Meet my new Puppy Love Zepher.:)

Hi y’all this article is about Zepher’s Biography just so you know the humors about this cute handsome pup.:)

Zepher is a Puppy Dog Pets of Yen-Yen

Zepher’s father is originally from States and mommy from Czech-Republic

Zepher’s Kennels is one of the high top breed dog owners in Czech Republic who always won the Showed contest.

Type of Breed= Bichon Frise

DOB= Sept 2, 2013

Zepher, is strong, naughty male, and healthy.

Zepher, is cute, attractive, playful, full of energy, and loves to bite.

Zepher, is sweet, adorable, and huggable.

Zepher’s Vaccines are all complete and waiting for maturity for his Neuter soon.

Bichons breed is Good for apartment, adores their owners, and none shading coat.
Required a lot of grooming.

My pup is really a suitable companion for me. And he really tried his greatest to pleased me as his owners and done only few accidents when his just a little pup. But now it’s surprising coz his pretty much house broken and growing smart.

When we bought him is kinda NO for me coz his quite pricey, but when I 1st hold him unto my hands the feeling of hesitations went to dust, and now it’s all worthy and priceless.:)ImageImageImage


Preparations needed for my puppy Bichon Frise’s arrival:)

For more information about this please visit the link above.:)


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