Filipino Czech Association “FCA” Prague Dragon Boat.:)

Hello guys,

My week was very functional, entertaining, and travelling outside Prague. July 1 I hitched myself to the Filipino Czech Association or “FCA” dragon boat in Prague.  It’s not a race Okay! As you may think about it! The FCA president looks for paddler volunteers, so I lock myself into it. Who knows, the volunteers may be part of a race in the future. I love to experience stuff as much as I can, so why not have fun and be thrilled about it. At the start I was doubtful, for the fact that at this time of my existence I have no Idea how to swim still. Though I grew up in the paradise of an ocean, but I haven’t absorbed the opportunities of swimming as I always said to myself I’m a big dead fish! That’s sounds cool ha?

signing for this non-obligatory letter. Waiting for more visitors and volunteers.

This box of cherries welcomed to each visitors, so better come early or all you have left is an empty box lol.:)

Enjoying the beautiful summer of Prague

goofing before the fun of paddlers begins.:)

Dragon head boat!

Are you ready to rock this drums? lets go baby!

Before the fun begins lets get attention to the relevant instruction from the professional paddlers.:)

Time to put on our life vest!

Goofing as always:)

branching out partners!

Stretching first dont forget!

we have to carry our boat and land it to the water:)

almost there!

Everybody are thrilled about it:)

This is it, finely I’m gonna be part of it, in few more minutes I’ll be paddling and I’ll surely be loving it.:)

Bye for now guys see yeah in an hour:)

Yes were back and I felt tired, we paddle for an hour and 15minutes or more I think:)

placing it back to where we get this boat from the very start:)

were hungry bird:)

It’s Barbecue time yummy:)

Enjoying every single yummy cuisine on our plate together with extra Chika-chika too:)

Before heading back to our each roof lets have a group photo click together FCA folks.:)

At the end of the day I must admit it was awesome that I volunteer to be the one of paddlers in the said dragon boat I felt no regret at all and if I’m given chance again, yes I’ll volunteer again not once, not twice, but more. Everything went smooth in the water it’s just that most of the time each paddle hitting each other, and that’s most happen during the first trial. So just set back and have fun every single moments of it.:)

One thing I know that after all that work I have this in my brain that I’m starving which all I want to grab is food! I was so glad that I smelled the barbecue grill and my favorite salad is in the table. I’m thankful to the group for grilling those mouth watering different types of meat, and for bringing delicious yummy cuisine on that day. I am very much thankful to FCA for inviting me and letting me part as a member of the said organization the Filipino Czech Association or “FCA.”

For more information about FCA please visit this following link for you to know about the organization.

Have a blissful weekend readers,

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5 thoughts on “Filipino Czech Association “FCA” Prague Dragon Boat.:)

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    • Hi Anne,
      I was gone for few weeks again was busy getting ready for our move out of Czech Republic very soon. I’m currently working for my pet my Ming-Ming Cat passport and of her injectables stuff.

      I’ll be back once everything set, and very soon I’ll reveal our next distention’s country.:)

      Have a blissful monday my friend and thank you for dropping again it’s highly appreciated .:)

    • Hi Jake,
      I just found that I misses a lot of Sunday post of yours:( I just cant led my time for now was busy for our move out here in Czech Republic, paper works and other stuffs.
      Once everything set I’ll be back and hopping to communicate again as blogging is part of my passion.:)

      Thank you for dropping by again it mean a lot for me, and thank you for not forgetting my friend.:)

      Have a blissful monday,

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