SUNDAY POST: Architecture

Hearst Castle was designed by Architect Julia Morgan.

The Hearst Castle was owned by William Randolph Hearst, an American newspaper publisher.

The exterior Architect


Inside Hearst Castle! The stuffs inside like furnitures are early 1920’s old! The Gothic design was the Hearst most favorite design as the tour guide said.

Hearst Castle living room Ceiling.

An Egyptian architect design!

The Hearst Castle has many different architect design and mostly from European style, Egypt, Roman design, and more.

I noticed in the Hearst castle there’s a lot of naked statue in there!

Hearst Castle outdoor swimming pool and it’s huge enough for the wedding reception I guest!

Hearst Castle Indoor swimming pool Roman architect design!

How’s everyone doing here?

You know that Thanksgiving is just around the corner, do you have plan already? Like what to cook?  How to fix-up our dinner table? But know what? Whatever it is, the most relevant is just to be with our family on that day, celebrating our each blessings for this year is what it counts.:)

This Architecture photos above was in Hearst Castle at Central Coast California. I got those photos above during my holiday there and part of my list is to visit the Castle. It was a fascinating point of view during the days of Hearst family. The castle was enormous, has an interesting design by different cultures and country. One thing I perceived was the interior that has different sorts of Catholic stuffs, though Mr. William Hearst is not a Catholic! I also perceived that the Interior was mostly a Gothic style.

Land area was enormous too, surrounded by palm trees, beautiful landscape, and beautiful wild animals from the zoo of the Hearst family. That becomes wild after turning the castle to the Central Coast of California National park.

Have a Blessed week guys God Bless.:)

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