Dead Government and Dead Leadership in the Philippines!

It’s been 5 days already since the Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) left the Philippines with overwhelming pain, agony, frustrations, and with footmarks of hundreds deaths. Watching the survivors, shouting for a little hope of food, shelter, and medicines, made my heart smashed into pieces. How much more to those affected families?

“People outlived from the Typhoon Haiyan, but they rather wants to die during those Typhoon than to perceive and gradually dyeing because of no FOOD, no HELP from their crooks Politicians’ Government and slow moving actions”

I opted to stop watching the TV news through CNN because I myself felt useless and helpless to my former Philippines. I am thinking that if I’m in the Philippines right now though my Hometown is in Cagayan De Oro City. I am thinking to gather a group, to gather some relief goods like the others did to hand them.

I’m sorry and pardon me, but I felt that the Philippine Government right now are dead too. For me the Philippine Government and the politicians are seems like the victims right now, and soon become dead too “grrrrrr”. The area of Tacloban Leyte is like a scenario of a movie scene ready for their ZOMBIE’s films.

Yes I know that the infrastructures in Tacloban are 90% dead. The roads are blocks; dead bodies are all over in the roads, causing the delayed deliveries of the relief goods. Then what’s the other Police Military’s doing there then? Just watching, standing, and guarding? Guarding for what? That no one can steal the relief goods?

Please Military army! Work your way to divide the survivors to follow your command to be on the line, or dividing them into family members. So you or the volunteers can hand them that relief goods easily without a fights. Those groups of army’s, cops, and volunteers should be divided, and should be given instructions to where and what to do like cleaning the roads, cleaning the bodies, and so.

Please at least show your leadership here Mr.President! Deliver your instructions to your groups and don’t just set, talk some nonsense, because you sounds like no wisdom of sympathy in front of the Television Sir. You look stupid, for me listening your words “Where is your immediate helps your talking about?”

I am a big fun of yours and like you so much. But this time you disappoint your people in the Philippines, us here, and me as well.

No enough trucks for this road? Then use the Helicopters, divide the groups to build a shelter for those unreachable victims in the remote area now and bring those relief goods to them. That’s simple to do I think!

There is no parking for these Helicopters? Then use a rope so the relief goods can released, and the volunteers can jump enough not to get hurt to the land. There are tons of ways, and theres tons of reason not to do so!

Please use the brain at this time, enough with “BS” and actions should be given and furnished the victims with your leadership.

Why not try to borrow the airplane of those Private business airlines in the Philippines? Like Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, and so, in return for a discounted Tax or free Tax or whatever! So that the survivor that wants to be out that affected area can go out, and reconcile their love ones who are in unaffected Islands in the Philippines.

Please do something work your brain. There are tons of Military’s army and Policeman’s in the country bring them to the affected areas and hand them you’re instructions. Don’t just wait the neighborhood countries, please do something to, this is the time of unity, and wisdom should exercise, not for stupidity, and laziness, and throwing tons of reason why cant reach this people.

I know your better than this Mr.President of the Philippines, please stand up raise your voice to your people because they will follow your instructions.

I know you’re tired and overwhelmed already to this unending tragedy in the Philippines. And I understand you a lot, but it’s no sense to me, it doesn’t makes sense why the mountain of donations, big amount from the thoughtful neighboring countries are seems like dead too. This donation’s should be now given in to the survivors, and not just seating somewhere else bank! Because very soon this will happen, that Billions of donations will goes to someone’s crooks politician’s bank account.

I believed that you are a good man; you are not like the other crocodile crooks politicians, that just dreaming for that enormous money, and the minute they found a little hole their ready to attack right away to steal that money were supposed to be the owner of that money are the Victims, the survivors, and the budget to stand again to reconstruct that affected areas.

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