Daily Prompt: Right to Health♥^,^)

Todays  Daily Prompts situations is like this

(Is access to medical care something that governments should provide, or is it better left to the private sector? Are there drawbacks to your choice?)

Mostly in the countries, one of the hundreds of political issues now is about “Health Care.” Planning what would be the best choice to help the population’s Medical care! And we do both know that this type of issue is a very crucial subject that need attention.

Now the solutions would be this following

  1. Who will pay the Health Care of the population’s if the majority will be the Government sector?
  2. Are the population can provide their own using the private sector?

The Government Sector:  Tax Payer: A man who work hard for his entire life!

  1. Is his the responsible, for those people who’s lazy to work their **s?
  2. Is his the responsible to pay the health care of those People who supposed to take care their selves even though their Doctor. told them to quite smoking, drinking, or be serious on their diet, or else their health will be in danger? But instead of taking actions,  this people still on their bad addictions from food, smoke, and drinking alcohol like water.
  3. For those ladies that don’t want to get pregnant yet. Am I responsible to pay her health care so the Doctor can give her the medications so she won’t get pregnant?

Aint those situations fear for me as a Tax payer who work hard and give my own sweat to those kind of situations above?

Am I responsible to help my fellow-man? YES, I am big time! But not in those kind of situations. Is it fear enough? NO. because nothing is fear in this world! But being Fear in this world is defends on your own perceptions. If you think paying the lazy people health care, and the hard-headed people is fine for you then I respect you with that. But don’t assume that I’ll support your perception in those kind of situations.

Private Sector: A Man whose prepared to be in responsible on his own Health Care without the help of others.

I am holding my own private health care. My husband has a full health care that the company he work for pays it 100%, and me as his spouse I end-up to pay 70US$ a month.  For me 70US$ is not bad compare to the majority of local’s here in Czech Republic that paying their employee’s health insurance about 370US$ or about 7,000Czk which is the populations of this country is the high Tax payer for this Government Sector health care.

About last year my friend asked me if I can go with her in the hospital, because her back is giving her pain for over 2weeks already. So we went to the hospital, and I keep asking to my friend where is it? Because for me it’s kind of far. I thought it was just around the corner city of where I believed, but I’m not. When we arrived the hospital we had trouble looking where to go. The hospital is old and communication is kind of hard to find an English-speaker. But we finely find the clinic that we supposed to go. Then the Nurse told my friend to go first to the cashier and show my friends record first then come back to the clinic. We found the cashier and my friend had to pay a 30-40Czk if I remember correct. We walk right away back to the Nurse then my friend goes inside, and I stay outside to the waiting area. After lest than 4minutes my friend came out. I asked whats the Doctor says? My friend responded that the Doctor just touched her back and asked if it’s pain here, there and here! Then the Doctor prescribed her a pain reliever. I said What? serious? you been in pain for over 2weeks now and that’s all she said? She didn’t give you an xray? My friend said she did not say about the xtray she just want me to take the pain reliever! What if there’s something wrong with the backbone of my friend? I know the pain reliever helps her but what if it does not work? What if the pain still exist and found the worst later?

In those situations, I said to myself that I am lucky to have my own private health insurance and at the same time my insurance that I pay for only 70US$ a month is much better versus to the 370US$ that the locals here in Czech Republic paying for their Government health care. Every time I go to my OBGYN I end-up paying of nothing, I even don’t need to pay my medicine. I went to IVF In-Vitro fertilization and I know it is very much expensive, but believed me or not my husband and I pays nothing it is 100% paid by our private health care.

My husband had his Nose surgery last year here in Czech Republic at one of the hospital here. When we arrived in the hospital we already saw tons of people in the waiting area at the same clinic for “ENT.” I said to my husband that we might be out late because we have tons waiting. We saw an old woman who pretty much was in pain. In less than 10minutes the Nurse came-out and the Old woman stood up talking the Nurse. Seems like she’s asking when will be her name called, as what I understand! I’m not really sure because my Czech Language is poor. Then the Nurse called my Husband’s name to get in. My husband said to the Nurse it’s OK I can wait more maybe she need it now pointing to the “The old Woman” but the Nurse says it’s Ok the Doctor is ready for you (for my husband)

In those situations I saw the poor service again, I feel sorry for the Old Woman. Maybe the Doctor and Nurse  will look after her right away when she’s on emergency mode. But those time between her and to my husband she need the most treated right away than my husband those time. Why? Because we are on the private health care, and the hospital can charged double to our health care provider versus to her Government health care provider.

My point to this issue is that we people if we really want to take care ourselves, and get a better service without depending to our Government, I think we can do it. To pay our own health care is our obligations and not the Government. Quality service is the best among all, and quality can be found in those non dependable sectors.:)

Yes helping is the best way we can give to our fellow-man, and I am willing to help only to those people who deserves it. If we think helping this way is the best way for those people to lessen their financial problems, well I think we’re not helping them at all. It is helping them to be lazy instead of working hard! On their mind why should I work hard if the Government is there providing my own health care for free, which is YOU as a Tax payer suffering to pay extra high Tax.

Where is is right way to go for my money as a Tax Payer of this country.:)

Where is the right way to go for my money as a Tax Payer of this country?

Again guys this is just my political perception about this issues, and I think we should talk about it here, or to the public, and not just to talk behind our back. In this case our political leaders can hear our thoughts and who knows it might work.:)

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I am thankful to the Daily Prompts who brought up this crucial article.:)

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