Sunny Winter-land of Prague:)

Every morning when I wake up, one of my routine is to grabbed my device to check the weather update of the day. The weather says “SUNNY PRAGUE √  Yehheheyey 

So I opted to walk around the city instead of walking the treadmill in the gym, and the most crucial thing for me is to shot some street photography.:) Here’s my latest photos of Prague Czech Republic.:)


Notice the American Embassy Flag!

Notice the American Embassy Flag!:)






DSC_4251I felt the smells of “Spring” which is just around the corner, heading to towards to the Winter land slowly and slowly.:)

Have a wonderful Sunny Winter, Winterland,:)



14 thoughts on “Sunny Winter-land of Prague:)

  1. Thank you so much guys for dropping by and leaving with your sweet marks of comments.:)
    Pardon for my delayed response as I was out and about my flat today.:)

    I’ll visit your each page tomorrow guys, and again thank you so much for the likes and your comments.:)

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