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I’m back in my daily routine now, but my body clock ruined me as I am stumbling this Jetlag right now. But this won’t prevent my plot of distributing with you guys about some of my trip adventures in California.

Yosemite National park is a big covenant for my husband. While me? Has no freakin idea about Yosemite National park, till I did some homework of research about the area from google to watching documentary through “itunes.” I fondled into anxiety and liking the place as I love mountains, the waterfalls, and I was thrilled to see wild animals, and of course to be away from big crazy polluted cities for a while would be a good idea after what my husband and I been through.

Folks please scroll down to view the surroundings of the park, and dont forget to have fun the spectacular view photos surrounds Yosemite National Park of California.

Welcome to Yosemite National Park

A view stop from the tunnel. El Capitan falls 7,569ft above sea level

What an spectacular surroundings, wonder why many climbers to be on top of the El Capitan 7,569ft! You can view this falls by stopping by the Tunnel View.:)

Yosemite is surrounded by many falls, awesome, right? 15minutes walk! This called the Bridalveil Creek!

Surrounded with overwhelming ROCKS! yeah this is all I can climbed for now:)

The Beautiful Dome:)

Yeah Yosemite National Park is surrounded with wild animals too! And if your a Buck hunter you’ll better find somewhere outside Yosemite, or els the Ranger hunter will hunt you down lol.

Ok speaking of wild animals! feeding the wild animals is strictly prohibited or else make sure you have the 5,000.00$ on your pocket! No fading of squirrels, Birds, Deer’s, Bear’s, and more wild animals.

Found a Coyote in the side of the road heading to Glacier point.:)

Ok! At first glance I thought that this just happen that a Cayote is near the road when we’re driving towards Glacier point. So I snap a photo right away, felt awesome wow a wild one Cayote! But when we’re on our way back to Yosemite valley this Cayote was still on the area. Then we stop again and he/she walk towards our car so I got the good chance to snap more photos. Then my husband and I found that kind of fishy when a Cayote wait in the side of a road? means, that probably there are some “STUPID, IDIOT’s” human that might be feeding the animals for them to get a good chance of snapping photos or let say they feel sorry to the animals. But wild animals means WILD, meaning wild animals specially in the woods is to hunt their own foods to survive their living, and to help them healthy! Now this Cayote is just lazy like a BUM in the street waiting in the middle of the road like a BUM in the street, and the most dangerous high risk for them is a car can run over them!

One time my husband and I went to the Yosemite store to grab some food for our picnic, then I saw a man taking pictures of the squirrel almost inches from his shoes. I said wow thats awesome that a squirrel is very brave! Then I noticed the mother is fading the squirrel while her son snapping some photos. Then I just throw my words to the woman “hey your feeding the squirrel din’t you read the sign on your table?” then seems like they turned into a wax statue in their table like magic, acting like nothing happens!

So please if you’re in a wild animals zone area please avoid fading them coz your definitely not helping at all but screwing their apetite and health.:)

The surrounding of Yosemite Falls! yeah my husband and I climbed this mountain and thats for real:)

Thats we’re we started down there:)

3hrs going up, 3hrs going down total of 6hrs hiking this Yosemite Falls. For my husband and I it is a freakin awesome machine.:)

Yosemite Falls, is not run by River but by Snow! So during this season the Falls is kind of dry, so the better season to visit is during Spring to July when snow is going to melt into a water.:)

Yes, this photo is from my own sweat when I opted to put myself into 5hours of Landscape photography class. Yes it’s worth it baby.:)

5hrs Landscape photography class. The Half Dome:)

It’s about 10,000ft more above sea level:)

Thank you very much guys for stopping by and your comments is highly appreciated.

A Blessed week,


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