“My BestFriend D&G’s Jolly Wedding” My 1st Wedding Photography:)

Hey guys,

I would like to allocate my 1st wedding photography project! The unique about it that pleased me because, it is concerning about my college best friend wedding. I’m kind’a worried December of last year for the fact that I might be can’t juncture her special day. But God provide his power in order for me to travel the country Philippines.

Guy’s have fun with this few photos from my best friends wedding that I took which is I also called “My 1st wedding photography project” I have tons and tons of photos of her but for now this is the few selection’s that opted me to allocate to you all! The next post is I’m going to introduce to you my BestFriend’s Hubby, so please stay tune.:)

April 6 2012 @ 3pm Davao Philippines

April 6 2012 @ 3pm Davao Philippines

April 6 2012 @ 3pm Davao Philippines

April 6 2012 @ 3pm Davao Philippines. My BestFriend Fyvie:)

April 6 2012 @ 3pm Davao Philippines

April 6 2012 @ 3pm Davao Philippines

April 6 2013 at 2PM  Davao Philippines

April 6 2013 at 2PM Davao Philippines

April 6 2012 @ 3pm Davao Philippines

April 6 2012 @ 3pm Davao Philippines. It’s my husband and I pleasure to hand this Ring to the new couple:)

April 6 2012 @ 3pm Davao Philippines The Beatiful Bride my Bestfriend:)

April 6 2012 @ 3pm Davao Philippines
The beautiful Bride my Bestfriend:)

Wearing her Gown:)

Wearing her Gown:)

The Beatiful Bride my Bestfriend:)

The beautiful Bride my Bestfriend:)

The Beatiful Bride my Bestfriend:)

The beautiful Bride my Bestfriend:)

The Beatiful Bride my Bestfriend:)

The beautiful Bride my Bestfriend:)

With her Engagement Ring

With her Engagement Ring


Black and White motif:)


Beautifully cool sensation’s Gown with the gorgeous Fyvie.:)

Surrounded with her siblings and with her Sister In-laws:)

Surrounded with her siblings and with her Sister In-laws:) Black and White is the Color of the Fyvie’s wedding.:)


The D&G’s wedding. Mr.Dapitan and Mrs.Gamba’s Nuptial:)

2My possible next blog post will be my introduction to the Groom my BestFriend husband.:)

Guy’s I also would like to give you my heartfelt thank you for keep on supporting my blog. As I noticed many of you are liking my earlier post! Despite of being far to my blogging routine you all still there supporting me and thinking of me.:)

Few of my friends are asking why I stayed here in Philippines for more than months, few of them conclude a negative junction! But all I did was to respond them with my killer smile, which means I’m totally fine. Thanks to God.:)

I can’t wait to go back Prague to be in my parking space, which is the arms of my Loving supportive Husband, that I miss so bad and Love to death.:)

Best Regards and stay safe y’all,



Another year to be thankful for “My Birthday” ♥♥♥:)

Yesterday was my birthday. I don’t know if I will say yeheeyyy or what before then!  Because one thing in my mind is that I’m not young anymore! Few weeks ago I had this consciousness reaction of my system that I’m getting old, and tons of crazy stuffs playing around my narrow head. My husband is concerned about my reaction after hearing my insane words, and he does helped me to calm down too.:)

Few days before my birthday, I concluded that, I should be floating on air, and delighted because I still exist. Thanks God for nourishing my spiritual life to flashed back the admirable moments of my life and the dreadful moments was my shade to stay strong.

Yesterday early morning I woke-up and headed to the bathroom with my eyes still closed walking like dead. Then I jumped to bed right away to get back to sleep, and my husband says that I have to wash my face because it’s dirty. I said no! But I did went back to the bathroom, turned the lights on and this eyeful gift wrapped surprised me with this sweet card, from my juicy man.:)


We attend our sunday routine mass at church. I told our priest after the mass that it’s “My Birthday today” then he hug and kiss my forehead, with his joke “How old 18?” I responded really father? I love our Priest here in English community church, as they are friendly, always there to listen us, and have this very cheerful sense of humor.

Coffee break

After mass we stopped by for a short coffee break.:)

After 30minutes my husband told me to just follow him. While holding each others hands because of the sleeky sidewalks. I’m anticipating that we’re heading for lunch because of the side to side restaurants in the background. So I sprinkled a sarcastic sentence “If we’re going for lunch, why we have to stop that coffee break?” We walked by the American Embassy, then I saw the hotel. I said to my mind OK will gonna eat in the hotel! But NOPE I’m wrong!

Then I finely understood! He surprised me with this calming, relaxing, soothing 90minutes SPA Swedish massage.


I admit, I was surprised the SPA thing.  New background to my eyes, I love,  and enjoyed so much the Swedish massage. I’m much on a Thai massage or the Traditional Thai massage, as I have Swedish massage before and I did not like it. But this time “The Alchymist Grand Hotel & SPA” did a good job for their Swedish massage service.:)

Next Surprised? Dinner at this hotel ↓





Overlooking Romantic Birthday dinner.:)

Overlooking Romantic Birthday dinner.:)

Fresh and alive... Don't eat me please!

Fresh and alive… The Lobster… Don’t eat me please!

After all that birthday of mine

My Birthday yesterday was perfect with romance, love, and surprised. I was fascinating with the efforts of my husband trying to feel me like young still at heart lol.:) My man was so happy and so do I because of the following

  1. I got my Lobster which is my favorite dish, and our dinner cuisine was delicious mouth-watering. The waiter even lucrative enough to gift me this bottle of champagne for my birthday.
  2.  I got my favorite way to relax the lovely SPA.
  3. And I got my additional Apple collection.♥♥♥:)

While heading outside the hotel my husband wanted to ride a Taxi back to our flat, and I refused as I wanted to enjoy the night though it’s raining a little but I prepared to ride the Tram, to enjoy, to welcome the additional number of my years. 

And Yes I had the magnificent birthday according to my views yesterday. I am also thankful for my Mom for bringing me in this world, though I miss her so bad already, it’s been 2yrs now that I haven’t seen her. I called her yesterday morning and the first word she throw to me was her sweet words of wishing me a “Happy Birthday my child”♥♥♥:)

Again to my juicy husband, thank you so much for building the remarkable years of mine again, you never fail to surprised me as always you do since the day we meet. I Love you very much with all of me.:)

Happy Birthday to me, and for those whose celebrating their birthday’s this month and the next month. May all we have a “Happy Happy Blissful Birthday’s” to all of us♥♥♥:)


6 years of wedding anniversary! wood or Iron?

wood symbol in 6yrs married.:)

Hi guy’s,

I hope you all are in good shape, and hope to hear you soon. It’s been a while I haven’t heard about you guy’s… opppsss’’’ I think it’s me whose been out for a-while?

I just wanted to dropped this slight revise of my love life! It might be fun to my readers.:) Yesterday was my 6 years wedding anniversary yehheeyyy.:) My man said it was a “wood” year of marriage but when Ive researched it the meaning of 6years marriage was “Iron” and when I cleared it out to my husband, he said I might be wrong! for the fact he was insisting it was wood. So whatever it is? It doesn’t matter either way though! Because the most relevant was both souls are still involved and in love to each other.

Just for an entertaining it bumped to my head that I should also give something involved with wood as part of my gift to my man. So I found this handcraft expression like a buggy wood. I admit I have trouble finding a gift for my man every occasion, as his not into material stuffs. Give him ”Salami” then his in heaven lol.:) So yesterday I hand him this Wii Investigation games, and additional daily casual long sleeves for his work! All of the sudden when I’m at shower I heard him playing the Wii games as part of my present to him. Which made me very happy because he love’s my humble present to him.

Inside the Restaurant. Pretty good ambiance for me:) The restaurant on top  ground floor was overlooking to the river where you you can feel the fresh air of the surrounding.  Our weekends is kind of cloudy, and rain is off and on! So we opted to be inside where we found out more fun, romantic ambiance than in the top floor ground.:)

Looking at this angle picture, the right side is a glass wall where you can see the overlooking river, boat are on, ducks are having fun playing in the water, the best view of the popular bridge in Czech Republic the “Charles Bridge” the “Prague Castle” and more.:) Perfect romantic Anniversary dinner for me.:)

Now lets go to the yummy food:)

My husband Appetizer!

My Appetizer!

This is the funny thing in a fine dinning! The food are great, quite expensive, but the food served are quite not much lol:) My husband friend told him this… “Every time I brought my wife to a fine dinning I end-up ordering a pizza back to the house because I’m still hungry!

My main course! It’s a lobster covered by pasta it looks like cheese but it’s a pasta. I swear it’s yummy promise and I can eat more.:)

Hubby’s main course! Hubby love’s it much he said and when I took a sneak bite Yes it was mouth watering like mine.:)

Main course of Hubby! just another good view.:)

Now let me tour you guy’s to the gorgeous view from our glass wall table inside the restaurant!

A view from our glass wall next to our table.:) The Charles Bridge!

The photos was taken from my 10megapixel Olympus Digital Camara which is my purse Camara. Angle shot behind the glass.:)

Lets go back to food, now it’s dessert time!

I’m not quite interested with the dessert so no comment!

Hubby’s dessert! his not quite impressed to his dessert too! But he eat them all though, and mine too all of them went to his tummy lol:)

View from our table! sorry I intended the back ground as dark as I can!

Just a quick snap!

And now time to go home!

The garden entrance of the restaurant! The top ground floor

The name of the restaurant. Kampa park in Prague Czech Republic:)

If one day you’ll have the opportunity to be in Prague, then I’ll recommend you to this restaurant “Kampa park”

Just another glimpse! I was surprised yesterday morning when I tried to hand my presents to my man in our bedroom. Then I almost lean my moose stuff toy when my husband shout to be careful the moose is sensitive right now! I grabbed my toy and found a warped box, when I open it it’s a box of Louis Vuitton wallet but it was same color to this bag which I already have one. So we opted to go back to the Louis Vuitton shop after church to change it with this brown dammer color of wallet.:)
Then my husband said that theres might be another box in back of the pillow! where I found this LV bag.:) I’m so surprised and happy for the wonderful blessing from God.:) And I keep my faith more to him and praying for another successful year of loving blissful marriage again.:)

I would like to share you guy’s few of my wedding day photos way back June 3 of 2006:)

The reception area!

my own humble designed wedding cake!

Guest souvenirs!

My Alma mater University choir!

The wedding bands!

Church wedding!

Inside wedding church!

Wedding accessories!

My own humble designed gown, combination with Filipino and American way!

Thank you guy’s your comments and note are highly appreciated:) Cheers to our successful marriage each of us here.:)

God Bless,