SUNDAY POST: Favorite Spot

Hello bloggers and readers,

I hope everyone of yah out there are having a fabulous weekend.:)

About mine? Yes I do had fun, shopping, boxing my present going to my family back in the Philippines, walking around Prague, and opps yes I did went to gym too, and most of all sunday routine church.:)

To find more about this SUNDAY POST about FAVORITE SPOT, please check this website of Jake his site is really great and fun, enjoyable, and interesting too.:)

Have a fun y’all,


One of my favorite spot is the Flea Market area where I can see variety of stuffs from antique to fresh foods.:)

At SPA places is my favorite spot that helps me feel relax:) NOTE: This photo is not mine.

Sometimes I do my writing, blogging, and surfing, is at my favorite spot at Starbucks coffee shop.:)

When I’m not at Gym, I do my exercise at my favorite spot at the park of “Vysehrad Prague”.:) I love this park of Prague overlooking, peaceful and clean.;) opppsss thats my shadow by the way hehhe:)

During wine harvest my favorite spot is in this vineyard near Prague zoo, where everybody are active, jolly, and the taste of the varieties of grapes are overwhelming good.:)

my favorite spot restaurant where I’m eating my meal at the same time enjoying the view of the river, the bridge, the mountain, and the people rooming around.:)

This is my favorite spot when I do hiking during summer here in Prague, a huge area of park near Prague Airport where you have to climb the rock mountain to reach this area of this photo.:) The result fabulous view plus 100% calories fat burned after all the hiking.:)

My favorite spot here in Czech Republic the “Prague Castle”:)


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