Paskong Pinoy sa Abroad

Paskong Pinoy sa Abroad

PLease visit my video, it’s about how Filipinos spend their Christmas outside their own country. And for you to know our cuisine culture, and our way of celebrating Christmas with the jolly musics, fun, and lots more.:)

Hey guys,

Are you done your Christmas shopping yet?
Mine? kinda yeah done but not totally though! But I’ll take care that later.:)

I took the photos and Video’s during the FCA (Filipino Czech Association) at the Philippine Embassy Prague Christmas party December 16@2pm.
NOTE: The last photo with all of us together is not mine!

We tried to get involved to the beauty of Christmas season even though our hearts and bodies are far from our each Birthplace. The loneliness of missing our each Parents, Children’s, Spouses, Relatives, and friends are overwhelming! But somehow we tackled and survived the day, because it’s on our goal that one day everything will be together again! For when? We’re still be working on it.

Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon Kabayan:)
Merry Christmas and a Happy Blissful New Year to you.:)


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