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I flashed back the memory about 2years ago that my husband talking about this few Villages in Pennsylvania where few Amish family are. I haven’t knew about this Amish beliefs exist so I just keep it out as it doesn’t interest me much! Until this year were heading up to State New York from Virginia. My husband surprised me this county by adding another State to drop by. He said that I would enjoy the Villages around, doing some shopping, and it surely does make me not to believe it!

One of the source of living of the Amish people:)

Amish people understood that electricity is not part of their existence! To this picture explained that NO WASHING MACHINE in this house and NO ELECTRIC POWER LINE in this house.

Amish people dont believed in any public transportation that runs by electric.
This Buggy is their only way of reaching a place to another place! I was inside of this Buggy ride, and it feels awesome for me to experienced an interesting traditional cultures, and beliefs.:)

Buggy’s are the main public transportation of the Amish People. They dont drive a car.In United States some Amish people exist in an area or Villages where the market of agriculture are on their eye. Amish understood that living in this earth is by communicating in a simple goal of life, and following their tradition is crucial in order to continue the cultures, and to forward to their new generation. 

Amish People working hard with their lovely horses manually without the help of the the running tractor:)

*Amish people don’t believe that electricity should be part of their every day life style.

*Amish people tradition includes female should not cut their hair after the exchanged vows, as a sign of their marriage, and that’s means very sacred on their understanding.

*Amish Male is not allowed to cut their beard after exchange vows as part of their tradition.

*Amish people don’t drive a car but instead the buggy horse becomes their very productive best friend from their every day busy routine.

*Amish people don’t care the technology of the surroundings. Some people may have this different high tech of mobile phones, Computer stuffs, or such and such thing! But in the eye of each Amish man those stuffs are inadequate and powerless.

*Amish people do care each other’s brotherhood. If one of their brothers went destitute and help become prerequisite, they are always there to lend, enthusiastic to provide each hand in order to support the crisis.

*Amish people don’t care about how much treasure you have! Instead they are caution the only one relevant subject and that’s their principles in life “that the existence is not about what you have, but what you are as a human being”:)

At the end of the day I must say that life is crucial, life should be treasured, life is not about them but it’s what you believed. Because whatever you believed is what makes your life easy and for the fact that it is you who exist in any life style you wanted to be.:) The relevant is that be who you are, be a good citizen in your surroundings.:)
I am inside riding the buggy horse to, while listening the Amish man whose actively fun telling his story about 35,000 Amish in his villages.:) only one thing I am fun to listen from him that I learned he said “I grew up with what I believed, that made me content, made me who I am and made me exist with no regret.”:)

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Have a blissful day readers,



11 thoughts on “SUNDAY POST: Village

  1. A beautiful post. I was here in April and had a meal in an Amish home. The Kitchen Kettle Village is a wonderful place to shop. I came home with many goodies. I sat in those chairs overlooking that beautiful farm. The playing of the men in the square was wonderful. Thanks for reminding me of this village.


    • Hello dear,
      Thank you, sometimes I said to myself better I become the Amish too, no worries but to be just as simple as like them.:) but I grew up in the society of tradition were very opposite to the Amish beliefs!

      I was there early April, kind of windy and chilly weather but I enjoyed it so much. I saw how they dressed-up, and how they work those bottled fruits by manually hand by hand. Was awesome.:)

      Thanks for dropping by,

    • Thank you Rest, I was reading a book about the history of Amish people and found out they were originated from here in Europe. They were pushed to be vanished in the country because most people think they are a cults believer years of years ago.

      A good weekend,

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