My 1st 4th of July as an American citizen☺

Hello lovely readers,

Oh boy I’m over the moon dead late again! But know what? I don’t care at all.:) Folks I been so busy this past few weeks, been emotional and waiting for me is a killer! But I wont going to reveal it for now, why? Because I love suspense!

I just have a free time to hitch, and on my thought are about sharing my simple but spectacular experienced during my 1st 4th of July as an American. So guys have fun, and I’ll surely be back sooner or later, as I’m still busy getting ready for our move out here in Czech Republic very soon.:)

Some of my ingredient's of Bread Pudding:)

Hygiene is part of my goal when I’m cooking:)

Aside for cooking my own kitchen I loved to see it clean, I keep it cool to my eyes. I washed every single ingredient, or my groceries before I place them in my fridge. And when time for me to cook them I wash them again, clean my area where I placed my cooking stuffs. I’m very much on hygiene.:)

I lose my bit, so here I am cooking this 1st ever Bread pudding for my husband, so good luck to me:)

I’ve research and all the ingredients, and procedures powered by my friend no other than Mr.Google the great.:)

holly cow, it turned out yummy pretty good baby:) my husband enjoyed it so much and ohh yeah he exercise hard after eating that all lol””:) 1st try 1st success;)

The celebration continues on that week, during the weekend my husband and I opted to hitched in a Prague lunch cruise, this is our 2nd time around though.:)

Happy ride:)

Happy 4th of July Americans:)On that day of 4th of July I opted to drop by to a nail salon to have this design for my nails.

American Flag on my nails:) I opted to have this design on my nails as my sign of respect, and being proud as one of those lucky American citizen.:)


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