A Word A Week Challenge – Dance to the tone of music~~:)

I am not in favor of Dance. Why? because I hate to dance, simply because I can’t do it, my legs are like robot grrrr. But I love to watch people dancing.:)

       A Word in Your Ear     challenge this week is about Dance. So guys, have fun and let the music begin so you all can dance to the tone of music, no need to include me though.:)

A Filipino Cultural Dance:)

A Filipino Cultural Dance:)

An Irish Cultural Dance.:)

An Irish Cultural Dance.:)

An Street Dance.:)

An Street Dance.:)

The Dancing Fountain in Las Vigas:)

The Dancing Fountain in Las Vegas:)

Keep Dancing lovely bloggers and readers xoxoxoxo,


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A Word A Week Photography Challenge – Zoom with Snow Flakes♥:)

This article inspired me by       A Word in Your Ear     about   http://suellewellyn2011.wordpress.com/2013/02/23/a-word-a-week-challenge-zoom/

I am so obsessed with “Snow Flakes” this fast few months! I did tried to captured a single flake through my DSLR but I can’t figure out the correct outcomes of my photos. I am deliberating that my lens has something to do with it, as I’m convinced that I need to get a special “Macro lens” for my DSLR. I went fishing for facts then, I ended-up purchasing a “Olympus Full HD 16megapixel, 12.5x wide, 4.2-52.5mm” 2weeks ago.

The result of this camera was quite adequate for me. It’s not perfect but worthwhile for a new beginner like me for this type of Zoom Macro stuffs. I captured the following snow flakes by using the Super Macro Zoom without flash.:)


Finely after all the time and efforts, I finely say YES.:) Capturing Macro super Zoomed.:)


Snow Flakes has different shapes, designs, and character. Next time I will try to trap the others.:)


Till the next snow comes again.:) Super Macro Zoom

Not bad for

Not bad for a beginner like me I think.:) Super Macro Zoom


Have a spectacular day guys,♥♥♥:)


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❀❃✿A Word A Week Challenge – Garden❀❃✿

The following are my garden’s photo collections for spring and summer landscaped here in Czech Republic. 

Welcome to Karlovy Vary Czech Republic Europe:)



A Best Friends talk's @ the pretty garden.:)

A Best Friends talk’s @ the pretty garden.:)

The Garden of Peace and Fun.:)

The Garden of Peace and Fun.:)

This Little Paradise Garden,  here in Malostranska Prague. Is one of my favorite area where I can write, read,

I called this Little Paradise Garden, located @ Malostranska Prague. It’s one of my favorite area where I can write, read, and to have peace as well.:)

Perfect for me.:)

Perfect for me.:)

May we all have a peaceful scene through the help of our each pretty garden,✿ 


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