SUNDAY POST: Wonderful

Wonderful “Gray Whale” Santa Barbara Californian

Whale watching in Santa Barbara California October 2012.:)

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“Hello from Oscar, the Gray Whales”

Hello guys,

Hope things with y’all are in good shape. I fondled sad about this “Hurricane Sandy” that bumped New York, and through those neighborhood country. I’m just glad that our family around Up-state NY and CT are in good shape. But I felt sorry for those affected one!:( my prayers remain to the affected location!

I’m still here in California enjoying our remaining week! I would like to share one of my top highlights in this vacation of mine! We stop by this cute little Santa Barbara Central coast for 4days before bumping to the “Big Sur!” The minute I saw the scenario, I knew I would be easy to full in-love the place.:) The walkway of the shopping street, not crowded, the restaurants, the pier, the harbor, the beach walk, the smell of the ocean, the food, the people, and plus the Whales are there too just chilling! It’s just unbreakable feeling for me.:)

I said to my husband that I would love to encounter “Whale Watching” again! My first whale watching was in Boston last year of this month, and those are awesome. And again it marked to my little brain that whale watching is lovely awesome to encounter again this time as the weather is pretty good, and I would love to do it over, and over again.:)

“Gray Whales blowing” Back to back with 2 whales awesome.:)

A school of Dolphins. It completed our day when all of us saw this tons of Dolphins next to our boat, it’s freakin awesome! I fondled this thought that we are so lucky to see God’s magic.:)

Gray Whales. photography

Wonderful tale.:) I been thrilled with this whale tale:)

We are lucky to see the Whales, the dolphins, the sea lions, different type of birds, and now the captain showed us the Channel Islands where most of the mammals love to chill. The money we pay is pretty much worth paying for.:)

Wonderful scene.:) I called it it Tunnel Island at Channel Island.:)

Pelicans birds! Do you like this type of birds?

Sea Lions:) aren’t they cute?

The 2 whales are just resting! And yes they sleep but half of their brains only as they need to breath out of the water every now and then.:) And they eat about 23pounds of fish during the day…..:)

Please if you have any question about Santa Barbara California, please don’t hesitate to ask me, as I’m willing to answer as I can! And again please keep my page going by stopping by, your like or more your comments is my reason why I extend my passion of writings.

Expect more update about my California trip as I’m driving through Los-Angeles to Central coast California! Have you heard this following places? like Cayucos, Morro Bay, San Simeon where Hearst Castle is, Santa Cruz, The Golden gate, and the mouth watering scenario of Yosemite National park? will if not! my next article will be them.

A Blissful day darling,



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