Autumn in Prague

Autumn is my favorite seasons of the year because of the different beautiful colors, the leaves slowly and slowly falling in the ground, the crunchiness when I walk on them. It’s just feels good for me with the beautiful cool weather, not that cold but not that hot!

I Love this scenario here. The green leaf trees started to become yellow and soon pink. Ahhhh It’s romantic feeling for me, walking holding hands, while on your other hand sipping those hot good smell of Caramel latte or any hot beverage.:)

And ohhh yeah this is me the human big version squirrel in the tree.:)

This was last year of October in up- State New York. We’re in the park with a huge waterfalls then this scenario poke my eye to take this kind of captured.:)

New York:) I’dd like to frame this in the future.:)

The colors are perfectly beautiful for me:) somewhere in New England area heading to Vermont:)

This was in Vermont USA 2011 🙂

And this was my favorite photo of me in the Autumn season:) I Love the outfit, the way I sat on the bench, the way I look at the camera, the background,  and the way my husband took this picture.:) It’s just perfect photo for me.:) Thanks to my husband whose been my director since then lol hehhehe.:)
Happy Autumn guys, and I should enjoy my remaining Autumn here as soon, I’ll be in another place where Autumn is not allowed hehehehe.:) And those place will be revealed in my next blog.:)

For you to check more about this topic “AUTUMN” please click this site of Jake:)

Happy Autumn everyone,



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