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I write using my heart openly. With my emotions my mind can push my hands to write everything I want to blow-out. To know me more, please hand me a few minutes to read this blog of mine. "Here I can introduce myself to you my readers" I am in love in taking photographs, a freelancer, writing is my top passion's, I'm a certified Interior Decorator, holding a Bachelor Degree, and fashion is my best girl friend.:)

Have you chased the Northern Lights yet?

The Stunning Lady Aurora is flirting us in the Arctic.:)

The Stunning Lady Aurora is flirting us in the Arctic.:)

Hey guy’s I am back again. How you guys doing? How was you’re Christmas, New Year and holidays?

Last December 15 my husband and I went on our biggest adventure in our time together. We had a 2weeks brilliant picturesque in Norway. We spent a week in +Oslo the capital city of +Norway and the other week was in the +Arctic in +Tromso J

We did quite a bunch of fun and yeah we’re eating like a pig as well lol.

We did the following adventures in Norway.

  • +Dog-sleigh
  • +Northern-lights
  • +Snowmobile
  • +Reindeer-sleigh
  • Camping in the Arctic
  • Tourist-viewing
  • Eating a +Reindeer stew and the +Norwegian cuisine.
After riding a Snowmobile

After riding a Snowmobile

Heavy colors of my Lady Aurora:)

Heavy colors of my Lady Aurora:)

I felt sad when driving the Snowmobile and haven't seen the Aurora the whole trip.  We stayed for hot soup and beverage  in the camp while all of the sudden one of the tour crew told us to slowly and slowly get off the tent coz the Lady Aurora is dancing in the Sky around that 9pm at -20C plus temperature.

I felt sad when driving the Snowmobile and haven’t seen the Aurora the whole trip.
We stayed for hot soup and beverage in the camp while all of the sudden one of the tour crew told us to slowly and slowly get off the tent coz the Lady Aurora is dancing in the Sky around that 9pm at -20C plus temperature.


Breathtaking scene.:)

Breathtaking scene.:)

I didn't even noticed that I am not wearing my gloves and didn't felt the cold that night. We all just saying the magic words "wow-wow-wow":)

I didn’t even noticed that I am not wearing my gloves and didn’t felt the cold that night. We all just saying the magic words “wow-wow-wow”:)

Those adventure holidays experienced of ours was more than a designer bag and more than a material stuff that I ever received in my life.

I whispered +Christmas is not about a material gift that we hand over.

It’s not about a temporary joy from a gift-wrapped box under the Christmas tree. But it’s the long-term joy and experienced that we can bring-up every conversations with someone we would love to share with.

I had so much fun and had the most fascinating scene that time that I ever could think off.

Riding the Dog-sleigh and a driver as well in the dark with only lights we have on are the headlights of ours. In the middle of nowhere but surrounded with the true rainbow of God’s made the amazing color of the Sky, the crystal clear stars that twinkling dancing so happily, the own music of the fresh air in the mountain, the fighter dogs that have a heart of a lion, our groups amazed and our each eyes, my eyes was tearful of the blessings appreciating how life been good to me since I stumbled way back then.

We sleep in the Tent bringing back the old ways from ages, fixing our own fire and sleeping in the winter bag.

No worries about shower, neither brushing our teeth nor washing our faces!

The delicious meal prepared by our “Arctic Adventure crew” was phenomenal and listening each stories in front of the big fireplace brought us in reality that really our world is fascinating more than ever else if we’ll just open our heart so wide and let our eyes stare every bit of it.)

The Northern Lights is the most highlighted scene that brought me into tears.

It was another bucket list of mine that I conquered indeed a lifetime blessing experienced that most often people don’t know they exist.

But above all I am Godly Thankful God for showing me how my existence in this world is indeed more than a Material stuffs coz God have a long term Trilled for us in the future and not the temporary one.

That was so far the Best Christmas I ever felt. It’s the experienced of a longtime scene to share with in my next generation.

Have a Blissful fabulous New Year my friend,



I’m back after over a year without WordPress in my journal.:) How are you guys?

Hello guys,
I think a year pass by that I haven’t hand you some update about my status and what’s going on me for the past year. Pardon for my absence though it’s not an excuse but I lost my interest here in WordPress around that time!

Anyway I’m doing well and my husband as well, we are just both busy, both involved to this overwhelming paperwork’s that seems like aged us for over a year. But aside for that we’re strongly doing abundant thanks god. We we’re in States last May and had countless moments with my Sister in-law.

For now here are the photos that I’d like to share with you guys and soon my good news well revealed.

The Boat Hotel Matylda Restaurant. A weekend fine relaxing lunch with my boys.:)

The Boat Hotel Matylda Restaurant. A weekend fine relaxing lunch with my boys.:)

Botel-Matylda is another boat Restaurant here in +Prague and a +Hotel as well.
Many times that I passed by this hotel of +Vltava River but never got the chance to grasp inside.

Botel Boat Hotel

Botel Boat Hotel

The outdoors of the design is very intriguing, eyeful and convincing. Last weekend my husband and I went to the +Flea-Market shopping. Walking all the way to the sidewalk. Almost lunch so we opted to head right after shopping to our favorite boat restaurant the +Grosseto-Marina.
While walking that way I saw this Boat Hotel and saw people chewing down inside.

My husband thought “Exclusive for the guest service only” but instead of being skeptical I stroll inside and asked!
And yepp we ended up our 1st experienced of this +Boat-Hotel-Matylda restaurant that serves +Italian +Cuisine

Sweet lunch.:)

Sweet lunch.:)

The ambiance feels relaxed, breathing the cool breeze of the wind, the birds singing, swimming, the low motion of the boats are passing us through, the mountain view and the wonderful scene moments is just quite a harmony of mind while sitting in the +Anchored boat.

Scenic View:)

Scenic View:)

We are just right there next to the water with this stunning scenery.

We are just right there next to the water with this stunning scenery.

Heading out now.:)

Heading out now.:)

“Jenny’s Loss” The released of my second book series.:)

Cover Photo

Cover Photo

Grab your copy at http://www.amazon.com

Look for Lourdes Genovese to find this book

Could be download to this following gadgets

iPad, Kindle, Tab, iPhone, and LapTops.

Language: Tagalog Filipino




Meet my new Puppy Love Zepher.:)

Hi y’all this article is about Zepher’s Biography just so you know the humors about this cute handsome pup.:)

Zepher is a Puppy Dog Pets of Yen-Yen

Zepher’s father is originally from States and mommy from Czech-Republic

Zepher’s Kennels is one of the high top breed dog owners in Czech Republic who always won the Showed contest.

Type of Breed= Bichon Frise

DOB= Sept 2, 2013

Zepher, is strong, naughty male, and healthy.

Zepher, is cute, attractive, playful, full of energy, and loves to bite.

Zepher, is sweet, adorable, and huggable.

Zepher’s Vaccines are all complete and waiting for maturity for his Neuter soon.

Bichons breed is Good for apartment, adores their owners, and none shading coat.
Required a lot of grooming.

My pup is really a suitable companion for me. And he really tried his greatest to pleased me as his owners and done only few accidents when his just a little pup. But now it’s surprising coz his pretty much house broken and growing smart.

When we bought him is kinda NO for me coz his quite pricey, but when I 1st hold him unto my hands the feeling of hesitations went to dust, and now it’s all worthy and priceless.:)ImageImageImage

Dead Government and Dead Leadership in the Philippines!

It’s been 5 days already since the Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) left the Philippines with overwhelming pain, agony, frustrations, and with footmarks of hundreds deaths. Watching the survivors, shouting for a little hope of food, shelter, and medicines, made my heart smashed into pieces. How much more to those affected families?

“People outlived from the Typhoon Haiyan, but they rather wants to die during those Typhoon than to perceive and gradually dyeing because of no FOOD, no HELP from their crooks Politicians’ Government and slow moving actions”

I opted to stop watching the TV news through CNN because I myself felt useless and helpless to my former Philippines. I am thinking that if I’m in the Philippines right now though my Hometown is in Cagayan De Oro City. I am thinking to gather a group, to gather some relief goods like the others did to hand them.

I’m sorry and pardon me, but I felt that the Philippine Government right now are dead too. For me the Philippine Government and the politicians are seems like the victims right now, and soon become dead too “grrrrrr”. The area of Tacloban Leyte is like a scenario of a movie scene ready for their ZOMBIE’s films.

Yes I know that the infrastructures in Tacloban are 90% dead. The roads are blocks; dead bodies are all over in the roads, causing the delayed deliveries of the relief goods. Then what’s the other Police Military’s doing there then? Just watching, standing, and guarding? Guarding for what? That no one can steal the relief goods?

Please Military army! Work your way to divide the survivors to follow your command to be on the line, or dividing them into family members. So you or the volunteers can hand them that relief goods easily without a fights. Those groups of army’s, cops, and volunteers should be divided, and should be given instructions to where and what to do like cleaning the roads, cleaning the bodies, and so.

Please at least show your leadership here Mr.President! Deliver your instructions to your groups and don’t just set, talk some nonsense, because you sounds like no wisdom of sympathy in front of the Television Sir. You look stupid, for me listening your words “Where is your immediate helps your talking about?”

I am a big fun of yours and like you so much. But this time you disappoint your people in the Philippines, us here, and me as well.

No enough trucks for this road? Then use the Helicopters, divide the groups to build a shelter for those unreachable victims in the remote area now and bring those relief goods to them. That’s simple to do I think!

There is no parking for these Helicopters? Then use a rope so the relief goods can released, and the volunteers can jump enough not to get hurt to the land. There are tons of ways, and theres tons of reason not to do so!

Please use the brain at this time, enough with “BS” and actions should be given and furnished the victims with your leadership.

Why not try to borrow the airplane of those Private business airlines in the Philippines? Like Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, and so, in return for a discounted Tax or free Tax or whatever! So that the survivor that wants to be out that affected area can go out, and reconcile their love ones who are in unaffected Islands in the Philippines.

Please do something work your brain. There are tons of Military’s army and Policeman’s in the country bring them to the affected areas and hand them you’re instructions. Don’t just wait the neighborhood countries, please do something to, this is the time of unity, and wisdom should exercise, not for stupidity, and laziness, and throwing tons of reason why cant reach this people.

I know your better than this Mr.President of the Philippines, please stand up raise your voice to your people because they will follow your instructions.

I know you’re tired and overwhelmed already to this unending tragedy in the Philippines. And I understand you a lot, but it’s no sense to me, it doesn’t makes sense why the mountain of donations, big amount from the thoughtful neighboring countries are seems like dead too. This donation’s should be now given in to the survivors, and not just seating somewhere else bank! Because very soon this will happen, that Billions of donations will goes to someone’s crooks politician’s bank account.

I believed that you are a good man; you are not like the other crocodile crooks politicians, that just dreaming for that enormous money, and the minute they found a little hole their ready to attack right away to steal that money were supposed to be the owner of that money are the Victims, the survivors, and the budget to stand again to reconstruct that affected areas.

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 4.57.28 PM


Preparations needed for my puppy Bichon Frise’s arrival:)


For more information about this please visit the link above.:)


Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 4.57.28 PM

My 1st Homemade Facial Mask from Avocado fruit:)

Homemade Facial Mask from Avovado

For more info about this article and explanation about this home remedies facial mask? Please co bloggers and readers please click the link above or copy and paste it on your search bar above. 

The material's we need!

The material’s we need!

Need a Blender too:)

Need a Blender too:)

Place it in the Jar.:)

Place it in the Jar.:)

Place the jar to your fridge, for your next following use.

Place the jar to your fridge, for your next following use good for 15-20 days keep.

Apply or brush your Avocado to your face. Cover more your nose with this one. The nose has this big open pores. Leave it til 15-20 Minutes and rinse well with cold water.

Apply or brush your Avocado to your face. Cover more your nose with this one. The nose has this big open pores so need to take care that one. Leave it til 15-20 Minutes and rinse well with cold water.



Have a wonderful day beauties,

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 4.57.28 PM

Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

The Daily Post challenge is about this- 


It could be a shot taken during your morning walk, the morning vista out your kitchen window, your cat doing a pre-breakfast stretch, or a textured close-up of your oatmeal bubbling away at the stove.

For more info’s please visit this link Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

The following photos are my different ways of how I go my morning specially if I am in a vacation. I mostly not a breakfast eater! A cup of cappuccino, cereal, or a glass of fruits smoothie is good to go for me, and that last from 9am to 2pm.

I Love IHOP food in States! So every time I go visit to States, I make sure at least I could visit IHOP restaurant too. My problem with IHOP to me,  is there serving as it is huge for me, specially that I am a small eater at a time.

IHOP Pancake CA Branch!

IHOP Pancake CA Branch!

IHOP Omelettes CA Branch!

IHOP Omelette CA Branch!

IHOP Coffee CA Branch!  Opppsss ahhh ohhh the lipstick mark...

IHOP Coffee CA Branch!
Opppsss ahhh ohhh the lipstick mark…

Brrrppp! This half went to Guy. I'm surely does can't dig it all.:)

Burrrpppp! The rest went to Guy, I can’t dig it all.:)

If your in London and familliar with this picture I'm sure you'll be able to name it.  I forgot the name of this pretty cute cute one coffee shop! All I know is that I  Love their Porridge so much yummmyumm.:)

If you’re from London and familiar with this picture, I’m sure you’ll be able to name it.
I forgot the name of this pretty cute one coffee shop! All I know is that, I Love their Porridge so much yummmyumm.:)

If your happen to be in Prague. Please don't step off the city without visiting  http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&cad=rja&sqi=2&ved=0CCoQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.bohemiabagel.cz%2Fhome.php&ei=gfZSUviwFOei4gT3i4H4CQ&usg=AFQjCNGnqTuZSbSvB-cGVN4ZrCGRqZiPPw&sig2=Vz4WWz8a7T_ljPlk7Tryug

For those Americans whose longing for American coffee and could be able to get a chance to visit Prague! Please don’t step out of the city without visiting the restaurant “Bohemia Bagel” walking distance to Charles Bridge. For the address here’s the website  http://www.bohemiabagel.cz/home.php

The coffee is unbelievable -My husband said! “Bottomless” Yes, and it’s your Traditional American coffee. I’m not a coffee drinker but my husband does! After living almost 4 years now here in Czech republic, my husband finely settled in about his coffee here in Europe!

Bohemia Bagel reall American Coffee in Prague.:)

@ Bohemia Bagel in Prague. The real American Coffee.:)

Special Thanks to our Parish Priest. Father William, who introduced and invited us to have a morning breakfast with him one fine sunny late winter before the arrival of Spring. And the rest became my Husband favorite spots every weekend morning at Bohemia Bagel.:)

I soo Loved the taste of this

I soo Loved the taste of this Caramel Macchiato! My weekend morning is very crucial, helping the homeless on Saturday, and now I just started as a Teachers Assistance for the Religious  class for about 6-8years old kids every Sunday in the church. So before I get to my weekend commitments I surely be in Starbucks for my Caramel Macchiato, to boost up my energy. Specially now because Halloween is just nearby, I got my other favorite too- the “Pumpkin Spice latte” They are soo awesome tasteful to me, and I just make sure no CREAM on top of them.:)

My husband hates Starbucks coffee aside for- it is expensive for a cup of coffee and the worse thing for him is that the coffee Americano in Starbucks is not the real traditional coffee he remembered in States. But he goes to Starbucks, because of me! Yes, as he always says– I only go to Starbucks because of you cuz “I Love You” ahhhh soo sweet BooBoo, Thank You my Love.:)

Have a sweet-hot-good morning you all,

Screen Shot 2013-08-09 at 4.57.28 PM

The 4 years old boy in my dreams.:)

Guy and I foot.:)

It’s so weird but I don’t know how to explain! I may sound like building a “Blahhh-Blahh” story, but I’m not looking for drama mode in me as well!

4nights in a row that I have been dreaming this 4yrs old boy! The little boy face is crystal clear in my dream like Guy’s little image when he was a toddler.
In my dreams I knew that the boy is Guy and I’s flesh.:)

Today riding the tram. I was standing, though there is 1 vacant seat next to me, but I choose to stand as mostly I do when I’m riding a tram. For the fact that I could burn at least few calories by standing than to seat-down! My 1 hand holding to the pole next to the doorway.
1 more stop before I embark. A woman got up from her seat and standing next to me holding the same pole I was holding on. Then all of the sudden I saw the boy in my dreams standing in the middle between me and that woman. The boy holds the pole almost on top of my hand and smiling so clearly to me. His eyes is so clear to me in those following weird few seconds.:) And I replied him also with my smile!:)

I thought the boy was with that woman. When the woman step off the tram. I look up and asked to myself “Where’s the boy? Where is the woman’s boy?”
Then, I realized the woman was by herself only. And I recalled -that the boy was the character of my dream 4days in a row already.:)
When I got home I told the weirdo scene to Guy my husband right away! And he said it’s probably because I was overwhelmed with kids at church this morning and thinking the kids in my volunteer work a lot too. 🙂

Me: I don’t know really! It’s just kinda weird for me. All in my mind is that’ – That boy is one of my probably loss twin last year?
I don’t know their gender when God opted to take them away from me “For his better plan for me and Guy?” Maybe, No, or maybe Yes? But we are perfectly confirmed together with our Doctor’s, that I was carrying in my womb a Two Heartbeat of Guy and I flesh last year! In short it’s a darn little Twins.:)

I’m not sad now, about what happen! I’m not sad now that I loss my first baby in my womb year of 2011, and my Twins last year. I understand and accepted what God’s better plan for us, because right now Guy and I saw his reason why? And will stay positive and continue to follow what God want us to pursue like what we’re walking now.”__”
What we’re proceeding now? Opps that’s secret for now.:)

Do I miss my Angels? Ohhhh Yes! Of course big darn Yes.
Did I blamed my loss? Yes absolutely before!

But now the wounds been healed and every time I till a story about my Angels now I felt no pain anymore. Because I then finely accepted the fact that God has his best capability to take good care of my 3 Little Peanuts Babies in his Kingdom than here in my arms.:)

Missing you 3 bad my Little Peanuts, and I Love you so dearly.:)

Mommy and Daddy are fine now, don’t worry of us! Just have fun there in God’s paradise. And just keep having fun playing in those pretty garden where butterflies are free flying, playing with you all little Angels.:)

Prayers to my 3 Angels.:)

Prayers to my 3 Angels.:)

I Love you Little 3 Peanuts,

Mommy Yen.:)