“Jenny’s Loss” The released of my second book series.:)

Cover Photo

Cover Photo

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I’m officially an Author now titled “JENNY”

Hey friends,

I have good news for you all.:) It is about my 1st book being published! And yes I am so thrilled since I found out yesterday that my 1st novel is approved and published through http://www.amazon.com. I been working on this book since March of this year and it’s ON- and OFF, and thinking that I won’t be able to publish it because of my “too many unreasonable reasons”

But here we go, I finely dug deep and did the publication last Monday and was approved yesterday by http://www.amazon.com. It made me proud of myself that I finely reached my goal,  that I knew I should be doing this long before today. But anyway IS IT WHAT IS IT and the relevant is today’s events.

This book is a series of Novel type books in Tagalog language titled “JENNY!” This is a fiction type that parleys about typical poverties  lifecycle of a Filipino citizen in the Philippines, and hunger of having at least a simple good future.

Cover Photo

Cover Photo of this book “JENNY!”

Guys, if you do understand the language of this book which is “Tagalog” and like to read it! Please download it using your Kindle, iPhone, iPad, or your Tab for free now before 90days comes. And in return to that one, please give me your review about this book or your comments through this link  http://www.amazon.com/JENNY-Ang-Buhay-Jenny-ebook/dp/B00ECI6B5O/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1375978629&sr=8-1&keywords=lourdes+genovese

Grab your copy for free now, before 89days from todays date!

Grab your copy for free now, before 89days from todays date!

And again my friend, please don’t forget to write my book your review, your thoughts, your comments, about this book! So I am aware of any problems, suggestions, what need to remove, or what need to add in this type of book novel. Your review is pretty much appreciated and would love to hear you soon.:)


Please write a review to this book “JENNY!”


Tittle                              ->  JENNY!

Language                    -> Tagalog (FILIPINO)

TYPE                            -> A series Novel

To search my book through Amazon.com please type my name Lourdes Genovese on the search bar button and my 1st book will appear.:) 

The next series of this book is coming soon, so please grab your free copy now before the due date hits the calendar!

Thank you very much for supporting my arts, my talent, and myself,