Healthy Happy Meal + Weight loss = Healthy Mind&Body ♥:)

 The Daily Post  Situation is like this It’s phonoegraphy month, and what do we love to photograph with our cameraphones? Food. So why fight it? This week’s theme is “lunchtime.” 

Hey guy’s, I would like to bring up some healthy tips about our healthy meal a day. I am a big eater, I love yummy food, and yummy sweets as well, but I’m a type of gal that always counts my calories, and do my best to burned them that day.

Since we moved here in Prague late year 2009 from Saudi Arabia, I put on weights from 103 pounds to 115 pounds. April of last year I dragged myself to the gym, but it only lasted 2months on and off those time. I stop going to gym because I got pregnant but unfortunately lost it August of last year. My weight those time went down to only 112 pounds. Early December I dragged hard myself back to the gym until now, and I’m currently back to 103 pounds my Ideal weight with the help of healthy meal and exercise at least 5times a week. My goal is to reach 99 pounds.:)


  1. Eat high fiver.
  2. Drink a lot of water.
  3. Stop eating process food.
  4. Avoid greasy food.
  5. Don’t eat heavy after 7pm. Small amount of cereals, fruits, and smoothie at night is ideal.
  6. Count your calories and manage them.
  7. Exercise and burn calories at least 500 a day 5 times a week.
  8. Have fun don’t, stress yourself.

This following photos are my healthy cooking Lunch and healthy Dinner snacks.:)

Every morning I have a glass of hot milk, and a fruit mixed smoothie. Since I wanted to get pregnant, I cut out my caffeine unless I go to Starbucks and have caramel macchiato or the Vanilla Latte tall, no cream using skim milk.:)


Boil the Broccoli. In the hot pan with olive oil, mix the minced garlic, add hot pepper, you can add onion if you want. Then add a cup of cooking white wine bring to boil, then add the scallops till it tender. Toast the bread and toppings your scallops add the broccoli then juice it all over. Tips: You can brown the scallops too before boiling it to the white wine! Enjoy your meal.:)

Green Healthy Lunch.:)

Boil the Brocoli, add hot pepper while boiling. On a small bowl combine the squeeze 3pcs cuts of fresh lemon juice, hot paper, red chilli, and olive oil. Then pour the chicken breast and marinate for 5minutes or combine them together in a ziplock shake them well. After 5minutes of combination place the chicken breast in the oven and bring them to broil for 8 minutes each side. Glaze the meat from your left over marinated juice.  Enjoy your healthy green lunch.:)


Boil the sliced turkey breast. Add a hot pepper seasoning, add half of vegetable cubes ‘on your choice” add the cabbage bring to boil till tender, and ready to served.:) I peeled the skin of the turkey breast skin then broiled it, for side dish.:)


Boil the carrots, add the vegetable seasoning from the noodles, add the cabbage, then the noodles. Enjoy your healthy lunch.:)

Healthy Dinner:)

This photo has a high rate of  fiver. I brought the unsalted pistachio nuts, and almonds at Mark&Spencer. I mixed them together then heated for 4minutes in the oven. With this Banana and Orange side dish for my husband and I Healthy Dinner while watching “The Walking Dead”:)


I keep in mind to have this fruit once a day, because oranges keep you from storing fat.:)

      Additional Tips?

  1. Cabbage is very high in fiver
  2. Oranges is keeping you from storing fats on our body
  3. To much salt can retain water on our body
  4. ****I’m just a Human, and I don’t want to be a model like stick. So sometimes I cheated and eat Pizza like once a month lol. I just make sure to burn more extra calories  the next day with the help of the good fiver supplement.:)

Have a healthy meal y’all,


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14 thoughts on “Healthy Happy Meal + Weight loss = Healthy Mind&Body ♥:)

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  6. Hi Yen, Yen can’t work out why I’m always hungry after being on your Blog but at least no weight gain with just looking.

    Weight loss is all about balance, everything God made was good but too much of anything is not benifical.

    Thanks for sharing hope you do well Yen, Yen

    Christian Love – Anne

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