Travel Theme: Roads

The subject of this theme is about “ROAD” that for me can altered a different views if we look at it that way!

In order to get our life horizontal or to be in that right directions that we all craving for, our existence would go through first from different types of roads! The only way to get through that certain path is to be in a thorny dark to a bright smooth route, or from cheerful to agony, or if we’re lucky will walk through that road of fun till we reach that destination.

In this theme I would like to give a little spicy or a little drama outlook to this Road theme challenge!

Guys, the following photos have their individual characteristic about road, the same in our each life stories that walks to a different types of trail. Lets play our mind so we can create a story behind the following photos.:)


Whats beyond that Road? In life we used to explore things beyond our limits, sometimes we regret why we send ourselves to that limits, and sometimes we’re glad we opted to check whats beyond that trail!


This photo is showing one of the village roads in the Amish community in PA. This shows that the Amish community exists in a very simple way, no cars which is I think good Idea to prolong healthy environment.:)

I have problem in Georgia, I have trouble crossing the streets because I hardly see a crosswalk, but to go the underground which I'm kind of not like it.

This Road photo is in Tbilisi Georgia. As you see this man crossed the road dangerously. I noticed that the street has no cross walk, so crossing from point to point is quite a challenge. If you can check my earlier blog about Tbilisi Georgia you’ll know what am I trying to say.

It's my trademark to snap some a photo of my shoes while where on Road Trip.:)

It’s my trademark to snap a photo of my shoes while where on a Road Trip.


The Road of challenge! Foggy weather from point to point!


The Road of fun, Riding a Segway.:) Have you rode this yet? I love this it’s fun.:)


The Road of Magic:) Why? This is somewhere near the outlet shop in CA and it’s amazing that the road is open like this lol:)

A long Traffic that went to 4lanes that time. The only Gas Station that has Gas still and people driving just to get Gas.

About March of last year 2012 when the 1st snow storm of that year hits New England area. People traveling from town to town to get gas, hotels are packed, the roads traffic are horrible moving like a turtle. And we are stuck in this kind of background!


The Road of relief! I was relieved after driving Beg Sur, and Yosemite National park roads, because those roads  kills my nerves and scared me to death! So after seeing this kind of road made my brain cool.:)

Please speeding can hurt  wild animals!

Extra attention while driving can save a wild animal’s life.:)

Thank you so much for dropping by my friends,

have a loving weekend and love to hear you too,


Note: Where’s my backpack? have more fascinating “Roads” articles so please visit this link Travel theme: Roads


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