Weekly Sunday Post

Weekly Sunday Post

Simple, it's just an snowy day of Prague:)

Simple, it’s just a snowy day of Prague:) The photo’s are taken from my Simple Mobile Device.:)

While waiting the public Tram, I'm just simply snapping photos around while the snow flakes falling my little ccheek:)

While waiting the public Tram, I’m just simply snapping photos around letting the snow flakes falling unto my little cheek’s:)

A'm gettin' cold. Where is my freakin' Tram? This explained pretty much simple!

Am gettin’ cold. Where is my freakin’ Tram? This explained pretty much simple!


I was Simply exercising at Gym early in the morning. Then I simply glance at the window ohh my the Snow flakes are just simply beautiful to my eyes so I can’t resist to simply snap this simple photo.:)

Yeap It's

Yap It’s just like that pretty much SIMPLE.:)

The Sunday Post of Jake’s theme is like this titled SUNDAY POST :Simplicity so I came up to the above photos as for me they represents Simplicity either each way from a Warmer weather temperature to a Snowy weather like this! Just think- life is pretty much Simple as long as we just deal with it, and at the same time play with it.:)

Have a Simple weekend but at the same time a blissful one y’all folks.:)


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    • Yeah, thats why I tried my best to simply snapping photos to kill my time, and at the same time to enjoy as it thrilled me that I have something to blog about when I get home.:)
      Thanks for stopping by Morris.:)

      Have a good weekend,

    • It is very much True Elizz. I keep that quote I made in my mind, so it be easy for me to look at when I am in a down situation. That life is Simply Simple, will just look at the goal, and thats to find the right solutions. Easy to said than done, but we can do it I’m sure.:)

      Have a good one,

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