Dead Government and Dead Leadership in the Philippines!

It’s been 5 days already since the Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) left the Philippines with overwhelming pain, agony, frustrations, and with footmarks of hundreds deaths. Watching the survivors, shouting for a little hope of food, shelter, and medicines, made my heart smashed into pieces. How much more to those affected families?

“People outlived from the Typhoon Haiyan, but they rather wants to die during those Typhoon than to perceive and gradually dyeing because of no FOOD, no HELP from their crooks Politicians’ Government and slow moving actions”

I opted to stop watching the TV news through CNN because I myself felt useless and helpless to my former Philippines. I am thinking that if I’m in the Philippines right now though my Hometown is in Cagayan De Oro City. I am thinking to gather a group, to gather some relief goods like the others did to hand them.

I’m sorry and pardon me, but I felt that the Philippine Government right now are dead too. For me the Philippine Government and the politicians are seems like the victims right now, and soon become dead too “grrrrrr”. The area of Tacloban Leyte is like a scenario of a movie scene ready for their ZOMBIE’s films.

Yes I know that the infrastructures in Tacloban are 90% dead. The roads are blocks; dead bodies are all over in the roads, causing the delayed deliveries of the relief goods. Then what’s the other Police Military’s doing there then? Just watching, standing, and guarding? Guarding for what? That no one can steal the relief goods?

Please Military army! Work your way to divide the survivors to follow your command to be on the line, or dividing them into family members. So you or the volunteers can hand them that relief goods easily without a fights. Those groups of army’s, cops, and volunteers should be divided, and should be given instructions to where and what to do like cleaning the roads, cleaning the bodies, and so.

Please at least show your leadership here Mr.President! Deliver your instructions to your groups and don’t just set, talk some nonsense, because you sounds like no wisdom of sympathy in front of the Television Sir. You look stupid, for me listening your words “Where is your immediate helps your talking about?”

I am a big fun of yours and like you so much. But this time you disappoint your people in the Philippines, us here, and me as well.

No enough trucks for this road? Then use the Helicopters, divide the groups to build a shelter for those unreachable victims in the remote area now and bring those relief goods to them. That’s simple to do I think!

There is no parking for these Helicopters? Then use a rope so the relief goods can released, and the volunteers can jump enough not to get hurt to the land. There are tons of ways, and theres tons of reason not to do so!

Please use the brain at this time, enough with “BS” and actions should be given and furnished the victims with your leadership.

Why not try to borrow the airplane of those Private business airlines in the Philippines? Like Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, and so, in return for a discounted Tax or free Tax or whatever! So that the survivor that wants to be out that affected area can go out, and reconcile their love ones who are in unaffected Islands in the Philippines.

Please do something work your brain. There are tons of Military’s army and Policeman’s in the country bring them to the affected areas and hand them you’re instructions. Don’t just wait the neighborhood countries, please do something to, this is the time of unity, and wisdom should exercise, not for stupidity, and laziness, and throwing tons of reason why cant reach this people.

I know your better than this Mr.President of the Philippines, please stand up raise your voice to your people because they will follow your instructions.

I know you’re tired and overwhelmed already to this unending tragedy in the Philippines. And I understand you a lot, but it’s no sense to me, it doesn’t makes sense why the mountain of donations, big amount from the thoughtful neighboring countries are seems like dead too. This donation’s should be now given in to the survivors, and not just seating somewhere else bank! Because very soon this will happen, that Billions of donations will goes to someone’s crooks politician’s bank account.

I believed that you are a good man; you are not like the other crocodile crooks politicians, that just dreaming for that enormous money, and the minute they found a little hole their ready to attack right away to steal that money were supposed to be the owner of that money are the Victims, the survivors, and the budget to stand again to reconstruct that affected areas.

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 4.57.28 PM


I’m officially an Author now titled “JENNY”

Hey friends,

I have good news for you all.:) It is about my 1st book being published! And yes I am so thrilled since I found out yesterday that my 1st novel is approved and published through I been working on this book since March of this year and it’s ON- and OFF, and thinking that I won’t be able to publish it because of my “too many unreasonable reasons”

But here we go, I finely dug deep and did the publication last Monday and was approved yesterday by It made me proud of myself that I finely reached my goal,  that I knew I should be doing this long before today. But anyway IS IT WHAT IS IT and the relevant is today’s events.

This book is a series of Novel type books in Tagalog language titled “JENNY!” This is a fiction type that parleys about typical poverties  lifecycle of a Filipino citizen in the Philippines, and hunger of having at least a simple good future.

Cover Photo

Cover Photo of this book “JENNY!”

Guys, if you do understand the language of this book which is “Tagalog” and like to read it! Please download it using your Kindle, iPhone, iPad, or your Tab for free now before 90days comes. And in return to that one, please give me your review about this book or your comments through this link

Grab your copy for free now, before 89days from todays date!

Grab your copy for free now, before 89days from todays date!

And again my friend, please don’t forget to write my book your review, your thoughts, your comments, about this book! So I am aware of any problems, suggestions, what need to remove, or what need to add in this type of book novel. Your review is pretty much appreciated and would love to hear you soon.:)


Please write a review to this book “JENNY!”


Tittle                              ->  JENNY!

Language                    -> Tagalog (FILIPINO)

TYPE                            -> A series Novel

To search my book through please type my name Lourdes Genovese on the search bar button and my 1st book will appear.:) 

The next series of this book is coming soon, so please grab your free copy now before the due date hits the calendar!

Thank you very much for supporting my arts, my talent, and myself,


Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour:)

 Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour In photography, the “golden hour” is the first and last hour of sunlight of the day. For more related articles and more stunning photos about this Golden hour please click this link The Daily Post.

As you may notice the difference of the angle shots of this photos below are quite different! The first 3 photos are taken during my road trip inside my car in Yosemite National Park California October of last year. While the rest of the photos are taken inside the window plane during my flight to Davao city Philippines April of this year.:)

have fun y’all and happy monday.:)


Yosemite National Park CA, road trip:)


Yosemite National Park CA, road trip:)


This following photos below are the golden hour photos that I snapped during my flight heading to Davao City Philippines, and the best golden part of it is I’m with my dear lovely Mother with my beautiful 4year old niece.:)


A snapped shot inside the Plane through the window.:)


A snapped shot inside the Plane through the window.:)


A snapped shot inside the Plane through the window.:)


A snapped shot inside the Plane through the window.:)


My mom and Ashley my niece. They both fell asleep inside our flight heading to Davao city from CDO, and beautifully gorgeous while passing through the golden hour  of stunning beautiful sunset.:) 

I’m back now to my blogging routine!

Have a gorgeous monday folks,:)


Touched Down Prague.:)

Hey guys, how’s everything up to this summer?

Just a quick update about me right now after those 90 days long vacation in my lovely Philippines.:)

I’m now finely in the ground of Prague, a little over 2 weeks already. I was so busy running errands almost every freakin’ single day! Because we moved to a new flat, so decorating and some fixed up really knocks me down, and plus have to run the time! Aside from that my husband and I are on this tons of documentation that traveled through since I touched down Prague. Paper works here and there, and appointments are lift and right! I did tried to do some blogging but I can’t get that position of knocking and nailing my words as my concentration are out of nowhere by then. “Will I think even until now” so bye for now guys muahhhhxxoxoxoxo.;0

Yesterday hubby and I opted to have a break on our paper works project, so we opted to hike and to check the big park just near to our flat.:)

I snapped this Macro shot using my 5100 Nikon DSLR. Actually for me this isn’t the right output for Macro as I’m on the wrong lens!

Yesterday hubby and I opted to have a break on our paper work project! We opted to hike and do some checking this stunning park that just near our flat.:)

You might notice that I dropped a lot of weight from the last time you saw me? Yes I did.:)

You might notice that I dropped a lot of weight from the last time you saw me! Yes I did.:) From 115 pounds last year of November down to 103 pounds March of this year, and now I’m currently 93 pounds.:) I eat a lot while I’m in the Philippines, but exercise and portion of our daily meals is much relevant for me.:)

I wish you all a happy blissful weekend:)

See y’all next time.:)


“My BestFriend D&G’s Jolly Wedding” My 1st Wedding Photography:)

Hey guys,

I would like to allocate my 1st wedding photography project! The unique about it that pleased me because, it is concerning about my college best friend wedding. I’m kind’a worried December of last year for the fact that I might be can’t juncture her special day. But God provide his power in order for me to travel the country Philippines.

Guy’s have fun with this few photos from my best friends wedding that I took which is I also called “My 1st wedding photography project” I have tons and tons of photos of her but for now this is the few selection’s that opted me to allocate to you all! The next post is I’m going to introduce to you my BestFriend’s Hubby, so please stay tune.:)

April 6 2012 @ 3pm Davao Philippines

April 6 2012 @ 3pm Davao Philippines

April 6 2012 @ 3pm Davao Philippines

April 6 2012 @ 3pm Davao Philippines. My BestFriend Fyvie:)

April 6 2012 @ 3pm Davao Philippines

April 6 2012 @ 3pm Davao Philippines

April 6 2013 at 2PM  Davao Philippines

April 6 2013 at 2PM Davao Philippines

April 6 2012 @ 3pm Davao Philippines

April 6 2012 @ 3pm Davao Philippines. It’s my husband and I pleasure to hand this Ring to the new couple:)

April 6 2012 @ 3pm Davao Philippines The Beatiful Bride my Bestfriend:)

April 6 2012 @ 3pm Davao Philippines
The beautiful Bride my Bestfriend:)

Wearing her Gown:)

Wearing her Gown:)

The Beatiful Bride my Bestfriend:)

The beautiful Bride my Bestfriend:)

The Beatiful Bride my Bestfriend:)

The beautiful Bride my Bestfriend:)

The Beatiful Bride my Bestfriend:)

The beautiful Bride my Bestfriend:)

With her Engagement Ring

With her Engagement Ring


Black and White motif:)


Beautifully cool sensation’s Gown with the gorgeous Fyvie.:)

Surrounded with her siblings and with her Sister In-laws:)

Surrounded with her siblings and with her Sister In-laws:) Black and White is the Color of the Fyvie’s wedding.:)


The D&G’s wedding. Mr.Dapitan and Mrs.Gamba’s Nuptial:)

2My possible next blog post will be my introduction to the Groom my BestFriend husband.:)

Guy’s I also would like to give you my heartfelt thank you for keep on supporting my blog. As I noticed many of you are liking my earlier post! Despite of being far to my blogging routine you all still there supporting me and thinking of me.:)

Few of my friends are asking why I stayed here in Philippines for more than months, few of them conclude a negative junction! But all I did was to respond them with my killer smile, which means I’m totally fine. Thanks to God.:)

I can’t wait to go back Prague to be in my parking space, which is the arms of my Loving supportive Husband, that I miss so bad and Love to death.:)

Best Regards and stay safe y’all,


Yen-Yen’s Philippine Vacay’s update!



Hey guys,

How y’all doing? Hopping that everything with you, and so with your each love-ones are in good shape.:)

I finely got the chance to update my blog. I’m still here in Philippines! My short vacation became a long one, instead of only 32 days! I did a lot of activities here but not on a pleasure photography thing instead I did a lot of waiting from Doctor’s, to airport, to a private meeting with a Lawyer, and more.

Yes I don’t know if I have to call it vacation because so far it seems like I need a real holiday! I work some paper works that I can’t elaborate for now but only thing is crucial and assured. “The output is very possible which is, I think a calling for me, and my loving husband could ever do on our existence”

For now I would like share few photos of my bonding moments with my small and unique family here in Philippines. Last weekend I opted to bring my family in a place where my nieces can get fun.

So here’s the following photos have fun,

My Niece's

My Niece’s! I did prepared their swimwear and placed them in the beach bag of my Mom a night before this scene. When we reached the beach location, I asked my Mom, about her beach bag! She just simply says that “Ohhh my God I forgot to bring my Beach Bag” And that means all our swimwear are not with us that day! So pardon for my niece’s beach attire!:(

My Little Zyra Love:)

My Little Zyra Love:) A walk of an innocent Angel, that long for nothing but to have fun:)

I Love them so much:)

I Love them so much:)

A mother's love is inside on me:)

A mother’s love is inside on me:)



My sweet loving Ashley:)

My sweet loving Ashley:)

A simple weekend momments with this type of scenery:)

A simple weekend moments with this type of scenery:)


I’ll be back again very-very soon guys.:) Again pardon me for not checking here often! And before I forgot guys, I’m also busy taking care my niece’s babysitting them.:)

Best Regards muahhhhhhh,



A Roasted Pig on a Filipino Table or shall say “Lechon Baboy”.:)

Hey guys,

I was so busy like a rocking bee’s since I arrived here in the Philippines last week. Last Easter Sunday, I opted to put up a small party to see few of my Relatives from my Moms side. And of course since March 18 was my Moms birthday, I also brought a Birthday Cake surprised for my dear beautiful Mommy, so that everything will only takes a one scenery meeting.:)

Guys have fun this following photos which is the traditional Filipino dishes you’ll find in any Filipino party events, like a “Lechon Baboy or the Roasted Pig.” Ask questions if you want as I’m willing to answer you as much as I can. Your likes, and comments are pretty much highly appreciated.

Eastr Sunday and the Belated Birthday surprised for my dear Mommy.:)

Easter Sunday and the Belated Birthday surprised for my dear Mommy.:)

DSC_0015 DSC_0011

Poor Pig Massacre.:(

Poor Pig Massacre.:(

A welcome Fresh Jackfruit from my Cousin's Garden. Indeed it's Sweet.:)

A welcome Fresh Jackfruit from my Cousin’s Garden. Indeed it’s Sweet and yummy.:)

My Bloodline's from my Mom's side.:)

My Bloodline’s from my Mom’s side.:)

That’s it for now guys, and again pardon me for not visiting that much to your each blog page, as I’m in and out here in my home town.:) I miss you guys specially joining the different challenge of your’s. So far I’m really having and doing fun here, with my family and friends.:)

Have a wonderful blissful week you all,




Flight to my lovely Philippines.:)

Hey guys,

Ammmm super ready to fly from Prague to My lovely Philippines.:)

Ammmm super ready to fly from Prague to my lovely Philippines.:)

Pink of the Day. After I managing my suitcase yesterday. I then manger to do some clean up for my nails.:)

Pink of the Day. After managing my suitcases yesterday. I’m now then manged to do some clean up for my nails.:)

Pardon me for not responding nor approving your comments right away, because I’m traveling today. Afternoon of yesterday Czech Republic time was my flight heading to Philippines. I just arrived Dubai International airport now working this post! Now I’m waiting for my next connection the Philippines. Time check? 1:47am Dubai time.:)

Have a wonderful week ahead to all of you, and I will try to reach you out soon.:)


Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination

I did some research about this Illumination as for me it is a big relevant to put up the photos that could sustain the meaning of the theme. So here are the following photos, my version for this “Illumination” article.

For more information about this article please check this link. Weekly Photo Challenge: Illumination from the The Daily Post.

A night of Illumination:)

A date night of Illumination:)

@ Georgia Tiblisi:)

@ Georgia Tbilisi:)

The busy night of Illumination @ Makati Philippines.:)

A busy night of Illuminated scene @ Makati Philippines.:)

This photo is not mine!This relaxed me a lot, one of my routine at SPA which the  Illumination of lights, and the Rythem of the music burned out the bad toxics inside my system.:)

This photo is not mine!
This relaxed me a lot, one of my routine at SPA which the Illumination of lights, and the Rhythm of the music burned out the bad toxics inside of my system.:)

Have a wonderful Blissful weekend Bloggers, and Readers 🙂


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SUNDAY POST: New Year 2013

Have a Blissful Happy New Year my friend.:)

Have a Blissful Happy New Year my friend.:)

New Years Eve @ Old-town square Prague:)

New Years Eve @ Old-town square Prague:)

Old-town Square Prague New Years Eve.:)

Old-town Square Prague
New Years Eve.:)

In this New Year I opted to follow my ancestors traditions and thats in the country of Philippines where I came originally. I been out of the philippines for 7 Christmases and New Years already. Since then I have not been working the traditions, so this time I think it’s time for me to do it.

In the Philippines New Years Eve is a big day specially the countdown of the January 1 we’re Filipinos celebrate New Years during midnight together with the crazy fireworks everywhere in the street as one of the top traditions in the country.

If you ask about the “Whats going on with rounded FRUITS?” will my friend, the varieties of fruits which is rounded is part of the traditions in the Philippines too, and it is the relevant subject as well. It’s a Filipinos beliefs that having a 12 different fruits during New Years Eve is an offering and hopping that the next year will bring us “GOOD LUCK, HEALTH, and LOVE” Which is only if we offer a rounded 12 different types of fruits.:) Dont ask me another Why! or els you’ll be bored reading my another pages of explanations.

Philippine New Year's Tradition.:)

Philippine New Year’s Tradition 12 different types of rounded fruits.:)


12 different varieties of of round fruits.

12 different varieties of of rounded fruits, to give you Love, Health, and good Luck for the New Year.:)

Round balls

Rounded  balls:)


I can recalled that my Mom, hung those bundles of grapes to the ceiling ,as she believed that is brings the family a respect and love together!

My Husband and I don’t really cook New Years Eve, instead we go to a fine dinning restaurant. But this time I picked to grabbed some stuffs in the grocery so we can have fun cooking together in our kitchen! And yes we do have fun listening the spirits of the season, and after that we dropped by to the New Years Eve Mass church, then having a romantic walk to the town of Prague.:)

New Years Eve early dinner:)

New Years Eve early dinner grilled spicy pork:)

Hubby’s cooked this Spicy Italian Spaghetti.:)

For Spaghetti stuffs:)

Italian Spaghetti ingredients, spicy type:)

Processing & Mixing:)

Processing & Mixing:)

New Years Eve early dinner for just my Husband and I.:) We wish we're closer to our family across the globe.:)

Simple New Years Eve early dinner for just the two of us Hubby and I.:) We wish we’re closer to our family across the globe.:)

People started to become crazy around the city. Time to go home before we bump into trouble.

People started to become crazy around the city. Time to head home before we bump into trouble. Police officers are all over the city too, and ready to rescue if crimes or accidents bump!

I know this is not

OK What the *****? In the Philippines again, it’s tradition and beliefs that before January 1 or the New Years day comes, is to make sure that your laundry basket is empty. And make sure no dirty cloths lift-over from the last year! or els you’ll end-up of having bad smells and dirty cloths always till the entire New Years ends. Now do I believed it? NOPE! But it’s just fun to recalled and follow my Philippine Traditions though, plus it drives my husband crazy hahhahah.:)

Garbage everywhere.

Garbage everywhere started to join the club around the city! This is the sign of NEW YEAR.:)

Happy New Year

Happy New Year every one.:) Remember whatever is your traditions is? either you’ll follow it or not, it really doesn’t matter because we believed what we believed and we follow whats the best for it.:) No ones knows the future is except our only creatures and thats GOD who knows our path.:)

Weekly Sunday Post

Weekly Sunday Post

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Have a Blissful and a Happy safe New Year to all of us.