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Cover Photo

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The 4 years old boy in my dreams.:)

Guy and I foot.:)

It’s so weird but I don’t know how to explain! I may sound like building a “Blahhh-Blahh” story, but I’m not looking for drama mode in me as well!

4nights in a row that I have been dreaming this 4yrs old boy! The little boy face is crystal clear in my dream like Guy’s little image when he was a toddler.
In my dreams I knew that the boy is Guy and I’s flesh.:)

Today riding the tram. I was standing, though there is 1 vacant seat next to me, but I choose to stand as mostly I do when I’m riding a tram. For the fact that I could burn at least few calories by standing than to seat-down! My 1 hand holding to the pole next to the doorway.
1 more stop before I embark. A woman got up from her seat and standing next to me holding the same pole I was holding on. Then all of the sudden I saw the boy in my dreams standing in the middle between me and that woman. The boy holds the pole almost on top of my hand and smiling so clearly to me. His eyes is so clear to me in those following weird few seconds.:) And I replied him also with my smile!:)

I thought the boy was with that woman. When the woman step off the tram. I look up and asked to myself “Where’s the boy? Where is the woman’s boy?”
Then, I realized the woman was by herself only. And I recalled -that the boy was the character of my dream 4days in a row already.:)
When I got home I told the weirdo scene to Guy my husband right away! And he said it’s probably because I was overwhelmed with kids at church this morning and thinking the kids in my volunteer work a lot too. 🙂

Me: I don’t know really! It’s just kinda weird for me. All in my mind is that’ – That boy is one of my probably loss twin last year?
I don’t know their gender when God opted to take them away from me “For his better plan for me and Guy?” Maybe, No, or maybe Yes? But we are perfectly confirmed together with our Doctor’s, that I was carrying in my womb a Two Heartbeat of Guy and I flesh last year! In short it’s a darn little Twins.:)

I’m not sad now, about what happen! I’m not sad now that I loss my first baby in my womb year of 2011, and my Twins last year. I understand and accepted what God’s better plan for us, because right now Guy and I saw his reason why? And will stay positive and continue to follow what God want us to pursue like what we’re walking now.”__”
What we’re proceeding now? Opps that’s secret for now.:)

Do I miss my Angels? Ohhhh Yes! Of course big darn Yes.
Did I blamed my loss? Yes absolutely before!

But now the wounds been healed and every time I till a story about my Angels now I felt no pain anymore. Because I then finely accepted the fact that God has his best capability to take good care of my 3 Little Peanuts Babies in his Kingdom than here in my arms.:)

Missing you 3 bad my Little Peanuts, and I Love you so dearly.:)

Mommy and Daddy are fine now, don’t worry of us! Just have fun there in God’s paradise. And just keep having fun playing in those pretty garden where butterflies are free flying, playing with you all little Angels.:)

Prayers to my 3 Angels.:)

Prayers to my 3 Angels.:)

I Love you Little 3 Peanuts,

Mommy Yen.:)

My 1st 4th of July as an American citizen☺

Hello lovely readers,

Oh boy I’m over the moon dead late again! But know what? I don’t care at all.:) Folks I been so busy this past few weeks, been emotional and waiting for me is a killer! But I wont going to reveal it for now, why? Because I love suspense!

I just have a free time to hitch, and on my thought are about sharing my simple but spectacular experienced during my 1st 4th of July as an American. So guys have fun, and I’ll surely be back sooner or later, as I’m still busy getting ready for our move out here in Czech Republic very soon.:)

Some of my ingredient's of Bread Pudding:)

Hygiene is part of my goal when I’m cooking:)

Aside for cooking my own kitchen I loved to see it clean, I keep it cool to my eyes. I washed every single ingredient, or my groceries before I place them in my fridge. And when time for me to cook them I wash them again, clean my area where I placed my cooking stuffs. I’m very much on hygiene.:)

I lose my bit, so here I am cooking this 1st ever Bread pudding for my husband, so good luck to me:)

I’ve research and all the ingredients, and procedures powered by my friend no other than Mr.Google the great.:)

holly cow, it turned out yummy pretty good baby:) my husband enjoyed it so much and ohh yeah he exercise hard after eating that all lol””:) 1st try 1st success;)

The celebration continues on that week, during the weekend my husband and I opted to hitched in a Prague lunch cruise, this is our 2nd time around though.:)

Happy ride:)

Happy 4th of July Americans:)On that day of 4th of July I opted to drop by to a nail salon to have this design for my nails.

American Flag on my nails:) I opted to have this design on my nails as my sign of respect, and being proud as one of those lucky American citizen.:)

June is Breast cancer awareness month of Czech Republic!


Hello guy’s, just a quick thinking post again!

Before it runs out to my brain, how’s your weekend by the way? Mine? Not much though! My hubby is out of the country, so after I sent him to the airport this morning I run right-away to the Gym and stayed their for couple of hours. Then I treat myself to a little shopping, which is woman’s loves to perform! Then I head home.

Yesterday when my husband and I were out and about, as he asked me if we could do some walking near the Flea market, as the weather is kind of OKAY! We spotted that few women are wearing this same pink shirt, police cars around, and the flea market is kind of heavy. I kind of ignoring the scenario as I focus eyeing the food’s display, and some unique stuff! And yes I found this unique stuff, a telescope that I bargain and saved me about 10$“lol.” The telescope changes colors as you focus to the subject so for me it is quite interesting.

My husband wants to sit in a restaurant, so since we cant find that in a flea market we skipped right way and head off to our favorite boat restaurant. While strolling in the riverside walks all of the sudden a school parade of this pink shirt are blocking the road. What should I do? Here’s the few photos so have fun guy’s.:)

We have to stop and position ourselves to the corner or els well got run over lol:)

Another group of pink are in the side walk of the river!

Can yo dare to count how many pink in there?

some pink went to stop and has to cool down in the restaurant!

I’ve asked to this young girls about what’s going on here? She has trouble to her English, I think she’s nervous. But she delivered good as she said it is a Breast Cancer Awareness month of Czech Republic.:) And all the pink Shirt sponsored by “AVON” I said to them I thought it is October is the cancer awareness month? she response Yes! but here in Prague we opted to execute it this early month of June.:)

Police officer on horse patrol!

Pink Shirt by AVON!

This is our Favorite restaurant here in Prague! after all the walking and battling the parade were glad to reached this restaurant….BUT UNFORTUNATELY the restaurant is FULL no vacant and we have to wait for an hour.:( so opted to go to our 2nd choice of restaurant in the mall of Andel in the steak restaurant! I cant wait for another hour as I felt dehydrated, hungry, and cant wait to set and relax!

That’s the name of our favorite restaurant here in Prague! The price is not bad, food is excellent, location is good, and the view is romantic.:) it’s a boat restaurant! If you love pizza, then it is best choice! It is an Italian restaurant.:)

6 years of wedding anniversary! wood or Iron?

wood symbol in 6yrs married.:)

Hi guy’s,

I hope you all are in good shape, and hope to hear you soon. It’s been a while I haven’t heard about you guy’s… opppsss’’’ I think it’s me whose been out for a-while?

I just wanted to dropped this slight revise of my love life! It might be fun to my readers.:) Yesterday was my 6 years wedding anniversary yehheeyyy.:) My man said it was a “wood” year of marriage but when Ive researched it the meaning of 6years marriage was “Iron” and when I cleared it out to my husband, he said I might be wrong! for the fact he was insisting it was wood. So whatever it is? It doesn’t matter either way though! Because the most relevant was both souls are still involved and in love to each other.

Just for an entertaining it bumped to my head that I should also give something involved with wood as part of my gift to my man. So I found this handcraft expression like a buggy wood. I admit I have trouble finding a gift for my man every occasion, as his not into material stuffs. Give him ”Salami” then his in heaven lol.:) So yesterday I hand him this Wii Investigation games, and additional daily casual long sleeves for his work! All of the sudden when I’m at shower I heard him playing the Wii games as part of my present to him. Which made me very happy because he love’s my humble present to him.

Inside the Restaurant. Pretty good ambiance for me:) The restaurant on top  ground floor was overlooking to the river where you you can feel the fresh air of the surrounding.  Our weekends is kind of cloudy, and rain is off and on! So we opted to be inside where we found out more fun, romantic ambiance than in the top floor ground.:)

Looking at this angle picture, the right side is a glass wall where you can see the overlooking river, boat are on, ducks are having fun playing in the water, the best view of the popular bridge in Czech Republic the “Charles Bridge” the “Prague Castle” and more.:) Perfect romantic Anniversary dinner for me.:)

Now lets go to the yummy food:)

My husband Appetizer!

My Appetizer!

This is the funny thing in a fine dinning! The food are great, quite expensive, but the food served are quite not much lol:) My husband friend told him this… “Every time I brought my wife to a fine dinning I end-up ordering a pizza back to the house because I’m still hungry!

My main course! It’s a lobster covered by pasta it looks like cheese but it’s a pasta. I swear it’s yummy promise and I can eat more.:)

Hubby’s main course! Hubby love’s it much he said and when I took a sneak bite Yes it was mouth watering like mine.:)

Main course of Hubby! just another good view.:)

Now let me tour you guy’s to the gorgeous view from our glass wall table inside the restaurant!

A view from our glass wall next to our table.:) The Charles Bridge!

The photos was taken from my 10megapixel Olympus Digital Camara which is my purse Camara. Angle shot behind the glass.:)

Lets go back to food, now it’s dessert time!

I’m not quite interested with the dessert so no comment!

Hubby’s dessert! his not quite impressed to his dessert too! But he eat them all though, and mine too all of them went to his tummy lol:)

View from our table! sorry I intended the back ground as dark as I can!

Just a quick snap!

And now time to go home!

The garden entrance of the restaurant! The top ground floor

The name of the restaurant. Kampa park in Prague Czech Republic:)

If one day you’ll have the opportunity to be in Prague, then I’ll recommend you to this restaurant “Kampa park”

Just another glimpse! I was surprised yesterday morning when I tried to hand my presents to my man in our bedroom. Then I almost lean my moose stuff toy when my husband shout to be careful the moose is sensitive right now! I grabbed my toy and found a warped box, when I open it it’s a box of Louis Vuitton wallet but it was same color to this bag which I already have one. So we opted to go back to the Louis Vuitton shop after church to change it with this brown dammer color of wallet.:)
Then my husband said that theres might be another box in back of the pillow! where I found this LV bag.:) I’m so surprised and happy for the wonderful blessing from God.:) And I keep my faith more to him and praying for another successful year of loving blissful marriage again.:)

I would like to share you guy’s few of my wedding day photos way back June 3 of 2006:)

The reception area!

my own humble designed wedding cake!

Guest souvenirs!

My Alma mater University choir!

The wedding bands!

Church wedding!

Inside wedding church!

Wedding accessories!

My own humble designed gown, combination with Filipino and American way!

Thank you guy’s your comments and note are highly appreciated:) Cheers to our successful marriage each of us here.:)

God Bless,


~~Georgia Tbilisi~~:)

Ahhh–ohhhh I almost forgot my way here I think! hmmppp I’m in trouble I can see it!
Anyway guys pardon me for being such a distance the past month I think:( I been through a lot, from disappointment to now the success. Right now I’m here in the land of my new beautiful nation, my new lovely country the land of everything for me, the United States of America. Why I’m here? I’ll let you later on my next blog.
How are you guys? hows things here? I know I miss a lot, and I’m just having trouble to get things into shape the past mont but now I feel good with my lucrative news and that would be reveal in my next article.

I give my gorgeous husband a break after a few hours in shopping mall, so his sleeping right now snoring, and probably dreaming of a huge fat SALAMI:) other than shopping which for him is the most boring un-iniresting way! but you know woman’s loves shopping… And if you say that you don’t like shopping as a woman! then I think you have to think it again my friend.:)

Anyway a little over a mont ago my husband and I went to Tbilisi Georgia, it’s not because of vacation but because of a business trip for him. My husband asked me if I would like to go with him! I thought it is in Georgia USA but I’m dead wrong because it is between Turkey and Russia, and I said why not I would love to escape Prague for a week and look forward to the new culture.

The Following photos are in Georgia Tbilisi, so folks have fun.:)

Tbilisi town of Georgia.

A side walkway, next is an ongoing rebuilding.

A photo from above of our hotel.

I must admit that their food are mouth watering, t may look funny sometimes but once you've taste it, it is yummy baby.:)

looks funny but tasted good:)

"Freedom Square" for my few days of stay in Tbilisi I've learned a few intiresting stuffs. Like I found out that Georgia was under by persian decades of decades ago, so the King of Georgia asked helped by Russian to fight the Persian, and when Georgian got their freedom from Persian, Russian took over the country of Georgia and they are on war up till year 2006.

Night scene

It reminds me of Philippines that seems like every sidewalk has a sidewalk vendors.

I have problem in Georgia, I have trouble crossing the streets because I hardly see a crosswalk, but to go the underground which I'm kind of not like it.

Government office

one night when my husband and I went to a Restaurant, a boy maybe about 10 years old asking for money. so my husband hand him a few coins, and then all of the sudden a school of kids came by and started to tie their hands next to my husband and mine both legs, grabbed my husband hands for him not to walk right way, and the little girl hold tight my hands, one hand started to hold my hand-bag. It's just unbelievable and it's shocking for me at those point.

about 500yrs old of Sanctuary Georgia, amazing:)

Tons of damage that need to rebuild again, and now Georgian are trying to move and restore everything they can.

Lets go back to food.:)

They cooked your bread just next where you can see them, awesome:)

I recommend this side caffe they are really good and the price is reasonable.

The caffe that has a yummy dessert, breakfast to offer:)

Theres a soup inside and its really tasted good if I spell it right i think it is called "Khinkali"?

I have more photos to provide you guys about Tbilisi Georgia and I promise I will do more in the next time.:)

Again I hope you folks have a wonderful weekend with romance of course, and see you soon God Bless y’all xxxx:)

Blogger Yen2x:)

Weekly Photo challenge: Color

Hellos y’all all how are your weekdays so far?
About mine is nothing much except that the closest it gets to the weekend is kinda exciting for me and that’s a BiG SeCreT for now, and if it works good according to plan then it will be awesome and I’m proud to announce here soon.:)

Anyway I have this photos I think a week before Christmas of last year, for my color theme. But I haven’t post right away cuz idd like to put my name in each photos I have. So I asked my friend in college on how to do it without using Adobe, and good thing he replied me after a week I think. And I found the answer and it’s pretty easy and simple “Pancit” in my language!

In my perception Colors for me has a big rule in our each life. I have a co-worker a Czech woman when I showed her this photos! She’s amazed it and she said that she love my art works of photographs! She asked me the reason about the photos! I said it’s theme about colors. She said that when she’s sad she wore Black. When shes happy she wore darker. When she need energy she wore Red or pink, and when she’s in-love white is her best.:) hmmm sounds interesting right?

For me colors is about emotion for me, it’s not because I am in-love or what, but it’s an emotion that push me to connect the minute I saw it! Am I sound clear? But I know you know what I mean!

Anyway enough that long run of words, I don’t want you get bored cuz even me I don’t know where to end my explanation, but all I know is I love colors, I love feeling my emotions and I love putting and bringing colors in my daily life.:)

Best regards,


















“History of the Scar”

I was kind of a very active type of gal when I was young! Yes when I was young.:) A new thing for me is a very entertaining and cool so discovering new stuffs around me are kind of magic. I grew up with kids surrounding me from my neighbors, friends and to my two siblings. I still recalled that I love playing so much especially out door with my friends. I love weekends for the fact that I can play with no limits according to my beliefs even though my Mother has this strong law about “No playing out door”, and should only be inside the house studying our school assignments. I never followed my Mom instruction, instead I escaped and head out playing with my neighbors and of course to have fun which should be being a kid. I didn’t care what my Mother does to me once she found out that I just escaped.

I remember one time, my Mom told me to keep an eye on the rice she cooked because she is going to the market for our dinner. The market is about 5minutes walk from our house! I said to my Mom okay don’t worry ill watched over it. But the minute I saw my Mom blurry from my two little cute eyes, is also the minute I jumped outside playing with my neighbors. All of the sudden I heard my Mom screaming at me because the Rice turned all block burning and it is 1million % burned. Hey maybe your saying it’s my Mom fault why she left and letting me to take over the Rice instead of she’s the one. As it is her obligation and responsibilities. But hey it is in the Philippines so don’t bother to think lol

One day I was playing with my playmates and accidentally my upper leg hurt. I noticed it was sore and its bleeding good amount of blood. It left me with this big scar the reason why I hate wearing a swim suite as I’m ashamed to show off.

I remember during the weekdays I have to save my allowance from school so at the weekend I have enough money to rent a bicycle for less than 4 hours. Because I’m a new beginner I have trouble finding myself teaching riding the bicycle. My mother is working and my father is distance from us so no body’s teaching me on how to ride the bicycle but myself alone. At the end I found that I am a good rider after falling of hundred times and receiving scars from that bicycle.

scar from bicycle

The most memorable one was the scar through my left leg. I remember my mother says, “Don’t touch the powder milk I set aside because that’s only enough for our budget for this week.” But I didn’t know I was addicted to the powder milk by then. I was rushed to the hospital because of the Thermos that loaded of boiled hot water poured onto my left leg. It happened because I’m having trouble reaching the milk next to the thermos. I know it is me to blame and it is my fault. The incident marked me with this anxiety and consciousness knowing that I really hate wearing Skirt or short during the day time. And yes only on the day time because night doesn’t bother me! 🙂

Scar from the Hot boiled water

The most unforgettable scar that I hate the most was the chicken pox and I blamed myself for not taking care of my skin. I remember my mother keeping an eye on me during the chicken pox of mine. But because I am very hard headed I scratched it to death as I remember it was freaking itching. The chicken pox marked 2 little scars souvenir that noticeable in my cheeks grrrrr.

Scar from chicken pox on my cheeks

The above story about the scars in my body contributes regretful, annoying, and consciousness on me. I feel ugly and feel pity inside of me! Nobody’s has to blame but myself alone. Why I never gave the chance to listen to my poor mother and stay out of those one knowing that it can hurt me. But it’s too late now; if I can take it back I already turn and change it all. But all I can do now is too learn those mistakes of scars I own.

I have one lesson to open up to you my readers. How about those stuffs that scars should be the only way to add up your last breath? How about those body that the only option is to get this biggest scar just to survive from dying pain? And having big scars doesn’t matter as it’s the only option they got.

One of my Sister In-law is a survivor from a breast cancer. When i talked to her I asked about how it feels to be a breast cancer patient. She replied to me that it was awful to see her one breast that has a problem and her body and soul fighting to survived. I asked her the possible cause why these breasts Cancer exist in some human body? She replied me with no exact answer because even she herself has no idea. She just told me that she’s a healthy conscious lady, she exercise good and her life style is very good according to the needs of a human body.
During the conversation with my sister In-law, I found a reason to be glad and not to hate my scars itself. Looking back that I’m very lucky enough. I wonder how their feelings knowing that they hardly wear their swim suite now. Knowing that the scar they have is the reason of their heartaches and the dying pain. But deep inside of me I felt sympathy because I know how it feels to be broken knowing that one part of our body is missing.

Pink Bracelate

I thought of writing this type of article since early this month. My husband and I went to the Hard Rock store to purchase the jacket that I really wanted to have for this fall season. When I’m ready to pay the pink bracelet catches my attention, until the cashier told me that it is a symbol for October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I opted to get the bracelet, one for me and one for my sister In-law.

This photos is from this link that I crop http://www.thescarproject.org/gallery/

This photo is from this link that i crop http://www.thescarproject.org/gallery/

Last Saturday my husband and I went to Clinique beauty store and then the Cashier hand me this cute tiny pink ribbon. Again the cashier told me it’s October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. While at Tram it crosses to my mind to write about the history of my scars.
For you to know about breast cancer in a way you never saw before please click the link http://www.thescarproject.org/gallery/ the scar survivor heroes in my eyes.