Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

The Daily Post challenge is about this- 


It could be a shot taken during your morning walk, the morning vista out your kitchen window, your cat doing a pre-breakfast stretch, or a textured close-up of your oatmeal bubbling away at the stove.

For more info’s please visit this link Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

The following photos are my different ways of how I go my morning specially if I am in a vacation. I mostly not a breakfast eater! A cup of cappuccino, cereal, or a glass of fruits smoothie is good to go for me, and that last from 9am to 2pm.

I Love IHOP food in States! So every time I go visit to States, I make sure at least I could visit IHOP restaurant too. My problem with IHOP to me,  is there serving as it is huge for me, specially that I am a small eater at a time.

IHOP Pancake CA Branch!

IHOP Pancake CA Branch!

IHOP Omelettes CA Branch!

IHOP Omelette CA Branch!

IHOP Coffee CA Branch!  Opppsss ahhh ohhh the lipstick mark...

IHOP Coffee CA Branch!
Opppsss ahhh ohhh the lipstick mark…

Brrrppp! This half went to Guy. I'm surely does can't dig it all.:)

Burrrpppp! The rest went to Guy, I can’t dig it all.:)

If your in London and familliar with this picture I'm sure you'll be able to name it.  I forgot the name of this pretty cute cute one coffee shop! All I know is that I  Love their Porridge so much yummmyumm.:)

If you’re from London and familiar with this picture, I’m sure you’ll be able to name it.
I forgot the name of this pretty cute one coffee shop! All I know is that, I Love their Porridge so much yummmyumm.:)

If your happen to be in Prague. Please don't step off the city without visiting  http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&sqi=2&ved=0CCoQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.bohemiabagel.cz%2Fhome.php&ei=gfZSUviwFOei4gT3i4H4CQ&usg=AFQjCNGnqTuZSbSvB-cGVN4ZrCGRqZiPPw&sig2=Vz4WWz8a7T_ljPlk7Tryug

For those Americans whose longing for American coffee and could be able to get a chance to visit Prague! Please don’t step out of the city without visiting the restaurant “Bohemia Bagel” walking distance to Charles Bridge. For the address here’s the website  http://www.bohemiabagel.cz/home.php

The coffee is unbelievable -My husband said! “Bottomless” Yes, and it’s your Traditional American coffee. I’m not a coffee drinker but my husband does! After living almost 4 years now here in Czech republic, my husband finely settled in about his coffee here in Europe!

Bohemia Bagel reall American Coffee in Prague.:)

@ Bohemia Bagel in Prague. The real American Coffee.:)

Special Thanks to our Parish Priest. Father William, who introduced and invited us to have a morning breakfast with him one fine sunny late winter before the arrival of Spring. And the rest became my Husband favorite spots every weekend morning at Bohemia Bagel.:)

I soo Loved the taste of this

I soo Loved the taste of this Caramel Macchiato! My weekend morning is very crucial, helping the homeless on Saturday, and now I just started as a Teachers Assistance for the Religious  class for about 6-8years old kids every Sunday in the church. So before I get to my weekend commitments I surely be in Starbucks for my Caramel Macchiato, to boost up my energy. Specially now because Halloween is just nearby, I got my other favorite too- the “Pumpkin Spice latte” They are soo awesome tasteful to me, and I just make sure no CREAM on top of them.:)

My husband hates Starbucks coffee aside for- it is expensive for a cup of coffee and the worse thing for him is that the coffee Americano in Starbucks is not the real traditional coffee he remembered in States. But he goes to Starbucks, because of me! Yes, as he always says– I only go to Starbucks because of you cuz “I Love You” ahhhh soo sweet BooBoo, Thank You my Love.:)

Have a sweet-hot-good morning you all,

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 4.57.28 PM


Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus

The Daily Post challenge is about “Focus”

For this challenge, get out there and take a picture demonstrating the concept of focus. Depending on your skill level or type of camera, tinker with the manual settings, use the auto focus feature, or play around with an app. Some ideas:

  • Snap a photo of something or someone in focus, against a blurred background.
  • Share a panorama or landscape in sharp focus, in which you can see details far away.
  • Use a camera app to force focus (or blur) in an experimental way.
  • Take multiple photos of the same scene or subject using different aperture settings and publishing the results.


Ready for this MAZE game? Focus is crucial in this.:)

Ready for this MAZE game? Focus is crucial in this.:)


Isn’t that prety cute face on Focus?

I'm patiently waiting their cute kiss romance, and my camera is pretty much on Focus.:)

I’m patiently waiting their cute kiss romance, and my camera is pretty much on Focus to them.:)

If you want to join this challenge please visit this link Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus 

Thank you guys and have fun on your Focus,♥♥♥

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 4.57.28 PM

Touched Down Prague.:)

Hey guys, how’s everything up to this summer?

Just a quick update about me right now after those 90 days long vacation in my lovely Philippines.:)

I’m now finely in the ground of Prague, a little over 2 weeks already. I was so busy running errands almost every freakin’ single day! Because we moved to a new flat, so decorating and some fixed up really knocks me down, and plus have to run the time! Aside from that my husband and I are on this tons of documentation that traveled through since I touched down Prague. Paper works here and there, and appointments are lift and right! I did tried to do some blogging but I can’t get that position of knocking and nailing my words as my concentration are out of nowhere by then. “Will I think even until now” so bye for now guys muahhhhxxoxoxoxo.;0

Yesterday hubby and I opted to have a break on our paper works project, so we opted to hike and to check the big park just near to our flat.:)

I snapped this Macro shot using my 5100 Nikon DSLR. Actually for me this isn’t the right output for Macro as I’m on the wrong lens!

Yesterday hubby and I opted to have a break on our paper work project! We opted to hike and do some checking this stunning park that just near our flat.:)

You might notice that I dropped a lot of weight from the last time you saw me? Yes I did.:)

You might notice that I dropped a lot of weight from the last time you saw me! Yes I did.:) From 115 pounds last year of November down to 103 pounds March of this year, and now I’m currently 93 pounds.:) I eat a lot while I’m in the Philippines, but exercise and portion of our daily meals is much relevant for me.:)

I wish you all a happy blissful weekend:)

See y’all next time.:)


Healthy Happy Meal + Weight loss = Healthy Mind&Body ♥:)

 The Daily Post  Situation is like this It’s phonoegraphy month, and what do we love to photograph with our cameraphones? Food. So why fight it? This week’s theme is “lunchtime.” 

Hey guy’s, I would like to bring up some healthy tips about our healthy meal a day. I am a big eater, I love yummy food, and yummy sweets as well, but I’m a type of gal that always counts my calories, and do my best to burned them that day.

Since we moved here in Prague late year 2009 from Saudi Arabia, I put on weights from 103 pounds to 115 pounds. April of last year I dragged myself to the gym, but it only lasted 2months on and off those time. I stop going to gym because I got pregnant but unfortunately lost it August of last year. My weight those time went down to only 112 pounds. Early December I dragged hard myself back to the gym until now, and I’m currently back to 103 pounds my Ideal weight with the help of healthy meal and exercise at least 5times a week. My goal is to reach 99 pounds.:)


  1. Eat high fiver.
  2. Drink a lot of water.
  3. Stop eating process food.
  4. Avoid greasy food.
  5. Don’t eat heavy after 7pm. Small amount of cereals, fruits, and smoothie at night is ideal.
  6. Count your calories and manage them.
  7. Exercise and burn calories at least 500 a day 5 times a week.
  8. Have fun don’t, stress yourself.

This following photos are my healthy cooking Lunch and healthy Dinner snacks.:)

Every morning I have a glass of hot milk, and a fruit mixed smoothie. Since I wanted to get pregnant, I cut out my caffeine unless I go to Starbucks and have caramel macchiato or the Vanilla Latte tall, no cream using skim milk.:)


Boil the Broccoli. In the hot pan with olive oil, mix the minced garlic, add hot pepper, you can add onion if you want. Then add a cup of cooking white wine bring to boil, then add the scallops till it tender. Toast the bread and toppings your scallops add the broccoli then juice it all over. Tips: You can brown the scallops too before boiling it to the white wine! Enjoy your meal.:)

Green Healthy Lunch.:)

Boil the Brocoli, add hot pepper while boiling. On a small bowl combine the squeeze 3pcs cuts of fresh lemon juice, hot paper, red chilli, and olive oil. Then pour the chicken breast and marinate for 5minutes or combine them together in a ziplock shake them well. After 5minutes of combination place the chicken breast in the oven and bring them to broil for 8 minutes each side. Glaze the meat from your left over marinated juice.  Enjoy your healthy green lunch.:)


Boil the sliced turkey breast. Add a hot pepper seasoning, add half of vegetable cubes ‘on your choice” add the cabbage bring to boil till tender, and ready to served.:) I peeled the skin of the turkey breast skin then broiled it, for side dish.:)


Boil the carrots, add the vegetable seasoning from the noodles, add the cabbage, then the noodles. Enjoy your healthy lunch.:)

Healthy Dinner:)

This photo has a high rate of  fiver. I brought the unsalted pistachio nuts, and almonds at Mark&Spencer. I mixed them together then heated for 4minutes in the oven. With this Banana and Orange side dish for my husband and I Healthy Dinner while watching “The Walking Dead”:)


I keep in mind to have this fruit once a day, because oranges keep you from storing fat.:)

      Additional Tips?

  1. Cabbage is very high in fiver
  2. Oranges is keeping you from storing fats on our body
  3. To much salt can retain water on our body
  4. ****I’m just a Human, and I don’t want to be a model like stick. So sometimes I cheated and eat Pizza like once a month lol. I just make sure to burn more extra calories  the next day with the help of the good fiver supplement.:)

Have a healthy meal y’all,


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Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

The Daily Post challenge today is about photography using your mobile phone, and taking photos about your neighborhood or your surroundings. For further understanding about  this challenge please visit this link  Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

This is the HTC EVO 3D mobile phone I have that has only 5 megapixel. The photos bellow are taken by this HTC phone in the Neighborhood of Prague. It’s adequate enough for me though, not bad for this kind of phone. For more photos that taken by this HTC phone of mine please visit this link SUNDAY POST: SIMPLICITY



This #22 Tram is my way to get to my flat, my way to get to my Church routine, and my way to get  my favorite coffee shop. This Tram #22 is my favorite routine ride.:)


After Church, one of my favorite spot routine is in Starbucks facing the window and loving the scene outside while I’m enjoying my hot mug.:)


This photos are during summer of last year. The photo bellow with the bicycle is my friend and I biking trail going to the Prague Zoo. We’re kinda lost in this trail so my friend asked that guy, for some information, while I snapped that photo as quick as I can that time in this HTC phone I have. By the way it’s my routine to go biking during summer.:)

You know what? It really doesn’t matter whatever kind of camera we have. As long as we know our focus, attention, and subject for snapping photos, I think it will end-up in the way we wanted to be.:) Except for the specific shot!

Have a lovely  Phoneography y’all,


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details

The Daily Post required us a challenge that prolonged a subject or a photo that is lost in details. For me the following photos below are my way of describing the challenge of this theme.



This challenge is kinda hard for me! I hope this entry of mine can sustain the need of this theme. Just need to understand the photo in order to find the meaning of it.:)

Thanks for dropping by,


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss :-x}

The Daily Post project is pretty simple it’s about a simpleKiss”

kiss titled Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

A Kiss is crucial and pretty special. A Kiss has a different aspects of views, and interpretation’s. I have lots of Kisses photos from my husband and I. But this time I opted to post this photo openly to all of us. A Kiss is a romance, and every man has this feelings from Man-Man nor to Woman-Woman.

Here in Czech Republic people who are in relationship with same-sex marriage or with partners are welcome, and openly showy of their feelings. Once a year same-sex marriage has their celebration party, and mostly they open it at the park where everyone is free to join the celebrations.:)  I have no against to this situation as we all know we are all same human, and  at the same time we all freely to feel in-Love.:) I rather want my family to be part on this group than to be a criminal…..

 So guys here is my open “Kiss” for you here in Czech Republic.:)

Keep Kissing guys,


Open Relationship's with gay and the Lesbian's day @ Prague.:)

Open Relationship’s with gay and the Lesbian’s day celebrations @ Prague.:)

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Home♥♥♥


I have 3 places that I considered my “Home”♥♥♥

  1. My home in the Philippines were my Mom, 2 Siblings, and my 2 Nieces.
  2. My home in States were my Sister’s in-law, Nieces, and Nephews. (That now is my new country where I always feels welcome and have comforts.)
  3. My home is where my husband and I bed.

This this mostly my young stage scenery before.
I climbed the Mango Tree in our back yard, or to the farm of my Grand Parents. While my Mom gets crazy looking calling my name. Because I escaped the house chores she gave me.:)
This photo always reminds me of Home in the Philippines.

My Home in States. My Sister In law's farm at New York.:)

My Home in States. My Sister In law’s farm at New York, and that’s Jazz a sweet lovely Jazz the horse.:)

I know when I’m home in New York, because I can ride my best favorite horse my “Jazz” This why I called HOME, as I’m with family that full of Love.:)


My husband and I considered our Bed is our Home. We live international half way around the globe where our families. So right now our Bed is what we call our HOME.:) By the way this is not exactly our bed OK! This is one of the hotel in Philippines in Panpacific Hotel and that’s a very comfortable bed. This hotel brought my husband and I so much meaning, because this was the hotel where my husband proposed to marry me. And I say YES awwwwwhhhhh♥.:)

May God Bless our HOME,


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Daily Prompt: Right to Health♥^,^)

Todays  Daily Prompts situations is like this

(Is access to medical care something that governments should provide, or is it better left to the private sector? Are there drawbacks to your choice?)

Mostly in the countries, one of the hundreds of political issues now is about “Health Care.” Planning what would be the best choice to help the population’s Medical care! And we do both know that this type of issue is a very crucial subject that need attention.

Now the solutions would be this following

  1. Who will pay the Health Care of the population’s if the majority will be the Government sector?
  2. Are the population can provide their own using the private sector?

The Government Sector:  Tax Payer: A man who work hard for his entire life!

  1. Is his the responsible, for those people who’s lazy to work their **s?
  2. Is his the responsible to pay the health care of those People who supposed to take care their selves even though their Doctor. told them to quite smoking, drinking, or be serious on their diet, or else their health will be in danger? But instead of taking actions,  this people still on their bad addictions from food, smoke, and drinking alcohol like water.
  3. For those ladies that don’t want to get pregnant yet. Am I responsible to pay her health care so the Doctor can give her the medications so she won’t get pregnant?

Aint those situations fear for me as a Tax payer who work hard and give my own sweat to those kind of situations above?

Am I responsible to help my fellow-man? YES, I am big time! But not in those kind of situations. Is it fear enough? NO. because nothing is fear in this world! But being Fear in this world is defends on your own perceptions. If you think paying the lazy people health care, and the hard-headed people is fine for you then I respect you with that. But don’t assume that I’ll support your perception in those kind of situations.

Private Sector: A Man whose prepared to be in responsible on his own Health Care without the help of others.

I am holding my own private health care. My husband has a full health care that the company he work for pays it 100%, and me as his spouse I end-up to pay 70US$ a month.  For me 70US$ is not bad compare to the majority of local’s here in Czech Republic that paying their employee’s health insurance about 370US$ or about 7,000Czk which is the populations of this country is the high Tax payer for this Government Sector health care.

About last year my friend asked me if I can go with her in the hospital, because her back is giving her pain for over 2weeks already. So we went to the hospital, and I keep asking to my friend where is it? Because for me it’s kind of far. I thought it was just around the corner city of where I believed, but I’m not. When we arrived the hospital we had trouble looking where to go. The hospital is old and communication is kind of hard to find an English-speaker. But we finely find the clinic that we supposed to go. Then the Nurse told my friend to go first to the cashier and show my friends record first then come back to the clinic. We found the cashier and my friend had to pay a 30-40Czk if I remember correct. We walk right away back to the Nurse then my friend goes inside, and I stay outside to the waiting area. After lest than 4minutes my friend came out. I asked whats the Doctor says? My friend responded that the Doctor just touched her back and asked if it’s pain here, there and here! Then the Doctor prescribed her a pain reliever. I said What? serious? you been in pain for over 2weeks now and that’s all she said? She didn’t give you an xray? My friend said she did not say about the xtray she just want me to take the pain reliever! What if there’s something wrong with the backbone of my friend? I know the pain reliever helps her but what if it does not work? What if the pain still exist and found the worst later?

In those situations, I said to myself that I am lucky to have my own private health insurance and at the same time my insurance that I pay for only 70US$ a month is much better versus to the 370US$ that the locals here in Czech Republic paying for their Government health care. Every time I go to my OBGYN I end-up paying of nothing, I even don’t need to pay my medicine. I went to IVF In-Vitro fertilization and I know it is very much expensive, but believed me or not my husband and I pays nothing it is 100% paid by our private health care.

My husband had his Nose surgery last year here in Czech Republic at one of the hospital here. When we arrived in the hospital we already saw tons of people in the waiting area at the same clinic for “ENT.” I said to my husband that we might be out late because we have tons waiting. We saw an old woman who pretty much was in pain. In less than 10minutes the Nurse came-out and the Old woman stood up talking the Nurse. Seems like she’s asking when will be her name called, as what I understand! I’m not really sure because my Czech Language is poor. Then the Nurse called my Husband’s name to get in. My husband said to the Nurse it’s OK I can wait more maybe she need it now pointing to the “The old Woman” but the Nurse says it’s Ok the Doctor is ready for you (for my husband)

In those situations I saw the poor service again, I feel sorry for the Old Woman. Maybe the Doctor and Nurse  will look after her right away when she’s on emergency mode. But those time between her and to my husband she need the most treated right away than my husband those time. Why? Because we are on the private health care, and the hospital can charged double to our health care provider versus to her Government health care provider.

My point to this issue is that we people if we really want to take care ourselves, and get a better service without depending to our Government, I think we can do it. To pay our own health care is our obligations and not the Government. Quality service is the best among all, and quality can be found in those non dependable sectors.:)

Yes helping is the best way we can give to our fellow-man, and I am willing to help only to those people who deserves it. If we think helping this way is the best way for those people to lessen their financial problems, well I think we’re not helping them at all. It is helping them to be lazy instead of working hard! On their mind why should I work hard if the Government is there providing my own health care for free, which is YOU as a Tax payer suffering to pay extra high Tax.

Where is is right way to go for my money as a Tax Payer of this country.:)

Where is the right way to go for my money as a Tax Payer of this country?

Again guys this is just my political perception about this issues, and I think we should talk about it here, or to the public, and not just to talk behind our back. In this case our political leaders can hear our thoughts and who knows it might work.:)

Best Regards,


I am thankful to the Daily Prompts who brought up this crucial article.:)

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Daily Prompt: Call Me, Maybe~~:)

The situation of today’s Daily Prompt: Call Me, Maybe is like this, 

(Describe your relationship with your phone. Is it your lifeline, a buzzing nuisance, or something in between?)

= Right now I’m not really much into my mobile phone, because I’m not a type of gal that love to send text messages or do phone calls to my friends that much now! In fact I do all my words through my Facebook now as mostly my friends are on Facebook 24 hours, and we communicate through Facebook nowadays. And I do all that Facebook thing through my iPad or my Laptop. When I call my family in the Philippines and to States I do Skype using my iPad or my Laptop. 

Sometimes my phone for me is  annoying because most of the text messages I received is  from the ads commercial of my network provider, which I hate to read all their messages trying to get me into a buying situations of what they offered me! And another one that my phone is very annoying and frustrated for me is when it gets to the point that the battery died quick every time my Internet is on, so I have to make sure that when I’m outside the house I have to turn-off my Internet network or else my battery juice will dry out quick.

My old Mobile Phone's:)

This is all my old Mobile Phone’s except for the Blackberry that my  husband owned. They are all still in good conditions, working and kicking.:) Right now I’m using that HTC EVO 3D.


I’m using this now, my 1yr old HTC phone:)

I'm currently using this HTC 3D mobile phone of mine.

The camera shot of this HTC is not really that bad for an indoor shots, I love it coz I can upload it right away to my networking account, friendy and handy. I have no plan to get another phone unless it is time for iPhone lol.:)

Have a wonderful day with your lovely mobile phone guys,:)

Call me Yen-Yen

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