Old Numbers in Prague:)

Yes, finely friday.♥ Anyone has plans for this weekend?

Me? ~~~ Nope nothing just here working personal stuffs again with my husband.:)

While checking my photos that I snapped last week, this following photos are seems unique for me to let you guys know, that I found this historical numbers in view’s of Prague’s building. Now I’m not saying that this is the oldest building in Prague coz I’m sure there’s more than to this old building around Prague.

Here’s the following photos


You may noticed looks like not a 1885 building! But the thought is that this building was build on 1885 same architect, design, and currently still existing.:) I’ll try to dig in more what the name of this building, or whats in there!




And another one 1902:)


And this one was a abandon building. When I tried to picture it out it seems like an old train station of Prague before. I’m not sure though! 

If you knew about the photos feel free to educate us, precisely is I’m interested to hear about it.:)

So this is my friday thoughts of this week, seems nonsense but I think it’s just unique and different, I think.:)

Have a wonderful friday you all,♥♥♥




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