Merry Christmas darling:)

Hello guys,

Hopefully everyone having a fabulous Christmas celebration the Jesus birthday with your families, friends, and love-ones.:)

Today is Christmas day, my husband and I went to church, and we did a little help to the homeless. So we went to McDonalds and ordered some burgers to give to those homeless who’s digging the trashcan for this Christmas day. But we’re surprised as it’s not that much around of them in the street. Anyway every saturday in our Church with the help of our Priest, the homeless can have their hot soup, freshly cook by our Priest and some goodies like bread, meats, fruits that the volunteers brought like us. So thats a big help for them, specially during winter which is really cold. The church also provide them few cloths, coats, shoes, and more necessary stuffs. The church was in St.Thomas at Prague Czech Republic.

Christmas dinner. Simple one just the two of us my Husband and I.:)

Christmas dinner. Simple one just the two of us my Husband and I.:) The photos above is a Traditional Filipino fruit salad dessert. Mostly in the Philippines we used a mixed fruits in a can. But this one I opted to used a fresh cuts fruits! The taste is not that sweet as I tried to cut down sweets by just adding a little condense milk, and just a 1 small can of a creamy cream.:)


My Husband baked the GingerBread, but it’s overcook Ohhh well still tasted OK kinda hehehe! Mass at Christmas day too.:)

Weekly Sunday Post

Weekly Sunday Post

Anyway since it’s Christmas, I made this Christmas video for my husband and posted it in Every occasions I always Baffled on what to give to my wonderful Husband since his not into material stuffs, so I opted to make a video greetings for him. And this morning when he hand me his Christmas gift to me, I also asked him to find my gift to him through YouTube and yes, it surprised him and again I made him cry not for pain but because his loving and liking it big. And for me thats what it counts.:)

Please visit the video, and lets talk some goodies.:)

Merry Merry Christmas bloggers and readers,


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