♥The Phantom of the Opera @ London♥

DSC_3708It was late fall season of year 2008 New York city when my first theater scene “Phantom of the Opera” was in my eyesight. But ashamed to admit that I was on dead sleep the entire scene! We traveled from Saudi Arabia, stop over to Abu Dhabi airport for few hrs. All of the sudden the airport declared a delay that ended up over 20hrs stuck in Abu Dhabi because of the ‘FOG.” YES JUST THE FOG!

The anxiety, tiredness, and feeling cranky is kind of overwhelming inside of me those moments. The next day late morning the airline staffs hand us another bad news again that our airplane going to NYC encountered a technical errors, and the only way for us to get NY, is to stop over at Heathrow airport because there they can give us the  available seats to NY. We landed UK time about 9pm I think, and we thought that will gonna get the plane that night right away but we’re all wrong because the airline brought us to the hotel to sleep that night, our flight will be the next morning. WHAT? Now we’re freaking’ delayed to our activities in NY, my husband’s words!

When we’re in the plane flying to NY the next day, my husband told me that his fancy surprised dinner, surprised horse ride, and surprised welcome cake for my first America trip just disappeared. And the only one left is his surprised theater, hoping we won’t get delayed again. 

We landed 2pm NY time, and the worst scenario striked again. Our checked in luggage never made to NYC. Ohh boy what a lucky trip huh! We run to our hotel, and went shopping for clothes, shoes, and winter coats. Around 7pm same day we went to the theater scene at times square. It was pretty awesome when I saw the sittings inside, people wearing nice dresses. Then after that I don’t remember anything at all, coz all I can recalled was I’m already on my dream-land when the music start that time, so with my husband, we do both snoring that “Phantom of the Opera” at NYC.:)

The following photos are my 2nd Phantom of the Opera were I successfully finished watching without snoring, and not in NYC but in London January of 2013.


Inside the theater.:)

Inside the theater. I can’t believed that I’m gonna see it again this time! My sweet husband surprised me again, and this time we’re both wide awake.:)



Finely I finished it without snoring, coolness.:)

Finely I finished it without snoring, coolness.:) After the theater we opted to roam  around as the night is still young. Here’s another lovely night scene in this area of London.



They said this area is called the "New York city square":)

They said this area is called the “New York city times square”:)

The Square:)

The Times Square:)

Happy New Year to all Chiness citizens and friends.:)

Happy New Year to all Chinese citizens and friends.:)


While walking enjoying around, we found this what they called “Chinatown in London”




Our sweet night ends with Love, mesmerizing our first Phantom of the Opera back in year 2008 at NYC.:)

All I Ask of You is to have a lovely night guys,



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