I’m back after over a year without WordPress in my journal.:) How are you guys?

Hello guys,
I think a year pass by that I haven’t hand you some update about my status and what’s going on me for the past year. Pardon for my absence though it’s not an excuse but I lost my interest here in WordPress around that time!

Anyway I’m doing well and my husband as well, we are just both busy, both involved to this overwhelming paperwork’s that seems like aged us for over a year. But aside for that we’re strongly doing abundant thanks god. We we’re in States last May and had countless moments with my Sister in-law.

For now here are the photos that I’d like to share with you guys and soon my good news well revealed.

The Boat Hotel Matylda Restaurant. A weekend fine relaxing lunch with my boys.:)

The Boat Hotel Matylda Restaurant. A weekend fine relaxing lunch with my boys.:)

Botel-Matylda is another boat Restaurant here in +Prague and a +Hotel as well.
Many times that I passed by this hotel of +Vltava River but never got the chance to grasp inside.

Botel Boat Hotel

Botel Boat Hotel

The outdoors of the design is very intriguing, eyeful and convincing. Last weekend my husband and I went to the +Flea-Market shopping. Walking all the way to the sidewalk. Almost lunch so we opted to head right after shopping to our favorite boat restaurant the +Grosseto-Marina.
While walking that way I saw this Boat Hotel and saw people chewing down inside.

My husband thought “Exclusive for the guest service only” but instead of being skeptical I stroll inside and asked!
And yepp we ended up our 1st experienced of this +Boat-Hotel-Matylda restaurant that serves +Italian +Cuisine

Sweet lunch.:)

Sweet lunch.:)

The ambiance feels relaxed, breathing the cool breeze of the wind, the birds singing, swimming, the low motion of the boats are passing us through, the mountain view and the wonderful scene moments is just quite a harmony of mind while sitting in the +Anchored boat.

Scenic View:)

Scenic View:)

We are just right there next to the water with this stunning scenery.

We are just right there next to the water with this stunning scenery.

Heading out now.:)

Heading out now.:)


“Jenny’s Loss” The released of my second book series.:)

Cover Photo

Cover Photo

Grab your copy at http://www.amazon.com

Look for Lourdes Genovese to find this book

Could be download to this following gadgets

iPad, Kindle, Tab, iPhone, and LapTops.

Language: Tagalog Filipino




Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour:)

 Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour In photography, the “golden hour” is the first and last hour of sunlight of the day. For more related articles and more stunning photos about this Golden hour please click this link The Daily Post.

As you may notice the difference of the angle shots of this photos below are quite different! The first 3 photos are taken during my road trip inside my car in Yosemite National Park California October of last year. While the rest of the photos are taken inside the window plane during my flight to Davao city Philippines April of this year.:)

have fun y’all and happy monday.:)


Yosemite National Park CA, road trip:)


Yosemite National Park CA, road trip:)


This following photos below are the golden hour photos that I snapped during my flight heading to Davao City Philippines, and the best golden part of it is I’m with my dear lovely Mother with my beautiful 4year old niece.:)


A snapped shot inside the Plane through the window.:)


A snapped shot inside the Plane through the window.:)


A snapped shot inside the Plane through the window.:)


A snapped shot inside the Plane through the window.:)


My mom and Ashley my niece. They both fell asleep inside our flight heading to Davao city from CDO, and beautifully gorgeous while passing through the golden hour  of stunning beautiful sunset.:) 

I’m back now to my blogging routine!

Have a gorgeous monday folks,:)


New Pope of Roman Catholic Pope Francis the 1st.:)

Hello guys,

There is 1.2 Billion people who are Catholic in this world. To those 1.2 Billion crowds, I’m gloriously glad to say that I am one of those crowds. I grow up in one of a big Catholic country in the Philippines. Way back on my child stage, seeing Pope John Paul II become an inspiration for me. I reminisces the first scene I saw Pope John Paul II was on TV, and my heart is pounding with love and excitement, together with this anxiety inside of me, an anxiety of wanting to see him in the future personally.  After those I been praying for him! I made the engagement to myself that I will visit Rome Italy in the future when I’m capable enough to do so. But I was late, and he can’t wait me that more long, as I arrived in Rome March of 2007 were all I saw was his Tomb inside the Vatican.:(

Anyway enough with my drama. This afternoon around 5pm I been anxiously and patiently waiting live on Vatican news about the election of the new Pope. While watching I promptly snapping photos by doing the screen shot from my laptop and here’s the following photos guys.

Rain, Cold, and freezing But the crowds of people and even this lovely Seagull, are patiently waiting the White Smoke to comes-up.:)

Rain, Cold, and freezing. But the crowds of people and even this lovely Seagull, are patiently waiting the White Smoke to comes-up.:)

My husband and I longing to be in Vatican today, to witness the history of the Catholic Church New Pope.:)


Hundreds of crows are in the St.Peter's Square waiting for that spectacular White Smoke.:)

Hundreds of crowds in the St.Peter’s Square waiting for this spectacular White Smoke.:)

And finely the sign show-up:)

And finely the sign show-up:)

Meet the new leader of the Roman Catholic Church Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio 76 years old. His the 1st Pope outside from Europe for more than a Millennium. He put his life in a very effortless way! Being a Cardinal, he cook his own meal, and riding himself in bus sometimes in his home country. He took the Name of “POPE FRANCIS 1” His from this lovely Buenos Aires of Argentina, that surprised me of having only a 40% population Catholic.


Pope Francis 1 from Latin America Buenos

The New Leader of the Roman Catholic Church “Pope Francis the 1st”  from Latin America Argentina. The 1st Pope who are elected outside from Europe for over a Millennium.:)


Pope Francis 1 brought this hundreds of crowds live in Vatican.:)


A silence of prayers.:)

Asking the silence of prayers to the crowds! Before I Bless you, I will ask you to Bless me first to provide me the strength to be your New Pope.:)

Pope Francis 1, was the 2nd runner up of Pope Benedict XVI way back year 2005.:)

Pope Francis 1, was the 2nd runner-up of Pope Benedict XVI way back year 2005.:)

I am pleased with this result, and the media are doing great for bringing the news open to all the crowds who are interested of whats going on in this kind of matter. I am thankful also to the Vatican for letting us to witness this big glorified history in our Roman Catholic Church.:)

I pray for the new Pope Francis 1 health, and may God provide him the wisdom to follow the right direction to bring the Roman Catholic world to God into success without any hesitations and the evil act.:)

The above photos are not my property, they are a video footage from “CTV from Vatican TV” and with my effortless screen shot from my laptop I ended-up with those lovely emotional photos.:)

God Bless everyone,


♥Yen-Yen is Nominated as a “Beautiful Blogger Award” coolness♥

I would like to extend my Big Thank You to Reena reigns! for nominating me this award.:)

For the second time I distinguished an award again yehheeyy.:) I predicted that this is a blessing for my blogging journey here in “WordPress.” And to you my readers and my followers Thank You Very Much for composing my blogging journey here into a reality, as I convinced that without your support this page of mine is long become shallow, dull, and a big dead fish.

 In return to this blessing I would like to nominate all my followers here! I believe you all deserve this award too as much as I do.:)  But I’m sorry, this award requires 7 bloggers, so for those I nominated a big congratulations to all 7 of you.:) 

beautiful_blogger_awardThese are the following Requirements in Nominating your most “Beautiful Blogger Award!

  1. I’m a Filipino/American
  2.  Love’d food trip so much, but I always counts my calories “Hmpp CRAZY WEIRD?”
  3. I Love’d to travel from places to places, but I hate flying
  4. I Love’d to cook, but the Kitchen pots hates me
  5. I Love’d photography through nonsense to interesting scene’s
  6. I Love’d to hangout to a coffee shop by myself or with my friends
  7. Writing is the most highlighted part of my passion’s
  • Nominate seven bloggers and tell them about it.
  1. Mischie” @ http://mischievouseyez.wordpress.com 
  2. Christian Love Anne @  http://freedomborn.wordpress.com/2013/01/28/sausage-orphanage/
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  6. John” @ http://johncoyote.wordpress.com
  7. prosemachine” @ the curious traveler

Cheers and Congratulations Guys! And spread the award ♥♥♥:)

Have a Beautiful Blogging day,


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Fire


Hey guys, my blog today will be about Fire from Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. This is another challenge that I hardly give attention about Fire photography like my Walls challenge. So guys the following photos are my own Fire photography and the Video from my YouTube about the Traditional Czech witches burning.:) 



A night of Snowy WinterLand of Prague so my Husband and I opted to get warm next to the fireplace at the Pub.:)

A night of Snowy Winter land of Prague so my Husband and I opted to get warm next to the fireplace at the Pub.:)



Have a wonderful week y’all, and Thank you Cee Cee’s Photography


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Chef Gordon Ramsay @ his Restuarant London~~~:)


Chef Gordon Ramsay

Chef Gordon Ramsay

I’m back from my short holiday in London. It was an awesome experienced from food, things to do, and to things to see! On our first night in London we went to the most popular Chef today the Restaurant of Gordon Ramsay at Claridge’s Hotel London. We made our reservation a week early to make sure that will get a table. We did not stay at Claridge’s Hotel because the price per night is pretty much out of our budget as I think it start from “600£Pound” so we end-up staying at Crown Plaza hotel at St.James street which is affordable for our budget. From our Hotel to Claridge’s Hotel is about 6£ Taxi so that’s not bad at all, plus Crown Plaza is pretty much walking distance to Buckingham Palace, to the Big Ben, to the ferry cruise’s, and to the London Eye where the center of attractions are located. 

Before then I been following Chef Ramsay’s journey through his TV-shows so at least I could learn  his techniques and passions about the business. Because I have a plan of building my own business restaurant/Coffee shop in the future hopefully. So I put myself into searching about the business like the Managing process, the Food Menu, the Decor, the Building, What/Who your Target, Location, and more relevant issues in building business.

Chef Gordon Ransay's TV Show's:)

Chef Gordon Ramsay’s TV Show’s:)

So guys the following photos are my yummy experienced at Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurant in London.

The Bread is a complement.

The Bread is a complements. I Love the round bread but not much the other one because it’s kind of hard. When my husband asked me about the bread! I answered him that I’m hesitant to continue eating all the bread except the rounded one, because it’s kinda hard and it might break my 1 crown teeth hahahah!:) My Husband and I both have same dinner Menu except for deserts. The SCALLOPS? ohhh my it’s really YUMMY and I wish to eat 10pcs more of that YUMMYLICIOUS SCALLOPS.:)

The Beef Wellington? Ohh

The Beef Wellington? Ohh Boy it is mouth-watering yummy, the meat is very tender, the sauce is darn good, the baby beans cooked good. But the one I don’t like is the little Onion or is that Shallot? correct me if I’m wrong! I don’t like the taste and the green leafy vegetable is I don’t like the taste aswell. Now I don’t know if the Shallot and the Green Leafy grass should be eaten or just for a show on the plate! I don’t know! But so far the Beef Wellington is excellent and yummy delicious, and I can eat more too.:)

I Love the atmospher, the decors, and of course the friendly helpful Butlers.:)

I Love the atmosphere, the decor’s, and the friendly helpful Butlers are awesome.:)


Ready for deserts? 🙂

Soufflé for my Husband and Cold Valrhona chocolate fondant with poached cherry flambé

Soufflé for my Husband, and Cold Valrhona chocolate fondant with poached cherry flambé for me.:) I’m not much to my desert because it’s very sweet on my taste but surely it is yummy though, I just hope that the sweetness is not that much overwhelming according to my taste. And yeah I tasted my husband Soufflé and I almost wanted to order one more.:)

I Love yummy Complements:)

I Love it yummy Complements:)

It's all worthy and yeah if you'd ask me if I'd go back again? YES I will go back again.:)

It’s all worthy, and yeah if you’d ask me if I’d go back again? YES I will go back again.:)

Claridge's Hotel at London.:)

Claridge’s Hotel at London.:)

The experienced was overwhelming good from food which is exquisite, to service which is excellent, and I like the fact that they let you know the cooking time process like how much time you have to wait in-order to deliver your meal! You think you’ll get bored on waiting your order? NOPE! because complements is there to the rescue like bread, the Chef soup, and more bread.The best thing I like having my dinner at a fancy dinning is that it made me calm,  just to enjoy having fun talking with my man, slowly sipping my wine glass, and nothing else to think about but to talk plan for tomorrow, and to enjoy the meal that night.:) 

Again guys if you’d ever planning to visit London! I myself highly recommend you to visit Chef Gordon Ramsay restaurant at Claridge’s Hotel.:)

Have a good weekend and a Happy Romantic dinning you all,


I can’t believed this, I mean, really this still exist at this kind of age? I don’t know! But I know from my heart there are stuffs like this in this part of our existence that this still exist, and the community of that particular Tribes are supporting this kind of Traditions.
I’m not saying that this is a wrong doing because a Tradition is a Tradition for them to follow, and must to execute. But I can’t force myself to follow or to till them to continue nor to stop it! Not because that I’m not on favor of it, but because I believed that it is not safe for their health. Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it is good for their health!

Am I hypocrites for this? I don’t know! I think I’m on the stumbling stage right now. It shocked me that “Wow this really exist?”

Are this kind of Tribe’s needs more special education to help them develop and teach them the way we believed who are now in the Stage of Modern Society? Or we are the one to be on their part? as our Modern Society right now is screwed up too! 

Yeah one thing comes-up to my mind is that “I feel my heart for the Kids” now does the parent’s feel their Kids too? off course YES, as what I believed.:)

But for me I can’t imagine to hurt myself nor my children by marking those painful marks to our body. Maybe it’s not painful for them? I don’t know! But if that’s the way of their Tradition, then I don’t know what to say then! I just feel the pain for them which for me is not RIGHT.

I don’t know what else to say… Maybe you have words to say? One thing for sure for me that I much more realized how lucky I am. Are they not Lucky because of their Traditions? Who knows we dont know and I don’t know aswell. Maybe they think the same way I think, that maybe their Lucky than me nor you! Who knows!

Have a peaceful weekend everyone,



Last fall I had the chance to fulfill my one of my long-held dreams to visit the Omo valley and spend time with its remaining tribes.  The Omo valley is in the Southern part of Ethiopia and the lack of roads and infrastructure in the area makes it very difficult to reach and to explore.  Staying at two different camps over two weeks, seven of us were able to meet with four of the sixteen or so different tribal groups found in the region.  We spent time with members of the Surma (also called Suri) tribe, the Kara (Karo) tribe and their archenemies the Nyagathom and finally we had a brief but colorful encounter with the Hamar, one of the largest tribal groups in the area.  Two weeks was obviously not enough time to understand the richness of these vanishing cultures, but I got a few insights and a few…

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Daily Prompt: Quote Me! My 3-favorite Quote’s in life:)

Todays Quote is like this, ” Do you have a favorite quote that you return to again and again? What is it, and why does it move you?

From the daily post article.


My answer is: Yes I do have the Quotes that keep on bumping to my narrow brain. And they are my favorite QUOTE’s ever.

They are the following.

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’ll gonna get” 

By: Forrest Gump Movie words from Tom Hanks.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJh59vZ8ccc

"Life is Like a Box of Chocolates, you never know what you'll gonna get"

“Life is Like a Box of Chocolates, you never know what you’ll gonna get”  Why? Because life is full of surprises in different scenarios, in anytime, and in any aspects of our lives. From a tearful events to a Joyful one.:)

“Innocent act Guilty and the Guilty act Innocent” From a Retired Police Officer.


Washington DC National Law Enforcement Of Officers Memorial. Why? Because even myself been in this situation. Before I become a citizen of United States every time I travel to a different countries I always have this conscience feelings, that the Immigration officer in the Airport would not allow me to travel. Because I have a fake documents, even though I know to myself that everything I have are real and documented. But because of the thousands stories about having a fake documents of the other Nationalities specially to my former country the Philippines, it always marked to my mind that the Immigration Officer in the Airport are very tight to me holding the Filipino Passport, and even now that I’m holding a USA Passport still I felt the same feelings, though theres nothing to worry.

A Tearful emotion day!“Everyday is a Fashion Show and the world is your Runway. So always Dress your Best and Walk with Confidence” From: The No.105 the rule of a Lady.

There's nothing wrong to be look good. The most relevant is that you keep yourself who you are, and you keep yourself relevant in a way that you can receive respect with others eyes.:)

There’s nothing wrong to be look good. The most relevant is that you keep yourself who you are, and you keep yourself relevant in a way that you can receive respect with others eyes.:)

No:105 Lady Rule:)

No:105 The Rule of a Lady:) Why? Because accept it or not life is like this! We are in this world that our lives competes with different angle of scenarios. It’s not that we have to be look sophisticated everyday but instead to be who we are, and with those we shall live our existence to the fullest without hurting someone.:)

Whats your Quote?

Best Regards,


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