“The changed of my life from FILIPINO citizen to US citizen of America”

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Hi guys,
As what I’ve engage, I’m here to reveal the secret of whats going on with me! The reason why I’m here in States right now? Because I become an US Citizen 2 weeks ago right this minute.:) My husband and I went through a lot about this VISA thing. When I got Married almost 6 years ago, I head to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia right away to be with my Husband as he was assigned to work there. We talked about getting me a Green Card or Permanent Residence in States, but in order for me to get that Green Card I should be in States about 6months straight or I should be in States most of the time which is I don’t want to do. Because for me being together in our Spouse is the best thing we could do in order to prolong our marriage in a healthy normal way! So we both opted that Green Card should be set aside till we find a better solution. And instead we just applied my Tourist Visa to States were the US Embassy of KSA provided me the 10year multiple Visa, and those for me is a huge plus already.

After almost 4years of being me in the Kingdom, my Husband and I opted to step out the Country for good. And Blissful that God hand us a new job right away and that’s in Czech Republic. After about 2years living in Czech Republic my Husband and I opted to apply my Green Card again as the company will help us. But when we applied about a year ago the officer of US Embassy Czech Republic told us the same thing like in US Embassy KSA, and my answer again is NO lets hold it. I don’t want to go to State without my Husband! About May of last year 2 months after we talked the US officer US Embassy of Czech Republic, we found out that most of my Husband Co-Worker’s which are refugee and journalist are a Green Card Holder even if they are not an US Spouse’s, and they don’t really need to be in States as much often because their job are International and the company commits the requirements of providing them a Green Card!

My Husband dig into it, did much of research in the website of http://www.state.gov where he found that there is a Law of giving me the Green Card and I could automatically can apply a US Citizenship the minute I receive my Green Card. My Husband and I didn’t waste any time at all, we search a Lawyer who knew and be able to participate my case named 319B and can explain everything about this matter! The 1st Lawyer we choice has no Idea about this 319B but willing to dig into it, but my husband and I opted to look more Lawyer because during the telephone conversation is kind of not hitting each other right away, the communication is bad and there’s more to it too! So we look more and found my best Lawyer on the 2nd research. This Lawyer knows about 319B and worked hundreds of this kind of projects,  although I’m the first one of his project that commits this US government institution because most of his clients are in Military services.

The Attorney told us what to do first, and because his in States and were in Czech Republic our communication is pretty much on every single of paper works. After the telephone conversation we set an appointment right away to the US Embassy Czech Republic, and we said what our Attorney told us to apply  an IRI Visa with this 319B law list from the website of state.gov. It amazed me because the officer knew the case and why not told us during our first conversation 2months ago! But it is what it is! The important is we found the solution of this humped. My application got approved and provided me the Physical exam and when I pass everything with the Interview I could get the IR1 Visa which is a Green Card.

August 1 of last year I remembered my IR1 Visa was stamped in my Philippine Passport and I should head to States before February of 2012. October of last year we flow to States to activate my Green Card, then the Officer Immigration in Boston Airport asking me some stuffs about my Visa. My husband told him that tomorrow were going to meet our Lawyer and were going to apply the N400 application for US Citizen. The officer was shocked and asking “HOW, WHY, WHAT? he wrote down the 319B and said he’ll dig into it.:)

The next day we met our Attorney and did more signing of agreements, and then he mailed my N400 US Citizenship application in the case of 319B law. He said I should be ready by March of 2012 because the process is about 2months and when the “USCIS United States Citizenship and Immigration Service” approve my N400 application there will be about 3months waiting for the interview, civics exam, reading and writing.

About a week before Christmas of 2011 we received a mail from our Lawyer that he received a call notice from USCIS that my N400 was approved and we should provide USCIS our date and time schedule for the exam! then I started to panic, nervous, and more blahhh blahhhh about it. We send a noticed to the USCIS that we would like to get an appointment interview/exam early June! We haven’t heard any response until February of 21st 2012. My Husband and I are in Georgia Tbilisi woke up in the middle of dead sleep, a call from my Lawyer saying that my appointment will be March 21 at 8am in Fairfax Virginia! What? I said! I’m not ready yet I have not done any serious studying about the US history, and for the fact that I’m very poor on spelling too! I recalled, I said to my husband that, if we can fly back to Czech Republic now! So I can put up more time studying. and with the helped of my Husband every morning with this Flash card he made while were having coffee before heading to work, he puts me to studying and so with before heading to bed, my husband working my studies helping me. By then, just all of a sudden all those 100 questioner that I downloaded to my iPad application are on my brain system programmed already. YAHOOOO>:)

March 21 USA early breakfast in the Hotel before heading to my 8am appointment. I was so nervous, shaking, feels like I carried 100pounds of weight through my body, I felt so heavy, I can’t explain my feelings those time. I don’t know if I’m hungry or not! my husband said I should eat so I can think better during the interview/exam but I can’t eat at all.

USCIS building. There were tons of People in the queue already, and in the waiting area ohhh I can’t count how many are we there. From kids to adults, to older age! When my name was called, the lady officer whose the one to interview me. Asked me “are you alright honey?, are you nervous?” I replied YES very much!:) She responded don’t be you’ll be alright! She’s started talking about my N400 application, and I keep saying to myself praying please Lord God don’t leave me alone, just there at my side or carry me oh God.:)

Signing the certificate of becoming an US Citizen.

The Officer keep on eyeing and talking about my Police clearance in the certain countries I was in for few years. And because I don’t have the Police Clearance from Saudi Arabia KSA I thought that I wouldn’t pass it. After 45minutes I was out to that room, and trying to tricked my poor Husband, but his good enough to know me, I’m not lucrative enough on hiding my emotions to him. I did called my sister-in-law my husband sister and I do the same thing trying to tricked her but still I didn’t succeed, she’s good on knowing me too, and we both ended laughing, with here congratulation to me.:) And YES I passed, and my Oath ceremony is at that same day at 2pm.

The next day we walk in the Passport agency to apply my US passport for me to fly back to Czech Republic.
We accomplished everything in this Trip, my US citizenship, having fun in Washington DC, seeing the historic part of the Capital of the States, visiting family, and off course to have fun each other.

I still no reason to forget the road of where I am from, I love my former country the Philippines, without the Philippines I don’t know where I am right now. I owed a lot in this former country of mine the Philippines. Without the values and respect being a former Filipino maybe I’m not here blogging about this success of mine right now.:) I remember the Officer who made my Oath ceremony that I should not forget my former country, the way I wore cloths, and the food I eat should be the same, but to try different cultures is the most valuable to enjoy our existence, is one of the most important thing to prolong but not to forget our roots and where we started. She told me the stories that her parents are both US Naturalized too and she was born and raise here in States. One time she went to where her roots from, and in the Bus she saw a 5year old little girl selling bottled water to her, she hand her a few $ not because she want to buy the water but because she was thankful that America has no children’s selling stuffs in the street just to survived. Because in America children’s are the number one top priority of the Government to send them in School and not to work. She said our country is the one of the best who look after our new generation and that’s makes me proud being an American family in this country of USA.

Thank you very much Philippines.:)

I said to myself I am lucky:) I’m lucky because I’m over on it! I remember during my child stage! Yes I’m one of those millions of children selling stuffs in the market, I was one who got bullied because my school bag is a plastic, and my shoes has holes on it. But I didn’t stop dreaming! I dream and dream and dreamed till it become mine in a legal way without hurting my fellow-man.:)

New US American citizens,



17 thoughts on ““The changed of my life from FILIPINO citizen to US citizen of America”

  1. Hi Yen Yen, Wow you have been busy, Congratulations and to America too now that they have you as a Citizen. All you have to do now is become an Australian Citizen and bless us too, it’s ok we don’t really have Kangaroos walking on the streets, you will be safe, well at least from them not so sure about us Aussies.

    Yes so true what you said we should not forget our roots and where we started… As they say you can take a Person out of their Country but you can’t take their Country out of a Person.

    Take care my friend and it’s good to have you back Blogging.

    Christian Love Anne.

    • Hi Anne,
      I hope you in good shape.:) sometimes I said to myself to deactivate my fashion of blogging as most of the time I’m finding it hard to squeeze my time to this. But one part of me saying that “I can do it.”:)

      Thank you very much, I am honored to be an American and I’m very proud of what I am right now.:)

      I have a College friend/classmate who married to an Aussie guy and blessed with 2 beautiful little cute girls.:) my college friend keep saying me to visit her in Aussie, and hopefully will both get the chance. I’m praying for that.:)

      Your Australia country is beautiful as was I heard, and about that Kangaroos! ohh my. I heard a lot of them, and I would like to see them right next to my back yard or to the drive way hehehhe lol.:)

      Happy weekend friend, God Bless you.:)

  2. Well, Congrats Yen, I know I am a bit late. 🙂 I just hope there is also fast process into citizenship here in Cz. 😀

    Anyway, best of luck to you.

    • Hi Anicka,
      OHHH BOY! I just read this!
      I’m not really sure about this fast process Czech citizenship. But one of my friend here it required her to learned Czech Language to read and understand it, “She’s now a Czech Citizen.”
      For now it’s to much coz Czech Law have changes but once it meant to be it should be it.:)

      Have a good weekend,

      • Really? and how long did your friend stay here in Czech? I am curious, because I am trying to prepare myself sooner but sometimes I got so lazy learning.,

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