety of stuffs from antique to fresh foods.:)

At SPA places is my favorite spot that helps me feel relax:) NOTE: This photo is not mine.

Sometimes I do my writing, blogging, and surfing, is at my favorite spot at Starbucks coffee shop.:)

When I’m not at Gym, I do my exercise at my favorite spot at the park of “Vysehrad Prague”.:) I love this park of Prague overlooking, peaceful and clean.;) opppsss thats my shadow by the way hehhe:)

During wine harvest my favorite spot is in this vineyard near Prague zoo, where everybody are active, jolly, and the taste of the varieties of grapes are overwhelming good.:)

my favorite spot restaurant where I’m eating my meal at the same time enjoying the view of the river, the bridge, the mountain, and the people rooming around.:)

This is my favorite spot when I do hiking during summer here in Prague, a huge area of park near Prague Airport where you have to climb the rock mountain to reach this area of this photo.:) The result fabulous view plus 100% calories fat burned after all the hiking.:)

My favorite spot here in Czech Republic the “Prague Castle”:)

June is Breast cancer awareness month of Czech Republic!


Hello guy’s, just a quick thinking post again!

Before it runs out to my brain, how’s your weekend by the way? Mine? Not much though! My hubby is out of the country, so after I sent him to the airport this morning I run right-away to the Gym and stayed their for couple of hours. Then I treat myself to a little shopping, which is woman’s loves to perform! Then I head home.

Yesterday when my husband and I were out and about, as he asked me if we could do some walking near the Flea market, as the weather is kind of OKAY! We spotted that few women are wearing this same pink shirt, police cars around, and the flea market is kind of heavy. I kind of ignoring the scenario as I focus eyeing the food’s display, and some unique stuff! And yes I found this unique stuff, a telescope that I bargain and saved me about 10$“lol.” The telescope changes colors as you focus to the subject so for me it is quite interesting.

My husband wants to sit in a restaurant, so since we cant find that in a flea market we skipped right way and head off to our favorite boat restaurant. While strolling in the riverside walks all of the sudden a school parade of this pink shirt are blocking the road. What should I do? Here’s the few photos so have fun guy’s.:)

We have to stop and position ourselves to the corner or els well got run over lol:)

Another group of pink are in the side walk of the river!

Can yo dare to count how many pink in there?

some pink went to stop and has to cool down in the restaurant!

I’ve asked to this young girls about what’s going on here? She has trouble to her English, I think she’s nervous. But she delivered good as she said it is a Breast Cancer Awareness month of Czech Republic.:) And all the pink Shirt sponsored by “AVON” I said to them I thought it is October is the cancer awareness month? she response Yes! but here in Prague we opted to execute it this early month of June.:)

Police officer on horse patrol!

Pink Shirt by AVON!

This is our Favorite restaurant here in Prague! after all the walking and battling the parade were glad to reached this restaurant….BUT UNFORTUNATELY the restaurant is FULL no vacant and we have to wait for an hour.:( so opted to go to our 2nd choice of restaurant in the mall of Andel in the steak restaurant! I cant wait for another hour as I felt dehydrated, hungry, and cant wait to set and relax!

That’s the name of our favorite restaurant here in Prague! The price is not bad, food is excellent, location is good, and the view is romantic.:) it’s a boat restaurant! If you love pizza, then it is best choice! It is an Italian restaurant.:)

6 years of wedding anniversary! wood or Iron?

wood symbol in 6yrs married.:)

Hi guy’s,

I hope you all are in good shape, and hope to hear you soon. It’s been a while I haven’t heard about you guy’s… opppsss’’’ I think it’s me whose been out for a-while?

I just wanted to dropped this slight revise of my love life! It might be fun to my readers.:) Yesterday was my 6 years wedding anniversary yehheeyyy.:) My man said it was a “wood” year of marriage but when Ive researched it the meaning of 6years marriage was “Iron” and when I cleared it out to my husband, he said I might be wrong! for the fact he was insisting it was wood. So whatever it is? It doesn’t matter either way though! Because the most relevant was both souls are still involved and in love to each other.

Just for an entertaining it bumped to my head that I should also give something involved with wood as part of my gift to my man. So I found this handcraft expression like a buggy wood. I admit I have trouble finding a gift for my man every occasion, as his not into material stuffs. Give him ”Salami” then his in heaven lol.:) So yesterday I hand him this Wii Investigation games, and additional daily casual long sleeves for his work! All of the sudden when I’m at shower I heard him playing the Wii games as part of my present to him. Which made me very happy because he love’s my humble present to him.

Inside the Restaurant. Pretty good ambiance for me:) The restaurant on top  ground floor was overlooking to the river where you you can feel the fresh air of the surrounding.  Our weekends is kind of cloudy, and rain is off and on! So we opted to be inside where we found out more fun, romantic ambiance than in the top floor ground.:)

Looking at this angle picture, the right side is a glass wall where you can see the overlooking river, boat are on, ducks are having fun playing in the water, the best view of the popular bridge in Czech Republic the “Charles Bridge” the “Prague Castle” and more.:) Perfect romantic Anniversary dinner for me.:)

Now lets go to the yummy food:)

My husband Appetizer!

My Appetizer!

This is the funny thing in a fine dinning! The food are great, quite expensive, but the food served are quite not much lol:) My husband friend told him this… “Every time I brought my wife to a fine dinning I end-up ordering a pizza back to the house because I’m still hungry!

My main course! It’s a lobster covered by pasta it looks like cheese but it’s a pasta. I swear it’s yummy promise and I can eat more.:)

Hubby’s main course! Hubby love’s it much he said and when I took a sneak bite Yes it was mouth watering like mine.:)

Main course of Hubby! just another good view.:)

Now let me tour you guy’s to the gorgeous view from our glass wall table inside the restaurant!

A view from our glass wall next to our table.:) The Charles Bridge!

The photos was taken from my 10megapixel Olympus Digital Camara which is my purse Camara. Angle shot behind the glass.:)

Lets go back to food, now it’s dessert time!

I’m not quite interested with the dessert so no comment!

Hubby’s dessert! his not quite impressed to his dessert too! But he eat them all though, and mine too all of them went to his tummy lol:)

View from our table! sorry I intended the back ground as dark as I can!

Just a quick snap!

And now time to go home!

The garden entrance of the restaurant! The top ground floor

The name of the restaurant. Kampa park in Prague Czech Republic:)

If one day you’ll have the opportunity to be in Prague, then I’ll recommend you to this restaurant “Kampa park”

Just another glimpse! I was surprised yesterday morning when I tried to hand my presents to my man in our bedroom. Then I almost lean my moose stuff toy when my husband shout to be careful the moose is sensitive right now! I grabbed my toy and found a warped box, when I open it it’s a box of Louis Vuitton wallet but it was same color to this bag which I already have one. So we opted to go back to the Louis Vuitton shop after church to change it with this brown dammer color of wallet.:)
Then my husband said that theres might be another box in back of the pillow! where I found this LV bag.:) I’m so surprised and happy for the wonderful blessing from God.:) And I keep my faith more to him and praying for another successful year of loving blissful marriage again.:)

I would like to share you guy’s few of my wedding day photos way back June 3 of 2006:)

The reception area!

my own humble designed wedding cake!

Guest souvenirs!

My Alma mater University choir!

The wedding bands!

Church wedding!

Inside wedding church!

Wedding accessories!

My own humble designed gown, combination with Filipino and American way!

Thank you guy’s your comments and note are highly appreciated:) Cheers to our successful marriage each of us here.:)

God Bless,