“Filipino-Czech Association” http://filczech.cz/site/about/

May 26-2012 7:30PM the first Filipino Czech Association launching party conquered in Prague Czech Republic. FCA or Filipino Czech Association is a group organization who’s the goal is to unite the 2 Nationalities and other nationalities as friends as can be. During the party the President of the organization discussed about the advantage of this Association where the goal are the following!

  • Provide information about any Visa’s immigration issues
  • Promoting the cultures/tourism in the country of Philippines
  • And more relevant issues

It was my very own privilege that I become part of the celebration as I myself volunteer to be as one of the photographer of the said event. I am far from being a professional photographer but FCA accepted my offer, which brought me this honored to provide my work as good as I can as my only way to return my great thanks to FCA.

The party ended with a blast, was full of vitality, the crowed are trilled every time the music start. Filipino parties have their each objective to attain! And that’s to provide liveliness to the crowed. Singing, live band, dancing, raffle tickets, contest, awarding are on the list as part of the program.

FCA acknowledged and thankful to find out that the guest visitors are overflowing from Germany, Switzerland, other part of Europe, and United States as one of my friends was there too, and most specially outside Prague where few of the Filipino’s are. The FCA is proud to uncover that behind the scene the support of the Philippine Embassy team in Czech Republic, with the first act of the Ambassador’s help. The Philippine Embassy in Czech Republic is showing openly their wide arms to support this first Filipino-Czech Association in Czech Republic.

From my two little eyes, I am pretty much sure that FCA will stand long more forward in the future once the cooperation, loyalty, and goals to achieve must be on top of the list priority. I may not see it from my own in the future as I myself is just one of the many expats here in Czech Republic but I’ll keep my prayers to FCA’s success.:)

To know more about FCA please visit the official website http://filczech.cz/site/about/

Ambassador of the Philippine Embassy in Czech Republic speech!

Filipino flag and the Flag of Czech Republic


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