Yen-Yen is Nominated for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award♥

Blogger's award

Yayy I am over the moon today, I received an award as a very inspiring blogger I can’t believed this.:) Thank you very much Thank you for nominating me, I felt the inspirations also to continue my blogging journey here.:)

These are the following Requirements in Nominating your most Inspiring Blogger’s!

  1. I’m a Filipino/American 
  2. I Love’d food trip so much, but I always counts my calories “Hmpp CRAZY WEIRD?”
  3. I Love’d to travel from places to places, but I hate flying
  4. I Love’d to cook, but the Kitchen pots hate me
  5. I Love’d photography through nonsense to interesting scene’s
  6. Writing is my way of introducing myself as my top passion’s
  7. I Love’d my husband so much, and my witness to that is my only weapon’s “GOD”

Nominate 15 bloggers for this award and link to them

The following are my nominated bloggers who inspired me as well.:)

  1. Christian Love Anne” @
  2. Francine” @
  3. Paula” @
  4. Vladimir Brezina” Wind Against Current
  5. “Jake” @
  6. “Bam’s” @
  7. A poem’s @
  8. Elizz” @
  9. Cee” @
  10. Restlessjo” @
  11. Naomi Baltuck” @
  12. Reena” @
  13. Marianne” @
  14. Colline’s Blog” @
  15. The Daily Post

Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements♥♥♥

Congratulations Guys! And spread the award:)



23 thoughts on “Yen-Yen is Nominated for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award♥

  1. congratulations yenyen.. i really enjoy reading your posts and most often make a little comment .. oh and thank you..i could see my name listed up there, thanks for the nomination 🙂 hugs 🙂

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  3. Hey – congratulations Yen-Yen on your award! Well done!

    Thank you for thinking to nominate my blog to pass the Very Inspiring Blogger Award onto. It’s an honour 🙂

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  5. Thank you again Yen – Yen for the Award and you deserve many more, your honesty and Loving nature combined with your friendliness and willing acceptance of others, makes you a very Special person, each time I have visited you I have been blessed and I’m sure others have too.

    I hope you both enjoyed Valentines Day, and my prayer for you is that this year will be overflowing with Joy for you.

    Christian Love Always – from both of us – Anne

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