Chef Gordon Ramsay @ his Restuarant London~~~:)


Chef Gordon Ramsay

Chef Gordon Ramsay

I’m back from my short holiday in London. It was an awesome experienced from food, things to do, and to things to see! On our first night in London we went to the most popular Chef today the Restaurant of Gordon Ramsay at Claridge’s Hotel London. We made our reservation a week early to make sure that will get a table. We did not stay at Claridge’s Hotel because the price per night is pretty much out of our budget as I think it start from “600£Pound” so we end-up staying at Crown Plaza hotel at St.James street which is affordable for our budget. From our Hotel to Claridge’s Hotel is about 6£ Taxi so that’s not bad at all, plus Crown Plaza is pretty much walking distance to Buckingham Palace, to the Big Ben, to the ferry cruise’s, and to the London Eye where the center of attractions are located. 

Before then I been following Chef Ramsay’s journey through his TV-shows so at least I could learn  his techniques and passions about the business. Because I have a plan of building my own business restaurant/Coffee shop in the future hopefully. So I put myself into searching about the business like the Managing process, the Food Menu, the Decor, the Building, What/Who your Target, Location, and more relevant issues in building business.

Chef Gordon Ransay's TV Show's:)

Chef Gordon Ramsay’s TV Show’s:)

So guys the following photos are my yummy experienced at Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurant in London.

The Bread is a complement.

The Bread is a complements. I Love the round bread but not much the other one because it’s kind of hard. When my husband asked me about the bread! I answered him that I’m hesitant to continue eating all the bread except the rounded one, because it’s kinda hard and it might break my 1 crown teeth hahahah!:) My Husband and I both have same dinner Menu except for deserts. The SCALLOPS? ohhh my it’s really YUMMY and I wish to eat 10pcs more of that YUMMYLICIOUS SCALLOPS.:)

The Beef Wellington? Ohh

The Beef Wellington? Ohh Boy it is mouth-watering yummy, the meat is very tender, the sauce is darn good, the baby beans cooked good. But the one I don’t like is the little Onion or is that Shallot? correct me if I’m wrong! I don’t like the taste and the green leafy vegetable is I don’t like the taste aswell. Now I don’t know if the Shallot and the Green Leafy grass should be eaten or just for a show on the plate! I don’t know! But so far the Beef Wellington is excellent and yummy delicious, and I can eat more too.:)

I Love the atmospher, the decors, and of course the friendly helpful Butlers.:)

I Love the atmosphere, the decor’s, and the friendly helpful Butlers are awesome.:)


Ready for deserts? 🙂

Soufflé for my Husband and Cold Valrhona chocolate fondant with poached cherry flambé

Soufflé for my Husband, and Cold Valrhona chocolate fondant with poached cherry flambé for me.:) I’m not much to my desert because it’s very sweet on my taste but surely it is yummy though, I just hope that the sweetness is not that much overwhelming according to my taste. And yeah I tasted my husband Soufflé and I almost wanted to order one more.:)

I Love yummy Complements:)

I Love it yummy Complements:)

It's all worthy and yeah if you'd ask me if I'd go back again? YES I will go back again.:)

It’s all worthy, and yeah if you’d ask me if I’d go back again? YES I will go back again.:)

Claridge's Hotel at London.:)

Claridge’s Hotel at London.:)

The experienced was overwhelming good from food which is exquisite, to service which is excellent, and I like the fact that they let you know the cooking time process like how much time you have to wait in-order to deliver your meal! You think you’ll get bored on waiting your order? NOPE! because complements is there to the rescue like bread, the Chef soup, and more bread.The best thing I like having my dinner at a fancy dinning is that it made me calm,  just to enjoy having fun talking with my man, slowly sipping my wine glass, and nothing else to think about but to talk plan for tomorrow, and to enjoy the meal that night.:) 

Again guys if you’d ever planning to visit London! I myself highly recommend you to visit Chef Gordon Ramsay restaurant at Claridge’s Hotel.:)

Have a good weekend and a Happy Romantic dinning you all,



One thought on “Chef Gordon Ramsay @ his Restuarant London~~~:)

  1. i’m totally envious.. i would love to go to gordon ramsay’s restaurant.. i’m sure that beef wellington tastes absolutely divine afterall, it’s his signature dish..

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