Yen-Yen’s Philippine Vacay’s update!



Hey guys,

How y’all doing? Hopping that everything with you, and so with your each love-ones are in good shape.:)

I finely got the chance to update my blog. I’m still here in Philippines! My short vacation became a long one, instead of only 32 days! I did a lot of activities here but not on a pleasure photography thing instead I did a lot of waiting from Doctor’s, to airport, to a private meeting with a Lawyer, and more.

Yes I don’t know if I have to call it vacation because so far it seems like I need a real holiday! I work some paper works that I can’t elaborate for now but only thing is crucial and assured. “The output is very possible which is, I think a calling for me, and my loving husband could ever do on our existence”

For now I would like share few photos of my bonding moments with my small and unique family here in Philippines. Last weekend I opted to bring my family in a place where my nieces can get fun.

So here’s the following photos have fun,

My Niece's

My Niece’s! I did prepared their swimwear and placed them in the beach bag of my Mom a night before this scene. When we reached the beach location, I asked my Mom, about her beach bag! She just simply says that “Ohhh my God I forgot to bring my Beach Bag” And that means all our swimwear are not with us that day! So pardon for my niece’s beach attire!:(

My Little Zyra Love:)

My Little Zyra Love:) A walk of an innocent Angel, that long for nothing but to have fun:)

I Love them so much:)

I Love them so much:)

A mother's love is inside on me:)

A mother’s love is inside on me:)



My sweet loving Ashley:)

My sweet loving Ashley:)

A simple weekend momments with this type of scenery:)

A simple weekend moments with this type of scenery:)


I’ll be back again very-very soon guys.:) Again pardon me for not checking here often! And before I forgot guys, I’m also busy taking care my niece’s babysitting them.:)

Best Regards muahhhhhhh,




4 thoughts on “Yen-Yen’s Philippine Vacay’s update!

  1. i can see that you’re having a nice time being ‘home’ and looking forward to more updates from you through your blog.. have a great weekend yenyen 🙂

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