Daily Prompt: Call Me, Maybe~~:)

The situation of today’s Daily Prompt: Call Me, Maybe is like this, 

(Describe your relationship with your phone. Is it your lifeline, a buzzing nuisance, or something in between?)

= Right now I’m not really much into my mobile phone, because I’m not a type of gal that love to send text messages or do phone calls to my friends that much now! In fact I do all my words through my Facebook now as mostly my friends are on Facebook 24 hours, and we communicate through Facebook nowadays. And I do all that Facebook thing through my iPad or my Laptop. When I call my family in the Philippines and to States I do Skype using my iPad or my Laptop. 

Sometimes my phone for me is  annoying because most of the text messages I received is  from the ads commercial of my network provider, which I hate to read all their messages trying to get me into a buying situations of what they offered me! And another one that my phone is very annoying and frustrated for me is when it gets to the point that the battery died quick every time my Internet is on, so I have to make sure that when I’m outside the house I have to turn-off my Internet network or else my battery juice will dry out quick.

My old Mobile Phone's:)

This is all my old Mobile Phone’s except for the Blackberry that my  husband owned. They are all still in good conditions, working and kicking.:) Right now I’m using that HTC EVO 3D.


I’m using this now, my 1yr old HTC phone:)

I'm currently using this HTC 3D mobile phone of mine.

The camera shot of this HTC is not really that bad for an indoor shots, I love it coz I can upload it right away to my networking account, friendy and handy. I have no plan to get another phone unless it is time for iPhone lol.:)

Have a wonderful day with your lovely mobile phone guys,:)

Call me Yen-Yen

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