♥The Phantom of the Opera @ London♥

DSC_3708It was late fall season of year 2008 New York city when my first theater scene “Phantom of the Opera” was in my eyesight. But ashamed to admit that I was on dead sleep the entire scene! We traveled from Saudi Arabia, stop over to Abu Dhabi airport for few hrs. All of the sudden the airport declared a delay that ended up over 20hrs stuck in Abu Dhabi because of the ‘FOG.” YES JUST THE FOG!

The anxiety, tiredness, and feeling cranky is kind of overwhelming inside of me those moments. The next day late morning the airline staffs hand us another bad news again that our airplane going to NYC encountered a technical errors, and the only way for us to get NY, is to stop over at Heathrow airport because there they can give us the  available seats to NY. We landed UK time about 9pm I think, and we thought that will gonna get the plane that night right away but we’re all wrong because the airline brought us to the hotel to sleep that night, our flight will be the next morning. WHAT? Now we’re freaking’ delayed to our activities in NY, my husband’s words!

When we’re in the plane flying to NY the next day, my husband told me that his fancy surprised dinner, surprised horse ride, and surprised welcome cake for my first America trip just disappeared. And the only one left is his surprised theater, hoping we won’t get delayed again. 

We landed 2pm NY time, and the worst scenario striked again. Our checked in luggage never made to NYC. Ohh boy what a lucky trip huh! We run to our hotel, and went shopping for clothes, shoes, and winter coats. Around 7pm same day we went to the theater scene at times square. It was pretty awesome when I saw the sittings inside, people wearing nice dresses. Then after that I don’t remember anything at all, coz all I can recalled was I’m already on my dream-land when the music start that time, so with my husband, we do both snoring that “Phantom of the Opera” at NYC.:)

The following photos are my 2nd Phantom of the Opera were I successfully finished watching without snoring, and not in NYC but in London January of 2013.


Inside the theater.:)

Inside the theater. I can’t believed that I’m gonna see it again this time! My sweet husband surprised me again, and this time we’re both wide awake.:)



Finely I finished it without snoring, coolness.:)

Finely I finished it without snoring, coolness.:) After the theater we opted to roam  around as the night is still young. Here’s another lovely night scene in this area of London.



They said this area is called the "New York city square":)

They said this area is called the “New York city times square”:)

The Square:)

The Times Square:)

Happy New Year to all Chiness citizens and friends.:)

Happy New Year to all Chinese citizens and friends.:)


While walking enjoying around, we found this what they called “Chinatown in London”




Our sweet night ends with Love, mesmerizing our first Phantom of the Opera back in year 2008 at NYC.:)

All I Ask of You is to have a lovely night guys,



Chef Gordon Ramsay @ his Restuarant London~~~:)


Chef Gordon Ramsay

Chef Gordon Ramsay

I’m back from my short holiday in London. It was an awesome experienced from food, things to do, and to things to see! On our first night in London we went to the most popular Chef today the Restaurant of Gordon Ramsay at Claridge’s Hotel London. We made our reservation a week early to make sure that will get a table. We did not stay at Claridge’s Hotel because the price per night is pretty much out of our budget as I think it start from “600£Pound” so we end-up staying at Crown Plaza hotel at St.James street which is affordable for our budget. From our Hotel to Claridge’s Hotel is about 6£ Taxi so that’s not bad at all, plus Crown Plaza is pretty much walking distance to Buckingham Palace, to the Big Ben, to the ferry cruise’s, and to the London Eye where the center of attractions are located. 

Before then I been following Chef Ramsay’s journey through his TV-shows so at least I could learn  his techniques and passions about the business. Because I have a plan of building my own business restaurant/Coffee shop in the future hopefully. So I put myself into searching about the business like the Managing process, the Food Menu, the Decor, the Building, What/Who your Target, Location, and more relevant issues in building business.

Chef Gordon Ransay's TV Show's:)

Chef Gordon Ramsay’s TV Show’s:)

So guys the following photos are my yummy experienced at Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurant in London.

The Bread is a complement.

The Bread is a complements. I Love the round bread but not much the other one because it’s kind of hard. When my husband asked me about the bread! I answered him that I’m hesitant to continue eating all the bread except the rounded one, because it’s kinda hard and it might break my 1 crown teeth hahahah!:) My Husband and I both have same dinner Menu except for deserts. The SCALLOPS? ohhh my it’s really YUMMY and I wish to eat 10pcs more of that YUMMYLICIOUS SCALLOPS.:)

The Beef Wellington? Ohh

The Beef Wellington? Ohh Boy it is mouth-watering yummy, the meat is very tender, the sauce is darn good, the baby beans cooked good. But the one I don’t like is the little Onion or is that Shallot? correct me if I’m wrong! I don’t like the taste and the green leafy vegetable is I don’t like the taste aswell. Now I don’t know if the Shallot and the Green Leafy grass should be eaten or just for a show on the plate! I don’t know! But so far the Beef Wellington is excellent and yummy delicious, and I can eat more too.:)

I Love the atmospher, the decors, and of course the friendly helpful Butlers.:)

I Love the atmosphere, the decor’s, and the friendly helpful Butlers are awesome.:)


Ready for deserts? 🙂

Soufflé for my Husband and Cold Valrhona chocolate fondant with poached cherry flambé

Soufflé for my Husband, and Cold Valrhona chocolate fondant with poached cherry flambé for me.:) I’m not much to my desert because it’s very sweet on my taste but surely it is yummy though, I just hope that the sweetness is not that much overwhelming according to my taste. And yeah I tasted my husband Soufflé and I almost wanted to order one more.:)

I Love yummy Complements:)

I Love it yummy Complements:)

It's all worthy and yeah if you'd ask me if I'd go back again? YES I will go back again.:)

It’s all worthy, and yeah if you’d ask me if I’d go back again? YES I will go back again.:)

Claridge's Hotel at London.:)

Claridge’s Hotel at London.:)

The experienced was overwhelming good from food which is exquisite, to service which is excellent, and I like the fact that they let you know the cooking time process like how much time you have to wait in-order to deliver your meal! You think you’ll get bored on waiting your order? NOPE! because complements is there to the rescue like bread, the Chef soup, and more bread.The best thing I like having my dinner at a fancy dinning is that it made me calm,  just to enjoy having fun talking with my man, slowly sipping my wine glass, and nothing else to think about but to talk plan for tomorrow, and to enjoy the meal that night.:) 

Again guys if you’d ever planning to visit London! I myself highly recommend you to visit Chef Gordon Ramsay restaurant at Claridge’s Hotel.:)

Have a good weekend and a Happy Romantic dinning you all,


Writing Challenge: Map It Out


The Daily PostWriting Challenge: Map It Out is about writing a story to Map our life from place to place. This is an Interesting challenge that appreciate us how internet surfing became  a big help especially for those travelers out there. Unfamiliar places or country is just a simple click away from your computer like going to google.com  maps and the information and  direction of our interest will be ours.

The following google maps photos are the story of my traveling around this globe. Started from Asia, to the Middle East, to Europe, to the United States, and now I’m back currently living in Europe.

So guys have fun and I’m wishing everyone’s a happy, happy google maps life.:)

I know a lot of you know where the Philippines is, and in this google map photo is where I started my feet.

CDO Philippines. My Hometown where I born and raised.:)

CDO Philippines. My Hometown where I born and raised.:)

http://walkandeat.blogspot.cz/2012/10/the-night-market-at-plaza-divisoria.html This Photo is the daily basis scenario in the City of Cagayan De Oro. From Vendors to Vendors. This Photo is not mine this is a blog courtesy from this link http://walkandeat.blogspot.cz/2012/10/the-night-market-at-plaza-divisoria.html

After my Weeding the day my Husband and I flow to Hong Kong. It was my first International trip, or shall I say my first scenario outside the land of the Philippines.:)


Hong Kong is my 1st International trip outside the land of Philippines, during my Weeding Honeymoon June of 2006.:)

© Photos from my Weeding Honeymoon at HK.:)

© Photos from my Weeding Honeymoon at HK.:) June of 2008 my husband and I came back here in HK with my Mom, and my Sister.:)

My second International trip Macau June 2006.:)

My second International trip Macau June 2006.:) After roaming the nearby City of Hong Kong we rode the boat heading to Macau. I thought HK and Macau is on the same Immigration country but I’m wrong. Because when we inter Macau the Immigration officer checked my Philippine passport and I was given only a 9days Visa  to stay in Macau, while in HK I got 29days Visa. My Husband as American citizen was allowed to stay till 6months in HK, and 3months in Macau. What serious?

KIngdom of Saudi Arabia Middle East. August 2006-November 2009.

KIngdom of Saudi Arabia Middle East.
August 2006-November 2009.

August of 2006 2 months after my weeding I joined my Husband journey for his job to KSA Kingdom of Saudi Arabia city of Jeddah. I stayed there till November of 2009.

Sunset at the Jeddah RED SEA, Giant fish, Dessert soil of Jeddah, and the Riyadh shot KSA.

Sunset at the Jeddah RED SEA, Statue of the Giant fish , Dessert soil of Jeddah, and the Riyadh pose KSA.

This is an "ABAYA BLACK DRESS" that woman must wear when in the Land of KINGDOM of SAUDI ARABIA.

This is an “ABAYA BLACK DRESS” that woman must wear when in the Land of the territory KINGDOM of SAUDI ARABIA. MUST FOLLOW THE RULES or else the JAIL will be your next bed!In February of 2007 my Husband surprised me to a European Birthday trip of mine. Our First trip was in Paris, followed by Switzerland, Germany, and the last trip was in Italy.:)

France Paris the 4th country that I visited 2007. Erupean Birthday Trip.

France Paris the 4th country that I visited 2007. European Birthday Trip.


Paris Photos European Birthday trip 2007.:)

Geneva Switzerland 2007.:)

Geneva Switzerland 2007.:) The fifth country that I Visited.:)

Munich, Germany 2007:)

Munich, Germany 2007:) The Six country that I Visited:)

Italy Rome 2007. A GOAL of mine was ACCOMPLISHED. )

Italy Rome 2007. A GOAL of mine was ACCOMPLISHED.:) The 7th Country that I Visited.:)Italy Rome 2007. My GOAL ACCOMPLISHED at this moment.:)

2nd Weeding Anniversary June 2008. Singapore.:)

2nd Weeding Anniversary June 2008. Singapore.:) The 8th country that I visited in Asia.

2nd year weeding Anniversary SIngapore 2008.:)

2nd year weeding Anniversary Singapore 2008.:) The 8th country that I visited in Asia.

   October of 2008 I intered the country of United States of America.

United States of America 2008. The 8th Contry that

Finely the 9th Country that I Visited was the Country of my Husband the United States of America 2008.

In this USA 2008 trip I also flow and visited this following States.

  1. State of New York
New York 2008:)

New York 2008:)

Statue of Liberty in the busy New York City USA 2008:)

Statue of Liberty in the busy New York City USA 2008:)

2. State of Connecticut

Hartford Connecticut 2008:)

Hartford Connecticut 2008, where I met the beautiful people who welcomed me with warmed Love, my second Family:)

I saw the beautiful Sate of CT that full of Love, awesome Sceneries, and my  Lovely family that become my Loving one.:)

I saw the beautiful Sate of CT that full of Love, awesome scenarios, and my Lovely family that become my Loving one.:) Yes I finely rode that Hot Air Balloon, The Sleeping Giant Castle, the view of New Heaven, and the first light house I ever seen at  Mystic Seaport.:)

3. State Lasvigas

Lasvigas Nevada 2008:)

Lasvigas Nevada 2008:) 

The Dancing Fountain at Lasvigas 2008.:)

The Dancing Fountain at Lasvigas 2008.:)

 4. State of Arizona

Grand Canyon Arizona 2008

Grand Canyon Arizona 2008

Grand canyo Adventure 2008. The spectacular views blows me a lot. This country is really Blessed.:)

Grand canyon Adventure 2008. The spectacular views blows me a lot. This country is really Blessed.:)

5. State of Wyoming

Wyoming, United States 2008:)

Wyoming, United States 2008:)

Wyoming 2008 where the kingdom of the WILD ANIMALS EXIST.:)

Wyoming 2008 where the kingdom of the WILD ANIMALS EXIST.:)

Massachusetts 2011

Massachusetts 2011

New Hampshire and Vermo

States of New Hampshire and Vermont 2011.

March of 2012 I visited Washington, DC the Capital city of United States for my US Citizenship.

March of 2012 I visited Washington, DC the Capital city of United States.

State of Fairfax, Virginia

City of Fairfax, Virginia March 2012 trip for my Oath Citizenship

The last trip I took last year 2012 of October was spending 1month at California.

The last trip I took last year 2012 of October was spending 1 month vacation at California.

Niagara Falls, ON, Canada 2011.:)

Niagara Falls, ON, Canada 2011.:) 

June of 2009 my husband and I flow to Bangkok Thailand for our 3rd Weeding Anniversary.:)

Bangkok Thailand 2009

Bangkok Thailand 2009. The 10th Country that I visited in Asia.

Bangkok Thailand 2009:)

Bangkok Thailand 2009:)

Tbilisi, Georgia Febuary 2012.

Tbilisi, Georgia Febuary 2012. The 13th Country that I visited.

And now I’m here back in Europe currently living in the Country of Czech Republic since November of 2009.

Czech Republic Europe 2009-2013

Czech Republic Europe 2009-2013 The 12th Country that I visited and now currently living here.:)

Czech Republic "Prague Castle":)

Czech Republic “Prague Castle”:)

Thank you guys for following this Map of my life, my Travel photos from Asia where I started the Philippines which is my ancestors from, to Middle East, To Europe, and to United States where is my new Country now, and here I am currently living back in Europe.:)

Keep up our Map moving, your Map! And of course have fun the different cultures and traditions of this globe.:)


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 Maria Grosholtz Born in 1761 known as Madame Tussauds.Her imagination, and concept brought her become known to her success career.:)

Maria Grosholtz Born in 1761 known as Madame Tussauds.
Her imagination, and concept brought her become known to her success career.:)

A Concept of an Sculpture!@Madame Tussauds LA CA

A Concept of an Sculpture!
@Madame Tussauds LA CA

Yes I love his movies so much.:) @Madame Tussauds CA

Yes I love his movies so much.:) @Madame Tussauds CA

I hate this concept at all! Im short in height and I hate that this concept comes across....

I hate this concept at all! Im short in height and I hate that this concept comes across….

Los Angeles California Griffith Observatory!A concept of how the planet looks be.

Los Angeles California Griffith Observatory!
A concept of how the planet looks be.

I just love their concept of showing the audience that our planets is relevant to take care off.:)

I just love their concept of showing the audience that our planets is relevant to take care off.:) @Grifith Observatory

Can you read the concept?

Can you read the concept? @Grifith Observatory

Before building Griffith Observatory the concept and goal is the main purpose. The Observatory was build on top facing the Hollywood mountain sign, and viewing downtown LA.:)

Before building Griffith Observatory the concept and goal is the main purpose.
The Observatory was build on top facing the Hollywood mountain sign, and viewing downtown LA.:)

Just happen that this wall painted colorful stuffs caught my eye. Cool huh?@BeverlyHills CA

Just happen that this concept of a wall painted colorful stuffs caught my eye. Cool huh?   @BeverlyHills CA


Weekly Sunday Post

Weekly Sunday Post

The above photos are all in Los Angeles California early November last month as part of my california great escapes. Hopefully my photos can brought you the idea of this sunday post topic called CONCEPT!

For more CONCEPT reviews and ideas please visit this link of Jake.


Please visit the following link about Concept!

http://restlessjo.wordpress.com/2012/12/12/sunday-post-concept/Have a

Blissful week y’all,

Blogger Yen-Yen

SUNDAY POST: Architecture

Hearst Castle was designed by Architect Julia Morgan.

The Hearst Castle was owned by William Randolph Hearst, an American newspaper publisher.

The exterior Architect


Inside Hearst Castle! The stuffs inside like furnitures are early 1920’s old! The Gothic design was the Hearst most favorite design as the tour guide said.

Hearst Castle living room Ceiling.

An Egyptian architect design!

The Hearst Castle has many different architect design and mostly from European style, Egypt, Roman design, and more.

I noticed in the Hearst castle there’s a lot of naked statue in there!

Hearst Castle outdoor swimming pool and it’s huge enough for the wedding reception I guest!

Hearst Castle Indoor swimming pool Roman architect design!

How’s everyone doing here?

You know that Thanksgiving is just around the corner, do you have plan already? Like what to cook?  How to fix-up our dinner table? But know what? Whatever it is, the most relevant is just to be with our family on that day, celebrating our each blessings for this year is what it counts.:)

This Architecture photos above was in Hearst Castle at Central Coast California. I got those photos above during my holiday there and part of my list is to visit the Castle. It was a fascinating point of view during the days of Hearst family. The castle was enormous, has an interesting design by different cultures and country. One thing I perceived was the interior that has different sorts of Catholic stuffs, though Mr. William Hearst is not a Catholic! I also perceived that the Interior was mostly a Gothic style.

Land area was enormous too, surrounded by palm trees, beautiful landscape, and beautiful wild animals from the zoo of the Hearst family. That becomes wild after turning the castle to the Central Coast of California National park.

Have a Blessed week guys God Bless.:)

For more info about this  SUNDAY POST: Architecture please visit this following link!



Wonderful “Gray Whale” Santa Barbara Californian

Whale watching in Santa Barbara California October 2012.:)

For more Wonderful topic please visit this site http://jakesprinters.wordpress.com/2012/11/03/sunday-post-wonderful/

“Hello from Oscar, the Gray Whales”

Hello guys,

Hope things with y’all are in good shape. I fondled sad about this “Hurricane Sandy” that bumped New York, and through those neighborhood country. I’m just glad that our family around Up-state NY and CT are in good shape. But I felt sorry for those affected one!:( my prayers remain to the affected location!

I’m still here in California enjoying our remaining week! I would like to share one of my top highlights in this vacation of mine! We stop by this cute little Santa Barbara Central coast for 4days before bumping to the “Big Sur!” The minute I saw the scenario, I knew I would be easy to full in-love the place.:) The walkway of the shopping street, not crowded, the restaurants, the pier, the harbor, the beach walk, the smell of the ocean, the food, the people, and plus the Whales are there too just chilling! It’s just unbreakable feeling for me.:)

I said to my husband that I would love to encounter “Whale Watching” again! My first whale watching was in Boston last year of this month, and those are awesome. And again it marked to my little brain that whale watching is lovely awesome to encounter again this time as the weather is pretty good, and I would love to do it over, and over again.:)

“Gray Whales blowing” Back to back with 2 whales awesome.:)

A school of Dolphins. It completed our day when all of us saw this tons of Dolphins next to our boat, it’s freakin awesome! I fondled this thought that we are so lucky to see God’s magic.:)

Gray Whales.
chikawithyeneyes.wordpress.com photography

Wonderful tale.:) I been thrilled with this whale tale:)

We are lucky to see the Whales, the dolphins, the sea lions, different type of birds, and now the captain showed us the Channel Islands where most of the mammals love to chill. The money we pay is pretty much worth paying for.:)

Wonderful scene.:) I called it it Tunnel Island at Channel Island.:)

Pelicans birds! Do you like this type of birds?

Sea Lions:) aren’t they cute?

The 2 whales are just resting! And yes they sleep but half of their brains only as they need to breath out of the water every now and then.:) And they eat about 23pounds of fish during the day…..:)

Please if you have any question about Santa Barbara California, please don’t hesitate to ask me, as I’m willing to answer as I can! And again please keep my page going by stopping by, your like or more your comments is my reason why I extend my passion of writings.

Expect more update about my California trip as I’m driving through Los-Angeles to Central coast California! Have you heard this following places? like Cayucos, Morro Bay, San Simeon where Hearst Castle is, Santa Cruz, The Golden gate, and the mouth watering scenario of Yosemite National park? will if not! my next article will be them.

A Blissful day darling,


Central Coast California

Hey folks,

I am here in California right this minute enjoying the Beautiful weather, gorgeous scenery, friendly people, and the yummy “Clam chowder.”:) I arrived here about 9days ago and stay here till November.

I found central Coast California very relaxing and comfortable zone for me! So far I’m loving this trip.:)

I have trouble uploading multiple photos here in my IPad, so Ill do that when I get back to my normal routine next month. I chose to upload this photo scenery by the beach for those who misses the ocean like I do!

have a blissful week,






Hey folks,

How y’all doing? I hope y’all are in good shape.:)

Finely I drag myself into writing today and this topic caught my attention. Last month my better half and I are in States, as you know if you do read my recent article! The reason why we took the unplanned vacation is because of my US Naturalization schedule which brought as into success, and accomplished everything while were there.:)

Anyway were in Washington DC where my man itching to go for the fact that he wants to visit the Law Enforcement Officers Memorial to see his friends name on the wall, and to curve each name of them. My man is a cop for 20 years so his very into it most of the time.:) Few of my husband fiend’s, co-officer, and partner died in the line of duty that made my husband emotions down, and brought him to tears. Some times I say to him to get over it and move on! He said he was over the friendship pain! But sometimes when you think about how they work together risking their lives to this BAD SOUL people, drug dealer and serial killer is just hilarious and how dangerous it is! Then by just a gun bullet from bad people my husband friend’s lost their lives and left with their family and kids at early stage.:(

My husband considered himself very blissful and lucky enough to survive though he should also be killed during those uncertain scenarios together with his partners during the attacked. Were I thank God father for saving my husband for me or else I’m not gonna meet him.:)  When my husband started to curved the one name of his friend, I tried to laugh not because of what his doing but because I saw his face crunching and the tears slowly and slowly falling, which I always says my husband very cute when he cry “lol” then my husband laughing while crying his not crazy OKAY! He told me that one day during the trial case of his friend in the court as his one of the witness, a 5year old daughter of his friend who got killed says “mommy why that man killed my daddy?” then all of the sudden the court house went silence staring hard to the serial killer, and people’s eyes inside the court room went to tears, while my husband wanting to kill his partner’s killer! But things happen already and all they can do is to put the killer to jail for life sentence.

It’s just sad to think that a fellowman, friends, love ones, died in the hand of a BAD SOUL who does nothing but to support and fight his fellowman rights.:)

President.Abraham Lincoln died in Ford’s Theater by the assassination of a BAD SOUL. President Lincoln who does nothing but to fight his country, and provide the human rights   in equal by giving freedom of the slaves during the Civil War of the United States of America.

Have a Blissful week folk’s,


~~Georgia Tbilisi~~:)

Ahhh–ohhhh I almost forgot my way here I think! hmmppp I’m in trouble I can see it!
Anyway guys pardon me for being such a distance the past month I think:( I been through a lot, from disappointment to now the success. Right now I’m here in the land of my new beautiful nation, my new lovely country the land of everything for me, the United States of America. Why I’m here? I’ll let you later on my next blog.
How are you guys? hows things here? I know I miss a lot, and I’m just having trouble to get things into shape the past mont but now I feel good with my lucrative news and that would be reveal in my next article.

I give my gorgeous husband a break after a few hours in shopping mall, so his sleeping right now snoring, and probably dreaming of a huge fat SALAMI:) other than shopping which for him is the most boring un-iniresting way! but you know woman’s loves shopping… And if you say that you don’t like shopping as a woman! then I think you have to think it again my friend.:)

Anyway a little over a mont ago my husband and I went to Tbilisi Georgia, it’s not because of vacation but because of a business trip for him. My husband asked me if I would like to go with him! I thought it is in Georgia USA but I’m dead wrong because it is between Turkey and Russia, and I said why not I would love to escape Prague for a week and look forward to the new culture.

The Following photos are in Georgia Tbilisi, so folks have fun.:)

Tbilisi town of Georgia.

A side walkway, next is an ongoing rebuilding.

A photo from above of our hotel.

I must admit that their food are mouth watering, t may look funny sometimes but once you've taste it, it is yummy baby.:)

looks funny but tasted good:)

"Freedom Square" for my few days of stay in Tbilisi I've learned a few intiresting stuffs. Like I found out that Georgia was under by persian decades of decades ago, so the King of Georgia asked helped by Russian to fight the Persian, and when Georgian got their freedom from Persian, Russian took over the country of Georgia and they are on war up till year 2006.

Night scene

It reminds me of Philippines that seems like every sidewalk has a sidewalk vendors.

I have problem in Georgia, I have trouble crossing the streets because I hardly see a crosswalk, but to go the underground which I'm kind of not like it.

Government office

one night when my husband and I went to a Restaurant, a boy maybe about 10 years old asking for money. so my husband hand him a few coins, and then all of the sudden a school of kids came by and started to tie their hands next to my husband and mine both legs, grabbed my husband hands for him not to walk right way, and the little girl hold tight my hands, one hand started to hold my hand-bag. It's just unbelievable and it's shocking for me at those point.

about 500yrs old of Sanctuary Georgia, amazing:)

Tons of damage that need to rebuild again, and now Georgian are trying to move and restore everything they can.

Lets go back to food.:)

They cooked your bread just next where you can see them, awesome:)

I recommend this side caffe they are really good and the price is reasonable.

The caffe that has a yummy dessert, breakfast to offer:)

Theres a soup inside and its really tasted good if I spell it right i think it is called "Khinkali"?

I have more photos to provide you guys about Tbilisi Georgia and I promise I will do more in the next time.:)

Again I hope you folks have a wonderful weekend with romance of course, and see you soon God Bless y’all xxxx:)

Blogger Yen2x:)

A Fabulous adventure to Jackson hole Wyoming USA:)

Hello folks,
While at work it came to my mind about my 1st trip to USA. I do love, enjoyed so much my 1st trip to USA and I’m thinking to share few photos of you guy’s.

The following photos are taken early Fall season of year 2008. We first visit New York city, Connecticut New York, Nevada, Arizona then Jackson hole Wyoming. It was my first adventure with the wild Animals and the huge area of land. I do love to go back the place of Wyoming just to venture more and for me it is a great escape from a busy noisy cities.:)

The entire time in Wyoming, I was longing to see a wild Bear, Fox, or more wild Animals. But it never happen! so all I can say “will see next time who knows will have the opportunity again to visit the beautiful Jackson hole Wyoming.”

Better Luck next time for this wild Bear,
Bloggeryenyen 🙂

ahhhh it figures my ear feel something!

"Theres always a rainbow after the rain" Like a trials of our life at the end we found the solution of our each problem.:)

This is my funny Favorite photo. I feelt afraid the time I took this picture because thinking that it's in the road and very close-by to our car! The result the nose of my husband with the big Buffalo!:)

My Husband and I are in the car driving while this came up in the side of the road.:)

Lets play the hot water hehehehe

20ft of water eruption.

Wild Buffalo's

Buffalo's at the Geyser

A wild deers roaming around

An school of Elks

A lonely Elk

Buffalos Skeleton! I feel sorry but it is what it is:(

You can drive all the way and still you seen the huge huge farm land of USA.:)