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20121020-024207.jpg This is the City State of Washington DC during my vacation this March.:)

20121020-024330.jpg Here’s the white house where our President of United States live now during his service of our beautiful country.:)

20121020-024604.jpg this National Monument can be found only in this city of DC.

20121020-024719.jpg A crowded city in DC.

20121020-024954.jpg The crowded city of Paris France. I’ve visited Paris twice already early 2007 and late rainy summer of year 2009.

20121020-025204.jpg At the Louvre Museum Paris were people are all over the city of Paris is more crowded as thousands of tourist everyday.

20121020-025349.jpg here’s the night view from the hotel were I stayed at during my early 2010 vacation to my homeland the Philippines at Makati Manila.

20121020-025530.jpg and here’s the overlooking city while I’m enjoying my breakfast at my favorite hotel in my hometown, where I grew up the city of Cagayan De Oro City Philippines.

Those are the only photos I can showed about cities as I’m away from my own collectibles photos right now guys. I’m currently here in Central Coast California enjoying the relaxing magnificent scenery of this gorgeous State of California. I admit this State is such a dolly, the wild animals, the mammals, the ocean, the mouth watering food, unlimited drinks, good coffee as my husband said, and the big plus such a friendly people.:)
So far things are good, it maybe there are bumps and humps during this trip back to my hometown:(, “family issues” but hey, we have tons to look forward, so no reason to stop longing, and experience the best as we can.:) I just pray for the best of us.:)

P.S when I say unlimited drink! It is about my favorite water. They keep pouring and pouring my glass without me asking that I need more water with NO charge. The coffee where my husband’s best buddy? ohh yeah his loving it which he called the real coffee, and when it comes to Soda or to a yummy Lemonade? Ohhh baby yes unlimited too! I just can’t found those to the Country where we live and that’s in Europe because every pour is another charge, or shall I say another list of $$$ on your bill.

Have a blissful week y’all God Bliss,


15 thoughts on “SUNDAY POST: City

    • Thank you Starlight, been traveling since yr 2006 when I opted to join this, what we called? “Married life”:) I love traveling places to places, but surely I hate the long flight flying!

  1. Beautiful photos Yen 😉 Ngayon lang ako nkapag WP, as you know I just gave birth kaya super busy at laging puyat. Thanks for following my simple blog (i started it last July lang).
    So, enjoy and have a wonderful day!

    • Salamat Mommy Reena, congratulation again for adding, and completing your family by your little lovely angel.:) I wish my husband and I could be able too sooner or later.:)
      I understand newly birth is a busy day, so keep your time, stay safe.:)

      Give my hug&kisses to your little peanut,

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