♥Macro Monday: Pine Cone♥:)


This is my first moment to join http://lisaschaos.com or Lisa’s challenge about Macro or any close-up photography. This is my first Poem to, and hopefully this will work.:)

To see Lisa’s Macro post please visit her Snowy Macro Monday and with more Macro’s  entries.:)

So here’s my first entry for this challenge guy’s. The two photos bellow are taken in Yosemite National Park CA october 2012.:)


The Pine cone @ Yosemite CA.


Pine Cone’s @ Yosemite National Park CA.


“My dearly Yosemite National Park”
While starring the fascinating sceneries of your’s. I felt this “Droolingness” inside of me.
My heart was overwhelmed with,




Then I glanced this Pine Cone’s in the ground

longing for touched

longing for help


longing for Love.

I picked them up


made to be a star to bright 

made them the number one


brought them to be an eyeful

looking at first glance.♥♥♥🙂


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