♥Travel Theme: Bridges♥

Where’s my backpack? challenge for this week is about bridges. I have more bridges photos from other countries that I visited but for some reason I can’t post them here. So guys here are my few bridge photos.♥♥♥:)

Need more Bridge photos? please visit this link Travel theme: Bridges

The Golden Gate Bridge Sanfrancisco CA.:)

The Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco CA 2012.:)

Bridge through Big Sur CA.

Bridge through Big Sur CA.

The Rainbow Bridge that connects NY to Niagara Falls

The Rainbow Bridge that connects NY to Niagara Falls 2011.:)

Georgia Tiblisi 2012

Georgia Tbilisi 2012

Paris 2010

Paris 2010

Tower Bridge London.

Tower Bridge London 2013.

The Londo Bridge

The London Bridge

Charlse Bridge Prague CZ

Charles Bridge Prague CZ

Bridge's in Prague

Bridges in Prague.:)

Have a wonderful one y’all and thank you so much for dropping by,:)



14 thoughts on “♥Travel Theme: Bridges♥

  1. The bridge photos were amazing. My favorite bridge is the long one’s. Here in Michigan. The bridge that crosses into upper Michigan is three miles long over the Lake Superior. A amazing site.

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    • Thanks Rest, Big Sur is a very spectacular scene to see, the view is amazing.:) I heard that the best season to explore Big Sur is Summer to avoid fogs. It was pretty foggy and dangerous when we drived through, and to capture a good photo is hard.:)

      Have a good one Rest,

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