Touched Down Prague.:)

Hey guys, how’s everything up to this summer?

Just a quick update about me right now after those 90 days long vacation in my lovely Philippines.:)

I’m now finely in the ground of Prague, a little over 2 weeks already. I was so busy running errands almost every freakin’ single day! Because we moved to a new flat, so decorating and some fixed up really knocks me down, and plus have to run the time! Aside from that my husband and I are on this tons of documentation that traveled through since I touched down Prague. Paper works here and there, and appointments are lift and right! I did tried to do some blogging but I can’t get that position of knocking and nailing my words as my concentration are out of nowhere by then. “Will I think even until now” so bye for now guys muahhhhxxoxoxoxo.;0

Yesterday hubby and I opted to have a break on our paper works project, so we opted to hike and to check the big park just near to our flat.:)

I snapped this Macro shot using my 5100 Nikon DSLR. Actually for me this isn’t the right output for Macro as I’m on the wrong lens!

Yesterday hubby and I opted to have a break on our paper work project! We opted to hike and do some checking this stunning park that just near our flat.:)

You might notice that I dropped a lot of weight from the last time you saw me? Yes I did.:)

You might notice that I dropped a lot of weight from the last time you saw me! Yes I did.:) From 115 pounds last year of November down to 103 pounds March of this year, and now I’m currently 93 pounds.:) I eat a lot while I’m in the Philippines, but exercise and portion of our daily meals is much relevant for me.:)

I wish you all a happy blissful weekend:)

See y’all next time.:)



5 thoughts on “Touched Down Prague.:)

  1. Hi Yen – Yen , Stunning post .Thank you for liking my post ( Are You Afraid…) have a beautiful week.jalal

    • Hello Anne, seems like been a long time since our last talk.:) I was soo busy when I was in P.I and even until now because of paper works.:) But I keep myself to be back here in WordPress.
      By the way, my husband and I will be staying here for few years hopefully for the best,.:) we opted not to work in Middle East for now, so will be here in Prague and we’re doing good.:)

      A Blissful Tuesday,

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