A visit to “National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial” Washington DC USA.:)

Hey folks,

How y’all doing? I hope y’all are in good shape.:)

Finely I drag myself into writing today and this topic caught my attention. Last month my better half and I are in States, as you know if you do read my recent article! The reason why we took the unplanned vacation is because of my US Naturalization schedule which brought as into success, and accomplished everything while were there.:)

Anyway were in Washington DC where my man itching to go for the fact that he wants to visit the Law Enforcement Officers Memorial to see his friends name on the wall, and to curve each name of them. My man is a cop for 20 years so his very into it most of the time.:) Few of my husband fiend’s, co-officer, and partner died in the line of duty that made my husband emotions down, and brought him to tears. Some times I say to him to get over it and move on! He said he was over the friendship pain! But sometimes when you think about how they work together risking their lives to this BAD SOUL people, drug dealer and serial killer is just hilarious and how dangerous it is! Then by just a gun bullet from bad people my husband friend’s lost their lives and left with their family and kids at early stage.:(

My husband considered himself very blissful and lucky enough to survive though he should also be killed during those uncertain scenarios together with his partners during the attacked. Were I thank God father for saving my husband for me or else I’m not gonna meet him.:)  When my husband started to curved the one name of his friend, I tried to laugh not because of what his doing but because I saw his face crunching and the tears slowly and slowly falling, which I always says my husband very cute when he cry “lol” then my husband laughing while crying his not crazy OKAY! He told me that one day during the trial case of his friend in the court as his one of the witness, a 5year old daughter of his friend who got killed says “mommy why that man killed my daddy?” then all of the sudden the court house went silence staring hard to the serial killer, and people’s eyes inside the court room went to tears, while my husband wanting to kill his partner’s killer! But things happen already and all they can do is to put the killer to jail for life sentence.

It’s just sad to think that a fellowman, friends, love ones, died in the hand of a BAD SOUL who does nothing but to support and fight his fellowman rights.:)

President.Abraham Lincoln died in Ford’s Theater by the assassination of a BAD SOUL. President Lincoln who does nothing but to fight his country, and provide the human rights   in equal by giving freedom of the slaves during the Civil War of the United States of America.

Have a Blissful week folk’s,



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