Daily Prompt: Celebrate Good Times♥♥♥

The Daily Post challenge today is in this type of situation!

“You receive some wonderful, improbable, hoped-for good news. How do you celebrate”?

When I was on my 90days vacation in the Philippines March-June I involved myself to fews of celebration in there. All of them are jolly, and fun for me, but last June-6 was my best highlight as I could think of now. I was the one who put more time, and efforts, on how can I provide a much loving fun, and unforgotable moments for my turning 4years old pretty Niece named Ashley.:) I Love you Ashley, and I Miss you a lot, muahhhh.:)

So guys please enjoy the video Birthday Celebration for my Niece, that I made and posted to my Youtube.:)

Daily Prompt: Celebrate Good Times

Happy Happy one you all,



11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Celebrate Good Times♥♥♥

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    • Thank you Anne, that you all enjoying the video Birthday party of Ashley.:) I been thinking hard what kind of Birthday party we could offer to Ashley! And I’m glad we came-up to this kind, that kids should experienced too.

      I don’t have this kind of party during my childhood which is I always long for before. So giving it to the kids reminds me of my dreams come true by then.:)
      In everthing we do, I think it’s crucial that we should praised God 1st, for all his blessings to us and all.:)

      I think the video is kinda long though! Next time I will make it shorter.
      How are you my friend Anne?

      Best regards and God Bless,

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