I can’t believed this, I mean, really this still exist at this kind of age? I don’t know! But I know from my heart there are stuffs like this in this part of our existence that this still exist, and the community of that particular Tribes are supporting this kind of Traditions.
I’m not saying that this is a wrong doing because a Tradition is a Tradition for them to follow, and must to execute. But I can’t force myself to follow or to till them to continue nor to stop it! Not because that I’m not on favor of it, but because I believed that it is not safe for their health. Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe it is good for their health!

Am I hypocrites for this? I don’t know! I think I’m on the stumbling stage right now. It shocked me that “Wow this really exist?”

Are this kind of Tribe’s needs more special education to help them develop and teach them the way we believed who are now in the Stage of Modern Society? Or we are the one to be on their part? as our Modern Society right now is screwed up too! 

Yeah one thing comes-up to my mind is that “I feel my heart for the Kids” now does the parent’s feel their Kids too? off course YES, as what I believed.:)

But for me I can’t imagine to hurt myself nor my children by marking those painful marks to our body. Maybe it’s not painful for them? I don’t know! But if that’s the way of their Tradition, then I don’t know what to say then! I just feel the pain for them which for me is not RIGHT.

I don’t know what else to say… Maybe you have words to say? One thing for sure for me that I much more realized how lucky I am. Are they not Lucky because of their Traditions? Who knows we dont know and I don’t know aswell. Maybe they think the same way I think, that maybe their Lucky than me nor you! Who knows!

Have a peaceful weekend everyone,



Last fall I had the chance to fulfill my one of my long-held dreams to visit the Omo valley and spend time with its remaining tribes.  The Omo valley is in the Southern part of Ethiopia and the lack of roads and infrastructure in the area makes it very difficult to reach and to explore.  Staying at two different camps over two weeks, seven of us were able to meet with four of the sixteen or so different tribal groups found in the region.  We spent time with members of the Surma (also called Suri) tribe, the Kara (Karo) tribe and their archenemies the Nyagathom and finally we had a brief but colorful encounter with the Hamar, one of the largest tribal groups in the area.  Two weeks was obviously not enough time to understand the richness of these vanishing cultures, but I got a few insights and a few…

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