“My Easter Bunny Baby 2012”

Hello Lovely Bloggers and readers,:)
I’m back here in Czech Republic and off course back to routine, back to work, which means back to reality!
A few days before Easter our Family in States with the kids opted to play some coloring eggs including me, which for me is cool as it is my first encounter.:) And YES it’s my first coloring eggs fun and artistic, so I feel like sharing my first encounter to you my co Bloggers and readers too.:)

I found out it's fun.;)

My Sweet Sister-Inlaw always look after me, that I should encounter the stuffs that I haven't have yet.:)

I wish I could share this moments to my Cousins in Philippines someday.:)

Before hitting the ground of Washington DC from Connecticut, I said to my Man of dropping a Breakfast first! Then I found this in the Entrance of a restaurant.:)

Hello buddy's bunny:)

Welcome to Friendly's folks:)

This capture is in Czech Republic Easter day of Czech Republic. The Church has their Traditional way every Easter day and their doing for several hundred years already.;)

During Easter Sunday Catholic Mass.:)

The Woman in Church has to follow the walk this Virgin Mary, while the Man are following the walk of the Priest.:)

After the walk, notice the difference.:)

The different crowed of Czech Republic during Easter Sunday.

One of Czech Tradition during Easter is the Man have their each stick like this with them, to hit it with Woman or their Woman, then their Woman has to give the Man an Eggs in returned.:)

Carrying their own stick.

Boys playing:)

That little boy has his own stick too.

Tons of different types of Booth's around too.:)

I hope y’all folks have each wonderful Easter and lovely.:) Another one after our Church last Easter sunday it was freaking cold, and while waiting the Train to come Snow is playing the City hard, April-8-2012.:)

Thank you,
Blogger Yen-Yen


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