I’m back after over a year without WordPress in my journal.:) How are you guys?

Hello guys,
I think a year pass by that I haven’t hand you some update about my status and what’s going on me for the past year. Pardon for my absence though it’s not an excuse but I lost my interest here in WordPress around that time!

Anyway I’m doing well and my husband as well, we are just both busy, both involved to this overwhelming paperwork’s that seems like aged us for over a year. But aside for that we’re strongly doing abundant thanks god. We we’re in States last May and had countless moments with my Sister in-law.

For now here are the photos that I’d like to share with you guys and soon my good news well revealed.

The Boat Hotel Matylda Restaurant. A weekend fine relaxing lunch with my boys.:)

The Boat Hotel Matylda Restaurant. A weekend fine relaxing lunch with my boys.:)

Botel-Matylda is another boat Restaurant here in +Prague and a +Hotel as well.
Many times that I passed by this hotel of +Vltava River but never got the chance to grasp inside.

Botel Boat Hotel

Botel Boat Hotel

The outdoors of the design is very intriguing, eyeful and convincing. Last weekend my husband and I went to the +Flea-Market shopping. Walking all the way to the sidewalk. Almost lunch so we opted to head right after shopping to our favorite boat restaurant the +Grosseto-Marina.
While walking that way I saw this Boat Hotel and saw people chewing down inside.

My husband thought “Exclusive for the guest service only” but instead of being skeptical I stroll inside and asked!
And yepp we ended up our 1st experienced of this +Boat-Hotel-Matylda restaurant that serves +Italian +Cuisine

Sweet lunch.:)

Sweet lunch.:)

The ambiance feels relaxed, breathing the cool breeze of the wind, the birds singing, swimming, the low motion of the boats are passing us through, the mountain view and the wonderful scene moments is just quite a harmony of mind while sitting in the +Anchored boat.

Scenic View:)

Scenic View:)

We are just right there next to the water with this stunning scenery.

We are just right there next to the water with this stunning scenery.

Heading out now.:)

Heading out now.:)


Old Numbers in Prague:)

Yes, finely friday.♥ Anyone has plans for this weekend?

Me? ~~~ Nope nothing just here working personal stuffs again with my husband.:)

While checking my photos that I snapped last week, this following photos are seems unique for me to let you guys know, that I found this historical numbers in view’s of Prague’s building. Now I’m not saying that this is the oldest building in Prague coz I’m sure there’s more than to this old building around Prague.

Here’s the following photos


You may noticed looks like not a 1885 building! But the thought is that this building was build on 1885 same architect, design, and currently still existing.:) I’ll try to dig in more what the name of this building, or whats in there!




And another one 1902:)


And this one was a abandon building. When I tried to picture it out it seems like an old train station of Prague before. I’m not sure though! 

If you knew about the photos feel free to educate us, precisely is I’m interested to hear about it.:)

So this is my friday thoughts of this week, seems nonsense but I think it’s just unique and different, I think.:)

Have a wonderful friday you all,♥♥♥



Flight to my lovely Philippines.:)

Hey guys,

Ammmm super ready to fly from Prague to My lovely Philippines.:)

Ammmm super ready to fly from Prague to my lovely Philippines.:)

Pink of the Day. After I managing my suitcase yesterday. I then manger to do some clean up for my nails.:)

Pink of the Day. After managing my suitcases yesterday. I’m now then manged to do some clean up for my nails.:)

Pardon me for not responding nor approving your comments right away, because I’m traveling today. Afternoon of yesterday Czech Republic time was my flight heading to Philippines. I just arrived Dubai International airport now working this post! Now I’m waiting for my next connection the Philippines. Time check? 1:47am Dubai time.:)

Have a wonderful week ahead to all of you, and I will try to reach you out soon.:)


Sunny Winter-land of Prague:)

Every morning when I wake up, one of my routine is to grabbed my device to check the weather update of the day. The weather says “SUNNY PRAGUE √  Yehheheyey 

So I opted to walk around the city instead of walking the treadmill in the gym, and the most crucial thing for me is to shot some street photography.:) Here’s my latest photos of Prague Czech Republic.:)


Notice the American Embassy Flag!

Notice the American Embassy Flag!:)






DSC_4251I felt the smells of “Spring” which is just around the corner, heading to towards to the Winter land slowly and slowly.:)

Have a wonderful Sunny Winter, Winterland,:)


Travel Theme: Green:)

The challenge this week is about Green my Lovely Green titled Travel theme: Green from Ailsa’s  Where’s my backpack? So guy’s, here’s my Green photos for this theme.:)

Statue of Liberty in the busy New York City USA 2008:)

Statue of Liberty in the busy New York City USA 2008:)

Any clue for the location of this Green thing?

©Any clue for the location of this Green thing?

The Green vineyard near Prague zoo, CZ.

The Green vineyard near Prague zoo, CZ.

@ California road trip. The car is moving while I had fun  watching this Green farm.:)

 California road trip. The car is moving while I’m having fun watching and snapping photos for this beautiful huge Green farm.:)

Passing by the Green Agricultural scene of CA.

©Passing by the Green Agricultural scene of CA.


Weekend Trip to Špindlerův Mlýn CZ.

Have a Lovely Green, and with all my Best Regards.:)

Happy Saint.Patrick’s Day too,


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Travel Theme: Walls

The theme for this week is about Walls from Travel theme: Walls I hardly put myself into Walls photography and I’m stumbling of putting my arts into this. So guys the following photos are just my simple Walls photos that I found from my photo collection.:)

Yeahhppp Balls-Eye. This Sign in the Walls got me at Westminster Street London.:)

Yeahhppp Balls-Eye. This Sign in the Wall got me at Westminster Street London 2013.:)

This Walls caughted my eye @ Crown Plaza Hotel St.James London

This Wall caught my eye, while I’m walking through the lobby hotel of Crown Plaza @ St.James London 2013 of last week:)

A jump to the Wall:)

A quick jumped to the Wall Prague:)


I think this photo was my first photo that my mind was focus on eyeing the Wall 2012:)

The restorection of the Prague Castle Wall

The restoration of the Prague Castle Wall:)

@Kutna Hora Church Czech  Republic outside Prague. The Walls inside the church are covered with Human Skulls decorations. From head's Skull to Fingers name it! The Chandellers are even decored with Human Skulls.

@Kutna Hora Church Czech Republic outside Prague. The Walls inside the church are covered with Human Skulls decorations. From head’s Skull to Fingers, just name it! The chandeliers are even decors with Human Skulls too.

@Kutna Hora Church Czech  Republic outside Prague. The Walls inside the church are covered with Human Skulls decorations. From head's Skull to Fingers name it! The Chandellers are even decored with Human Skulls.

@Kutna Hora Church Czech Republic outside Prague. The Walls inside the church are covered with Human Skulls decorations. From head’s Skull to Fingers, name it! The chandeliers are even decors with Human Skulls too.

@Kutna Hora Church Czech  Republic outside Prague. The Walls inside the church are covered with Human Skulls decorations. From head's Skull to Fingers name it! The Chandellers are even decored with Human Skulls.

@Kutna Hora Church. This was during my Birthday of February 2011 the Winter land of Czech Republic.

That Cross on the wall is decorated from the different colors of old shoes.:)

That Cross on the wall is decorated from the different colors of the old shoes. Prague Czech Republic.

Thanks for dropping by readers and bloggers, may you all have a Lovely good week.


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Weekly Sunday Post

Weekly Sunday Post

Simple, it's just an snowy day of Prague:)

Simple, it’s just a snowy day of Prague:) The photo’s are taken from my Simple Mobile Device.:)

While waiting the public Tram, I'm just simply snapping photos around while the snow flakes falling my little ccheek:)

While waiting the public Tram, I’m just simply snapping photos around letting the snow flakes falling unto my little cheek’s:)

A'm gettin' cold. Where is my freakin' Tram? This explained pretty much simple!

Am gettin’ cold. Where is my freakin’ Tram? This explained pretty much simple!


I was Simply exercising at Gym early in the morning. Then I simply glance at the window ohh my the Snow flakes are just simply beautiful to my eyes so I can’t resist to simply snap this simple photo.:)

Yeap It's

Yap It’s just like that pretty much SIMPLE.:)

The Sunday Post of Jake’s theme is like this titled SUNDAY POST :Simplicity so I came up to the above photos as for me they represents Simplicity either each way from a Warmer weather temperature to a Snowy weather like this! Just think- life is pretty much Simple as long as we just deal with it, and at the same time play with it.:)

Have a Simple weekend but at the same time a blissful one y’all folks.:)


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47th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival Czech Republic 2012

How you folks doing?

I was thriled to share my Karlovy Vary journey last July 4th of this year to you readers, and bloggers. When I’ve gotten the reports that Philippines has their own film festival entry here in Czech Republic, I was fondled thrilled about it! I heard about the movie and did some exploring about it. The main character of the movie is one of the best comedian actresses in the Philippines named Eugene Domingo which is one of my favorite comedian star and oh yeah she’s happened to visit us here in Prague promoting her movie titled “The Girl in the Septic Tank” and yes I had hug, and have picture taking with her as she visits Philippine Embassy here in Prague. A huge thank you to our Philippine Embassy crew here in Prague as without them, I wont be able to see Eugene Domingo on person, and plus wont be able to watched her film entry.:)

So guys have fun with my photos.:)

Welcome to Karlovy Vary Czech Republic Europe:)

Karlovy Vary was surrounded by interesting designs, mostly more on modern type of architectures.:)

When your in a tourist spots, please dont hesitate to bargain too.

My friend whose been with me Traveling from Prague to Karlovy Vary.

The Red Carpet Building:)

I Like the design of the structure! I think it is called the Gothic design? am I right?

The Thermal area!

Most of the folks community in Karlovy Vary believed that drinking this water in the Thermal area can healed minor sickness, and prolonged miracles too!

Most of the residence in Karlovy Vary alleged that drinking the Thermal water can restored any minor sickness like stomachache, headache, and minor cases. And also they considered that it commands wishes like for those couple that are trying to conceive a baby dust for a long period of time. As what my friend explained to me who currently is a tenants in Karlovy Vary with her family. The water is defined in different types of hot temperature from the lowest 20degrees up to 90s I think! There are 15 faucets total in the Thermal area, and it’s a legend and traditions that in order to make the dream come true “You should drink all of them defending on how much liquid amount of water you want.” My friend also educate me that, Karlovy Vary is a natural organic waste of environment, which the wind and surroundings makes you relaxed, stress free, and you can’t even feel the bad toxic, since the area is surrounded by huge mountain!

It said it could possible make wishes come true like having a baby:)

What the H*** lets give a try, why not!

I even tried to drink the water. The taste is different defending on their temperature. Some I tasted like, salty, sweet, and some are just yuck as in yucky and wanted to blow!!!!!

But I did try them, I actually don’t believed it but hey! If I tried nothing I could loss, and if I wont try nothing will loss too! So what the Heck, right? Just hope you wont upset your tummy lol.:) because yes after few minutes my tummy is murmuring good thing one of my friend has her Imodium tablet then after that, I get fine no more tummy pain.:) next?

Friends are having fun exploring Karlovy Vary:)

After all the reason why we end-up Karlovy Vary aside to mingled our friends, drink those thermal water,  it’s because Philippines has their own entry to this 47th International film festeval tittled “Ang Babae sa Septic Tank” or the “Woman in the Septic Tank”

After all that long fun day, I articulate to myself that I had a very fun 4th of July. And the next day was my celebration with my gorgeous husband about our 4th of July just me and him the entire week.:) I could say yes I wanted to go back Karlovy Vary with my husband this time, and do noting but to relax in the SPA Hotel, and just have fun.:)

Folk’s I hope y’all had fun viewing the photos and hopefully at least I handed you some interesting view point about Karlovy Vary of Czech Republic.:)




Hello guys,

My week was very functional, entertaining, and travelling outside Prague. July 1 I hitched myself to the Filipino Czech Association or “FCA” dragon boat in Prague.  It’s not a race Okay! As you may think about it! The FCA president looks for paddler volunteers, so I lock myself into it. Who knows, the volunteers may be part of a race in the future. I love to experience stuff as much as I can, so why not have fun and be thrilled about it. At the start I was doubtful, for the fact that at this time of my existence I have no Idea how to swim still. Though I grew up in the paradise of an ocean, but I haven’t absorbed the opportunities of swimming as I always said to myself I’m a big dead fish! That’s sounds cool ha?

signing for this non-obligatory letter. Waiting for more visitors and volunteers.

This box of cherries welcomed to each visitors, so better come early or all you have left is an empty box lol.:)

Enjoying the beautiful summer of Prague

goofing before the fun of paddlers begins.:)

Dragon head boat!

Are you ready to rock this drums? lets go baby!

Before the fun begins lets get attention to the relevant instruction from the professional paddlers.:)

Time to put on our life vest!

Goofing as always:)

branching out partners!

Stretching first dont forget!

we have to carry our boat and land it to the water:)

almost there!

Everybody are thrilled about it:)

This is it, finely I’m gonna be part of it, in few more minutes I’ll be paddling and I’ll surely be loving it.:)

Bye for now guys see yeah in an hour:)

Yes were back and I felt tired, we paddle for an hour and 15minutes or more I think:)

placing it back to where we get this boat from the very start:)

were hungry bird:)

It’s Barbecue time yummy:)

Enjoying every single yummy cuisine on our plate together with extra Chika-chika too:)

Before heading back to our each roof lets have a group photo click together FCA folks.:)

At the end of the day I must admit it was awesome that I volunteer to be the one of paddlers in the said dragon boat I felt no regret at all and if I’m given chance again, yes I’ll volunteer again not once, not twice, but more. Everything went smooth in the water it’s just that most of the time each paddle hitting each other, and that’s most happen during the first trial. So just set back and have fun every single moments of it.:)

One thing I know that after all that work I have this in my brain that I’m starving which all I want to grab is food! I was so glad that I smelled the barbecue grill and my favorite salad is in the table. I’m thankful to the group for grilling those mouth watering different types of meat, and for bringing delicious yummy cuisine on that day. I am very much thankful to FCA for inviting me and letting me part as a member of the said organization the Filipino Czech Association or “FCA.”

For more information about FCA please visit this following link for you to know about the organization.



Have a blissful weekend readers,

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114th year of Philippine Independence day “Kalayaan: Pananagutan ng Bayan para sa Tuwid na Daan”.

An Speech with Ms.Lily a Filipino Stage actress:)

Hello people,

Today the Filipino community here in Czech Republic becomes united again! As hand on hand joining, and celebrating the success of this 114th year of freedom. This theme was called “Kalayaan: Pananagutan ng Bayan para sa Tuwid na Daan”. Means “Freedom: It is the Nation’s Obligation for the Accurate Direction”.

The P.I Ambassador in Czech is reading the greeting letter of the Philippine President Mr.Nenoy Aquino

Philippine Team won the Asian Bowling competition last night holding the rank of 3rd placer Bronze medal. Congratulation guy’s.:)

Asian Bowling competition. 3rd placer bronze medal Philippines:)

Now lets go to the Pinoy‘s dishes!

Eating time “Salo-Salo together”:)


The Folk’s:)

Now lets head to this fun part of the program ~~The GAME~~

The first who finished his soda drink, using this long straw would be the big winner:)

1 2 3 go start!

The celebration happened at the Philippine Ambassador’s residence here in Czech Republic Prague. The gatherings start from 11am and lasted till 5pm, wealthy with Filipinos from Prague, and so with outside the City of Prague. I was amazed with the cooperation of the Filipinos were some of them have to ride more than hour’s car, busses, and train just to join this big events of being a Filipino’s Independence. Each hearts desires are gratified shouting the Philippines, that finely we’ve gotten FREEDOM from the hand of the foreign country that colonize the land for so many years, and took our native land with no elation but pain and agony.

throwing eggs to your partner! your partner has to catch the eggs without dropping the egg. Every the more you catch the more the distance goes further! Good luck:)

It;s getting further!

one partners egg dropped:( better luck next time:)

ohhh my ohhh my! poor egggggssss:)

Female’s turned:)

Fight for the eggs:)

It’s fun

2 groups fighting for their eggs:)

fighting for the eggs:)

Egg hunting day lol

I am an American Citizen now which I am very delighted to be part of this beautiful country were yes I am proud to be in, and I am heartfelt to say America is my new country who accepted me with no regrets.:) But for the fact that Philippine is my former country! I become who I am right now! I owed my former flag tons, and I know I can’t recompense that back by any penny, and there is no amount for that! My only way of refunding it back is by being me, that I shall not turn it back, I shall not turn it down, and most of all I shall not forget where I came from.:)

Filipino’s love to sing:)

Philippine Ambassador Residence in Czech Republic!

Thank you:)

Folks thank you for dropping by again, thank you for always there every single story I post, thank you for letting me drive you crazy, and thank you very much for tolerating my drama here.:) Thank you is not enough and I hope I could pay you in some certain way.:)

A Blissful weekend y’all folks:)

A Blissful weekend y’all folks. MABUHAY ang Lupang Hinirang ng Pilipinas.:)