~~~Happy Thanksgiving 2012 :):):)

Hello folks,

Before I disremembered and head to my “blah blah blah” as always! Let me congratulate y’all first. Why is it congratulation? Because finely we stretched this moment to be thankful for all the blessing’s we received way back early this year. Though I confess all of us here has distinctive ups and down, from emotional heartbreaks to misery! I openly talk my own agony here from my past blog, which is a heartbreaking for me. But I’m moving on because I know I can’t bring it back anymore!

Hubby is cooking his part, while I’m taking care the table set-up before cooking my part after him:)

A Simple Thanksgiving dinner just the 2 of us my Husband and I:)

A Blessing of Love:)

Yummy Yummy as in Yummy Pie:)

Hubby and I Turkey Roll burpppppp:)

Lets dig in:)

My wish is to have a complete family dinner together with my family in the Philippines, and with our family in States.:)

Hopefully in the next year this 4foots will become 6! And that’s our little replica foot ~~our own child:)

Again congratulation’s to all of us, Happy Happy Thanksgiving 2012 American’s, and to those who celebrate Thanksgiving.:) 

Cheers everyone,




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