Sunday Post: Hope

Hey y’all,
I already post this before and I wanted to re-post it again for this week theme from Jake’s Sunday Post titled SUNDAY POST : Hope

 I’m tired of every now an-then about this “BFN” Big Fat Negative results of my pregnancy test grrrr! Why you “BFP” Big Fat Positive can’t be mine? you’re so cruel to me! When shall I see this 1 line turn into 2 line instead of 1? When shall I say WOW and celebrating a Baby shower? When shall I heard a word Mommy from my own blood? When shall I hold my own Angel to take care off of the rest of my existence? When and When and When?

I been doing everything so you’ll be mine, but still you have no mercy to me! I been longing you for so long, BIG FAT POSITIVE please I HOPE you’ll be mine very-very soon.:)

I’m tired and almost running out of Hope.:(



During Easter Sunday Catholic Mass.:)

My Husband and I are not losing HOPE, and HOPEFULLY every whispered prayers of ours about having our little peanut will be answered soon..:) 

Guys I’ll be Hopping you all have a wonderful weekend, and Hopping things with you, us are in good shape,:)


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15 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Hope

  1. Hello Yen,
    I have been reading your article and this topic caught my eye and get more of my attention. Anyway,, I know that it must be really hard for you trying as much hard as you can, and yet nothing gives you any positive results. You are probably been to check up. My husband has been checking over the internet, they said exercising is also one of the best way,,.

    I am doing it everyday, even though we are still not trying to have one, but they said once your body is ready then its possible. So why not try. 🙂 Did ever try the have that pills for fertility? They were recommending that, but of course by doctors prescription.

    Anyway, I hope next time you try, it will be BFP. 🙂

  2. I wish I could send you a lucky charm to work its miracles on you… It must be hard, but despair will never help… please stay positive, and find comfort in all other good things that come to your life every day, and the line will appear soon.. IT WILL…. Just believe it!

    • Thank you for your kind words Ms.Paula, the lucky charm for me is your wishes and prayers words.:) I can’t deny that after 2 miscarriage and possible of having 3 children, was a very heartbreaking for me, and blaming God for being cruel to me that sad moments.:( But good thing I found God’s heart forgiveness, I move on, and now working it again to get that BFP Hopefully soon.:)

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  4. Oh Yen Yen, how sad! I have been so lucky and have two very different and sometimes very challenging “grown up” children, but it must be so hard to keep on yearning. I know it’s not the same, but would you consider adopting? Exploring your options might take your mind off that dreadful waiting, and then the magic just might happen. I’m hoping and hoping for you.

    • Hello dear Rest, thanks for your kind words. My husband and I are planning to adoption this year! Will be trying to undergo an artificial in few months and if that would not give us hope, then adoption might be our calling.:) Will see!

      You are very Blissed woman Rest, I wish I could have to just for 1.:)

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