114th year of Philippine Independence day “Kalayaan: Pananagutan ng Bayan para sa Tuwid na Daan”.

An Speech with Ms.Lily a Filipino Stage actress:)

Hello people,

Today the Filipino community here in Czech Republic becomes united again! As hand on hand joining, and celebrating the success of this 114th year of freedom. This theme was called “Kalayaan: Pananagutan ng Bayan para sa Tuwid na Daan”. Means “Freedom: It is the Nation’s Obligation for the Accurate Direction”.

The P.I Ambassador in Czech is reading the greeting letter of the Philippine President Mr.Nenoy Aquino

Philippine Team won the Asian Bowling competition last night holding the rank of 3rd placer Bronze medal. Congratulation guy’s.:)

Asian Bowling competition. 3rd placer bronze medal Philippines:)

Now lets go to the Pinoy‘s dishes!

Eating time “Salo-Salo together”:)


The Folk’s:)

Now lets head to this fun part of the program ~~The GAME~~

The first who finished his soda drink, using this long straw would be the big winner:)

1 2 3 go start!

The celebration happened at the Philippine Ambassador’s residence here in Czech Republic Prague. The gatherings start from 11am and lasted till 5pm, wealthy with Filipinos from Prague, and so with outside the City of Prague. I was amazed with the cooperation of the Filipinos were some of them have to ride more than hour’s car, busses, and train just to join this big events of being a Filipino’s Independence. Each hearts desires are gratified shouting the Philippines, that finely we’ve gotten FREEDOM from the hand of the foreign country that colonize the land for so many years, and took our native land with no elation but pain and agony.

throwing eggs to your partner! your partner has to catch the eggs without dropping the egg. Every the more you catch the more the distance goes further! Good luck:)

It;s getting further!

one partners egg dropped:( better luck next time:)

ohhh my ohhh my! poor egggggssss:)

Female’s turned:)

Fight for the eggs:)

It’s fun

2 groups fighting for their eggs:)

fighting for the eggs:)

Egg hunting day lol

I am an American Citizen now which I am very delighted to be part of this beautiful country were yes I am proud to be in, and I am heartfelt to say America is my new country who accepted me with no regrets.:) But for the fact that Philippine is my former country! I become who I am right now! I owed my former flag tons, and I know I can’t recompense that back by any penny, and there is no amount for that! My only way of refunding it back is by being me, that I shall not turn it back, I shall not turn it down, and most of all I shall not forget where I came from.:)

Filipino’s love to sing:)

Philippine Ambassador Residence in Czech Republic!

Thank you:)

Folks thank you for dropping by again, thank you for always there every single story I post, thank you for letting me drive you crazy, and thank you very much for tolerating my drama here.:) Thank you is not enough and I hope I could pay you in some certain way.:)

A Blissful weekend y’all folks:)

A Blissful weekend y’all folks. MABUHAY ang Lupang Hinirang ng Pilipinas.:)



7 thoughts on “114th year of Philippine Independence day “Kalayaan: Pananagutan ng Bayan para sa Tuwid na Daan”.

    • Thanks Jake,
      I’ll be free next week so I’m pretty sure that I can join every SUNDAY POST you have if there’s no hindrance with my time line.:)

      A good weekend,

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