47th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival Czech Republic 2012

How you folks doing?

I was thriled to share my Karlovy Vary journey last July 4th of this year to you readers, and bloggers. When I’ve gotten the reports that Philippines has their own film festival entry here in Czech Republic, I was fondled thrilled about it! I heard about the movie and did some exploring about it. The main character of the movie is one of the best comedian actresses in the Philippines named Eugene Domingo which is one of my favorite comedian star and oh yeah she’s happened to visit us here in Prague promoting her movie titled “The Girl in the Septic Tank” and yes I had hug, and have picture taking with her as she visits Philippine Embassy here in Prague. A huge thank you to our Philippine Embassy crew here in Prague as without them, I wont be able to see Eugene Domingo on person, and plus wont be able to watched her film entry.:)

So guys have fun with my photos.:)

Welcome to Karlovy Vary Czech Republic Europe:)

Karlovy Vary was surrounded by interesting designs, mostly more on modern type of architectures.:)

When your in a tourist spots, please dont hesitate to bargain too.

My friend whose been with me Traveling from Prague to Karlovy Vary.

The Red Carpet Building:)

I Like the design of the structure! I think it is called the Gothic design? am I right?

The Thermal area!

Most of the folks community in Karlovy Vary believed that drinking this water in the Thermal area can healed minor sickness, and prolonged miracles too!

Most of the residence in Karlovy Vary alleged that drinking the Thermal water can restored any minor sickness like stomachache, headache, and minor cases. And also they considered that it commands wishes like for those couple that are trying to conceive a baby dust for a long period of time. As what my friend explained to me who currently is a tenants in Karlovy Vary with her family. The water is defined in different types of hot temperature from the lowest 20degrees up to 90s I think! There are 15 faucets total in the Thermal area, and it’s a legend and traditions that in order to make the dream come true “You should drink all of them defending on how much liquid amount of water you want.” My friend also educate me that, Karlovy Vary is a natural organic waste of environment, which the wind and surroundings makes you relaxed, stress free, and you can’t even feel the bad toxic, since the area is surrounded by huge mountain!

It said it could possible make wishes come true like having a baby:)

What the H*** lets give a try, why not!

I even tried to drink the water. The taste is different defending on their temperature. Some I tasted like, salty, sweet, and some are just yuck as in yucky and wanted to blow!!!!!

But I did try them, I actually don’t believed it but hey! If I tried nothing I could loss, and if I wont try nothing will loss too! So what the Heck, right? Just hope you wont upset your tummy lol.:) because yes after few minutes my tummy is murmuring good thing one of my friend has her Imodium tablet then after that, I get fine no more tummy pain.:) next?

Friends are having fun exploring Karlovy Vary:)

After all the reason why we end-up Karlovy Vary aside to mingled our friends, drink those thermal water,  it’s because Philippines has their own entry to this 47th International film festeval tittled “Ang Babae sa Septic Tank” or the “Woman in the Septic Tank”

After all that long fun day, I articulate to myself that I had a very fun 4th of July. And the next day was my celebration with my gorgeous husband about our 4th of July just me and him the entire week.:) I could say yes I wanted to go back Karlovy Vary with my husband this time, and do noting but to relax in the SPA Hotel, and just have fun.:)

Folk’s I hope y’all had fun viewing the photos and hopefully at least I handed you some interesting view point about Karlovy Vary of Czech Republic.:)




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